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Anna Winterson Doesn T Know She S A Witch And Would Probably Mock You For Believing In Magic, But After Moving To The Small Town Of Winter With Her Father, She Learns Than She Ever Wanted To About Power When Anna Meets Seth, She Is Smitten, But When She Enchants Him To Love Her, She Unwittingly Amplifies A Deadly Conflict Between Two Witch Clans And Splits Her Own Heart In Two She Wants To Love Seth, To Let Him Love Her But If It Is Her Magic That S Controlling His Passion, Then She Is As Monstrous As The Witch Clan Who Are Trying To Use Her Amazing Powers For Their Own GainWhen Love Is Tangled Up In Magic, How Can You Be Sure What S Real

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    Remember how Beautiful Creatures was accused of being a Twilight wannabe when it first came out To tell you the true, not once had I thought about Twilight when I read Beautiful Creatures, and Lena Duchannes is nothing like Bella Swan But now I had finished reading A Witch in Winter by Ruth Warburton, I see what a real Twilight wannabe looks like.A Witch in Winter would have been an interesting, amazing paranormal YA romance if only Ms Warburton truly knows how to breath life into her characters, how to write a believable romance and a stronger heroine If only she knows how to write about the fearsome power of magic and magical battle between good witches and evil witches.But Ms Warburton has given me none of the above, so I can only give her creation a I m disappointed by this Twilight wannabe 2 stars The only thing I can be grateful of is that there s no love triangle in the story.To be honest, the first problem I have with this book is that I just can t shrug off the Twilight vibe when I read it.Ever since Twilight, I notice there seems to be an annoying, overused YA paranormal romance formula at work, as a result publishers and YA authors are all eager to produce YA books by following this formula, in hope to create another bestseller like Twilight.Sadly creativity and originality is largely overlooked in this feverish wave to create a money making new Twilight What formula Some of you might ask, I ll show you here 1 new girl in a new town and goes to a new school 2 the new girl is supposed to be plain looking, but clearly she isn t 3 said supposedly plain looking girl somehow manages to attract the attention of the most beautiful boy in school since her first day 4 mean spirited Queen Bee who hates the new girl since Day 1 because HOW DARE SHE GETS THE ATTENTION OF THE BEAUTIFUL BOY 5 instant love between the male and female leads even though they hardly exchange than 5 sentences and barely know a thing about each other 6 said male and female leads not able to be together due to this or that stupid rules HOW SAD 7 evil villains come out of nowhere, whose only purpose is to create tension and climax at the end of the book 8 the story has to be told at first person POV by a female protagonist.To tell you the truth, A Witch In Winter isn t so very bad, at least it s better written than Twilight and I m also glad that this time it s the girl who has supernatural power, not the boy However, sadly enough A Witch in Winter just isn t so very good either It brings nothing new to the table, it just fails to stand out among so many other YA books with similar themes and plots, which flood the YA market by a thousand Plus I m really sick of YA girls being afraid of their own power as well.Aside from the lack of originality, the lack of depth in characters also makes A Witch in Winter a boring, sandy book to read Anna is supposed to be a powerful witch but she never acts strong nor independent She cannot even stand up for herself when a bunch of school girls tries to bully her therefore Seth, the love interest has to step in to tell those bullies off When other good witches brace themselves for the upcoming battle against the villains, Anna is still hesitating and basically acting like a damsel in distress Then how am I supposed to believe Anna can face down the powerful evil villains later on I have no pity for weakling like this.Plus, the good witches are good and nice to Anna with barely any reason supporting characters are being shoved in front of us without much of a backstory which unluckily makes them look like a bunch of cardboard cutouts.As to the love interest, Seth and the romance the only remarkable thing about it is that Anna accidentally pulls a love spell on Seth, which makes it difficult to tell whether Seth s feeling for her is real or not BUT I went LOL so hard when Seth proclaims his undying love for Anna even though they had just met for weeks and the two had barely spent time to know each other What a mature and meaningful relationship.Ms Warburton writes in a very strange manner In the book, somehow Anna knows what kind of bitchy tone Caroline Seth s current girlfriend would use EVEN BEFORE she exchanges a single word with Caroline.Somehow Anna also knows the serious looking girl from English class is called Emmaline even though Emmaline had refused to talk to her and had never introduced herself to Anna, still somehow Anna knows who she is without even having to ask around Ms Warburton never bothers to enlighten me how did Anna manage to find out about Emmaline s full name.That s so very messed up.Suggestion if you don t feel like reading yet another Twilight wannabe, skip this one.

