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PRAISE FOR THE SHIP OF THE DEAD Black, Deaf, Trans, Muslim, White, Homeless, And Formerly Homeless Readers Will See Characters Like Themselves Cracking Jokes And Caring For One Another, With Identities That Are Crucial To Success Rather Than A Distraction Or Side Issue The Climax, A Deeply Emotional Testament To The Power Of Community, Could Leave Some In Tears Riordan Is Again Fighting For A Revolution In Middle Grade Fiction With His Funny, Whiplash Fast Writing And Deep Moral ConvictionsKirkus ReviewsThe Magnus Chase And The Gods Of Asgard Trilogy May Have Concluded, But We Haven T Heard The Last Of Our Favorite Peeps From The Nine Worlds Join Hearthstone, Blitzen, Samirah, Alex, Jack, TJ Mallory, Halfborn, Andon A Hilarious And Unforgettable Journey Through Rick Riordan S Unique Take On Norse Mythology While Magnus Is Off Visiting His Cousin, Annabeth, His Friends Find Themselves In Some Sticky, Hairy, And Smelly Situations As They Try To Outwit Moronic Giants, Murderous Creatures, And Meddlesome Gods Can They Stave Off Ragnarok At Least Until Magnus Gets Back