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Every April, When The Wind Blows From The Sea And Mingles With The Scent Of Lilacs, Landon Carter Remembers His Last Year At Beaufort High It Was , And Landon Had Already Dated A Girl Or Two He Even Swore That He Had Once Been In Love Certainly The Last Person In Town He Thought He D Fall For Was Jamie Sullivan, The Daughter Of The Town S Baptist Minister A Quiet Girl Who Always Carried A Bible With Her Schoolbooks, Jamie Seemed Content Living In A World Apart From The Other Teens She Took Care Of Her Widowed Father, Rescued Hurt Animals, And Helped Out At The Local Orphanage No Boy Had Ever Asked Her Out Landon Would Never Have Dreamed Of It Then A Twist Of Fate Made Jamie His Partner For The Homecoming Dance, And Landon Carter S Life Would Never Be The Same Being With Jamie Would Show Him The Depths Of The Human Heart And Lead Him To A Decision So Stunning It Would Send Him Irrevocably On The Road To Manhood Did You Know That Jamie Was Named After Nicholas S Editor, Jamie Raab That Landon Is The Name Of His Third Son That Nicholas Sparks Recorded His Own Reading For The Audio Version Of The Novel

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    Not a proper review Just me gushing over a book movie that makes me cry everytime I watch read it Beautiful. This is in random order Don t try to make sense of it You won t.

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    I like the book better than the movie.the struggle of jamie and langdon for their love over deathsounds cliche, but i think the book is the second best romance story next to Love Story by Erich Segal.try to read it at 2 am in the morning when all you hear is silent and you ll get into the story until you burst into tearsi smiled.i cried.nice.

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    This was my first book by Sparks, and let me tell you, it was perfect It s so hard writing reviews for books you absolutely love, and this review will not do this book justice, so just bear with me I was pretty unsure about this book at first, and when I was told by a friend to read a Sparks book, absolutely any of my choosing, I didn t really want to But, despite not wanting to read I book by him, because I was being stubborn and thought I would absolutely hate it, I went on my library s website and looked up Nicholas Sparks Searching through the titles, the only one that was available was A Walk To Remember, and I took it and started reading it Let me just say that I am so happy this book was the only one available, because if a started with, let s say The Guardian, I don t think I would ve continued reading Nicholas Sparks books Now, back to the story I knew Sparks is known for writing tear jerkers, and I knew what was coming at the end What I didn t know was how hard it would hit me, and that I d be crying my eyes out at midnight Yes, the book is pretty slow moving, but once it gets to the story, you won t want to put it down At least I didn t want to put it down Immediately after I was done reading the book and after I was done crying , I jumped on my computer, went on to and immediately bought this book, so I can read it again And I will I will absolutely be reading A Walk To Remember again It s a beautiful book, with quite possibly one of my favorite characters of all time Jamie , and I can only hope everyone I recommend this book to loves it as well So please, even if you re skeptical to start reading Sparks like I was, go to your library and ask if they have A Walk To Remember Oh yeah, and please like it And I m sorry for the crappy and barely anything to do with the book review Hey, A Walk To Remember Psst

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    I am surprised by how much I liked this one This was my first Nicholas Sparks read and after years of it being recommended to me I finally gave in I expected a by the numbers, cliche, love story And it was in a way, but the characters were great and so the journey was great And sad You know where this is headed from the very beginning in a way, but it still surprises you at points.And no, I did not cry I think Maybe Manly tears only

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    It has taken me 19 years to finally read A Walk to Remember the movie version is one of my all time favourites Although after reading the book I now realise that the movie was tweaked a bit, it nevertheless still retained the essence of the book Book or movie Definitely movie

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    i ll be honest i m not huge fan of romantic books but this book was different in some way have a beautiful message and i get it

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    listen,,, a walk to remember, the 2002 movie, is my favorite film not just my favorite romance movie, but my favorite movie.it makes me cry ugly cry it makes me realize how ugly yet beautiful love is.years later, i finally read the book.preferably, i enjoyed the movie .the book didn t make me cry, the movie did i wish it was the oppositebut, it s not the case with this book.i m still giving this 5 stars.i guess it s cause i ve seen the movie, which is always a bad idea to do first.i guess it s because i knew what was gonna happen, even if the dialogue was completely different, even if everything was different, from the plot, characters, and the overall narration.this deserves all my love.the movie deserves all my love, and it has it all.i ll forever cherish it.nicholas sparks, thank you thank you for making me believe in love even when i doubt it.

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    Promise me, that you won t fall in love with me says Jamie Sullivan to Landon Carter at the beginning of the novel Nicholas Sparks might as well be telling me that because I picked this book based on my friend Patrick who has been insisting that this is the best Sparks You see this is my 6th Sparks I stopped after reading Safe Haven 2 stars because I got tired of his Hallmark kind of storytelling So, I decided to give Sparks another try with a big doubt whether I would like this This is the reason why it took me than a month to finish this book I started it and after few pages, I stopped Promised that I would not like it Too cheesy for my taste. Then started all over again then stopped again Where was I I forgot the story already. Then for the last 3 days, as I wanted to please my friend Patrick, I read without stopping and I really liked it.It s an easy read and the characters, though caricaturish, are sweet and lovable I mean, the world is full of treachery and duplicitous people but here are Sparks characters that are their total opposites This book is totally an escapist work but I love it It changes the panorama of how we view the world say from dusky and smuggy to sunny, clear with pink tinted gloss It s nice to escape to reality and this book is a nice way to do it.Reading Sparks is like eating at McDonald s Of course I read cerebral and serious books than this Those are the healthy stuff or the steaks or those hard to pronounce French cuisine or those burned Meditterean veggies or those real raw treats in a Japanese resto Despite having all those choices for good books, I still pick, once in a while, a Sparks We know what to expect and we can t deny that we like it Just like going to McDonald s We always see it our our way to work and we know that it is not healthy But still pass by to have a quick fix for our hunger and we cannot deny that we like it.

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    They say opposites attract and for Jamie Sullivan and Landon Carter this was true Jamie was the daughter of a small town baptist minister Jamie was a sweet, kind girl who liked to volunteer at orphanages and rescue animals Everywhere she went she carried her bible and she never put on make up and didn t mix with the so called cool kids Where as Landon was totally the opposite as he was one of the cool popular kids who would hang out with his friends after dark Hard to imagine, but Landon finds himself dateless for the homecoming dance and as much as he doesn t really want to ask Jamie to go with him as he knows everyone will talk about him, but he figured it was better than not having a date at all He held no feelings for Jamie what so ever, but that would all change after the dance and Landon would see Jamie in a totally different way Unfortunately Landon would soon learn something that would turn his world upside down.A Walk to Remember is a beautiful love story which I enjoyed Recommended.

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    A Walk to Remember details the story of Jamie Sullivan, a preacher s daughter who seems to know everything, and Landon Carter, the boy who would never be tempted by Jamie in real life The plot is predictable enough, even if you haven t seen the movie I won t spoil the ending here, but it leaves quite a lot to be desired.I wanted to like this book, since so many people I knew enjoyed it, but I ended up hating it The material was far too idyllic in some parts, and overly sanguine in others I could see how Nicholas Sparks fans could like it, but it didn t have enough heart or plot to keep me interested.