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    Reviewed on my blog So, A Witch in Winter is about a girl called Anna Winterson who moves to a small fishing village called Winter with her dad Her dad has just recently lost his job and fell into a depressed state so moving to Wicker House in Winter is a new start.Wicker House is a damp, run down and just about liveable house, overlooking a forest with the sea in the distance, nothing like living in London For some reason Wicker House reminded me of the house in Casper Anna is clearly not happy with the move A new house, no phone singal, a new school and having to make new friends A teenagers worse nightmare She does make friends though and while her dad is away visiting friend s in London Anna and some of her new friends have a sleepover in Wicker House There they decide to do an incantation from a old spell book that Anna s dad found in the house for some fun They pick a LOVE SPELL All hell then ensues, with bad boy Seth falling in love with Anna due to the love spell, finding out Anna herself is in fact a witch, stand off s with Seth s ex girlfriend , near death experiences, creepy crows, a crazy organsation and a battle witch on witch to compete with Harry and Voldermornt Phew What could you want A Witch in Winter was a fast paced novel with a romance that makes you cheer on the love, however leaves you still a little, just a tinie bit unsure whether the love is all real With a fresh take on witches, set in a small village on Britains coastline A Witch in Winter is a must read Ruth Warburton is a talented author with a great debut novel A Witch in Winter is just the beginning of the story and what a great beginning it is I can t wait for the next in the series A Witch in Love

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    Ilgin tir ki t m yan karakterleri sevdim k z m z olan Anna hari kitap kendini toplar 3 n zerine kar mi dedim ama kmad nk beklentimin alt nda kald.

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    Also reviewed on my blog, The Vintage Bookworm www.vintagebookworm.blogspot.comI can tell you right now that I will most likely have trouble writing this review I have a love hate relationship with this book It took me a while to get into this book, which then made it to where it took seven days to finish it When I was reading it, it aggravated me so much because I m not very used to this much UK English But when I put it down to do something else, I kept thinking about it The story line What would happen next with Anna.Witches are one of my top favorite supernatural beings I ve loved witches for as long as I can remember I was obsessed with the TV show Charmed when I was in middle and high school and still kind of am So when I first found out about this book, I knew I d love it.Anna is pretty easy to relate to She just moved to a new part of England that seems a lot different than London where she grew up She starts a new school and there is this guy there that she thinks she may like In the beginning I got really curious of how the witches would come in She doesn t know she s a witch in the beginning and I m going to leave it at that so I won t throw out any spoilers Anna is pretty down to earth and nice and is fine not having a boyfriend She doesn t need one I really like how she grew confident by the end of the book She grows a lot from the beginning.I like some of the other characters, but not all The ones that felt real to me were Seth, Emmaline, Maya and Anna s dad I really hope they grow stronger in the second book.I loved the story line I was a bit scared when I read the summary despite my love for witches because I thought it would be a regular over done story, but it wasn t It was unique.I had a little trouble with the language, but I could kind of hear the accents in my head when I read it I LOVE English accents 3 le sigh I think I might of gotten used to it by the end because it didn t bug me as much I was into the action in the end LOVE the action scenes.Overall, despite me not loving this book to death like I thought I would, I do want to read the next book I m really curious about what happens next with Anna and Seth and, of course, the Ealdwitan.

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    I wanted to love this book It was recommended to me by a friend who insisted that I would love it because it was original, well researched and stayed true to the beliefs of witchcraft.So, let me tell you now that it was not.It was not original I found quite a few similarities between this book and The Craft movie, as well as The Secret Circle by L.J.Smith.Then we have the instant love recipe which is really getting on my nerves Seriously they were confessing their love for each other in like the first 30 pages Of course let s not forget the single, clueless parent element What elseoh, the fact that our heroine thinks herself to be too boring and ordinary and plain to warant the attention of the great catch that is our hero I could go on and on about the shallow relationships and how everyone is just willing to sacrifice everything for one another even though they have just met, but that would take too long and, really, there s no point.So, on to the witchcraft part I don t know what my friend considers the beliefs of witchcraft to be, but this was far, far from any belief I ve heard about Just because you put a few sentences in a book, that have some seed of truth in them, doesn t mean that it instantly turns the book into a well researched one.And last but not least, Anna and her power She has no idea she is a witch And suddenly the moment she finds a spell she becomes this extremely powerfull, super witch or something It is obvious in the book that flares of magic occur around her when she experiences strong emotions i.e the wind picks up, freak storms etc And my question is this did she have to meet Seth to experience strong emotions She hadn t gotten angry before or sad or desperate or happy or anything No nothing Really

