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10 thoughts on “A Present for the Princess

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    Oh, I wish I still had this book But being able to have it on my goodreads shelves is wonderful I ve recalled the lovely illustrations many times over the years, and never thought to see the cover again My earliest recollection of sighing romantically over a story was when I read this book as small child The pictures were captivating, and I ll never forget slowly and lovingly turning the pages again and again Thank you so much to the kind person who added it to the goodreads site

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    Yes, yes, yes I still have my copy of this book, which I read over and over as a child The illustrations of the boy and the princess enchanted me This was one of my favorite picture books I m SO glad someone added this book to Goodreads for me to find

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    I read this over and over and over again Just so sweet and pretty I really did admire the little blind boy so much, and envy his talents in the garden and his friendships with the animals, and was thankful when the princess was suitably grateful for the gift.This and The Puppy That Found a Home Go away little stray, go away I say were the books I learned to read on I have found a copy of the puppy book, but I should try to find a copy of the princess book And maybe find by the authors

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    This book is a treasure for any young girl My grandmother kept the copy at her house, and has read it to her granddaughters and great granddaughters for than 45 years Her copy is still with her, and will probably go to the first granddaughter This broke my heart, as it is one of my favorite story books The pictures are gorgeous, and the story is so simple and sweet My husband then surprised me with my own copy for Christmas, and I am looking forward to sharing it with my own daughters and granddaughters someday It s a beautiful book, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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    Every time I think of my favorite children s book, The Giving Tree arrives firstand then I remember THIS book I must have devoured this book hundreds of times The illustrations were gorgeous Even the paper smelled good I wanted the little blind boy to give ME strawberries I need to ask my parents if they still have this precious volume I m pretty sure the binding was mended with duct tape at some point, so it must still be around.

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    this IS my most favorite story ever.i remember reading it when i was just a little girl, and now, as an adult, i could only remember the basic plot but i could see in my mind the picture of the boy holding the strawberry for the son bought this for me this past of the very best gifts ever

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    This was one of my favorite books as a little girl It is a beautiful and timeless story, with gorgeous illustrations

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    I am adding this title to my read list just as a childhood touchstone This book and Astrid Lindgren s version of The Tomten remain favorites, but A Present for the Princess is much harder to find.

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    This was my favourite story as a child I am delighted to find it by searching Google I recognized the cover image immediately Sure wish I could get my hands on a copy.

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    This was my favourite book when I was a child and perhaps still is.