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    Could a harmless, fleeting thought of that cute guy at school spark a chain of events that will forever change your life and every single person you re connected to You think not Anna Winterson would strongly disagree. Shortly after she and her father move to the small coastal town of Winter, Anna finds an old, hidden grimoire in their house During a sleepover with her new friends, they each use it to perform a love spell just for fun, right For everyone else it is, but when Seth Waters dumps his girlfriend and suddenly declares his undying love for Anna, she begins to suspect that perhaps witchcraft is real after all Desperate to fix her mistake, Anna tries counter spells, but she s uncertain whether they actually work because Seth is still hanging around her Still claiming he has feelings As the novel progresses, there is that seed of doubt as to whether or not it s the love spell or if he genuinely cares about her, because Anna can t just snap her fingers and conjure up the truth And as much as she d like to, she can t deny her own growing feelings for Seth.Anna is the kind of protagonist that you can easily relate to She has a down to earth sort of feel, but she s not meek nor does she need a guy to survive She stands up for herself, she takes action and despite the conflict that rages in her heart, she s prepared to make the tough decisions I loved seeing how she began to grow sure of her powers, particularly toward the end where she needs to be sure, because she s pretty much in the centre of a war where there is no room for uncertainty That s not to say she s a totally capable and seasoned witch by the end, but she develops in a believable way.This was such an engaging novel, the kind that you think you ve been reading for only ten minutes but find an hour has passed because you ve been so caught up in the story I especially loved the ending, where everything drew to a climax and erupted into an epic showdown It went out on a bang, everything that happened throughout the book mounting into one huge battle between two powerful forces There are casualties, there are sacrifices and choices must be made that are none too easy, but that s what makes it such a compelling read The magic is laced with reality It s not just about frilly love spells, there is heavy witchcraft abound and nothing is swept under the rug, every action has a reaction and not all reactions will be for the best.The town of Winter was just as much a character as those who reside within it Ruth does a fantastic job of luring you right into the heart of this small town, where you can taste the salt of the sea, feel a tickle on your spine as you enter the haunting Wicker House and have your heart pound in tune with the thrashing waves and hammering rain from the violent storms that rage the town The action scenes at the end of the book are fantastically written You can t draw away from the pages until you know how it will all end, who will make it out alive and whether the fight is worth the risk after all.Unlike the love spell Anna unintentionally created, it s clear Ruth has taken the time and care to carefully measure each of her ingredients to brew this spell binding novel A heady blend of magic, forbidden romance, action, high stakes and consequence, A Witch in Winter will satisfy all lovers of witchcraft and juicy, complicated romances

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    When Love and magic ware mingled together, how do you know what is real A Witch in Winter is story of Anna, who had no knowledge of her being a witch Shortly after moving to a small town Winter from London with her father, Anna found a grimoire hidden in their old creepy house Though she started her life normally, things went wrong when Anna and her friends tried a love spell from that grimoire for fun Accidently the spell worked on Seth , the guy Anna thought about while casting the spell and Anna found him falling for her Does Seth Really love Anna or is it just a spell With nice flow on story, A Witch in Winter was an engaging read for me, I was hooked up into pages, fast paced and moving The battle of good and evil was bigger than Anna ever imagined, and thrust into middle of all chaos, it s up to Anna which side she s on AnnaA Witch in Winter is a magical quest of self discovery for Anna, who never believed in witchcraft until she came to know she s one The Author painted Anna as ordinary and extraordinary in equal measure, a girl who is not always good at being a witch and casting spell, and sometimes endangering her own life Her every action had than one consequences involving everyone around her, and I enjoyed the outcome which made the book interesting.SethTruly speaking I m not into Seth I expected him to be stronger as a male lead Throughout the book he acted like a maniac in love, better call him obsessed Of course he was charming by looks that makes most of the girl to fall for him in spite knowing his bad reputation Anna was no exception, which seems pretty real to me Seth changed all the way through the book, developed a good personality I do expected many readers will like him.Love or SpellThe romance was different it was kind of blurry, difficult to tell what is real what isn t Anna regretted and struggled with the fact that she casted a love spell on Seth and wanted to believe Seth was not actually in love with her With her growing friendship and affection for Seth and vice versa left her confused about the budding romance between them while Seth was very clearly in love with her Other Things I LikedAmong the other character, each was important on their own and played their part well The book ended with an epic battle between good and dark side that will hold you for a moment and you will not stop reading until you reach the end The writing was captivating and easy to relate Using elements of nature and thus creating a beautiful and descriptive premise, you will enjoy the setting The author did a brilliant job by using spells of witchcraft in authentic old English As the first installment of the series,A Witch in Winter was a potential book that will take you interested on the upcoming ones.

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    Kitap ok kli e ba lad ve yle de devam etti Her ey o kadar belirliydi ki okumasam bile sonunu tamamen tahmin edebilirdim san r m Anna , ilk g n ans eseri okulun en yak kl ocu u olan Seth in yan na oturuyor Buna dayanamayan Caroline yak kl ocu un haval ve mar k k z arkada k za d man oluyor Anna bir gece b y yap yor ve o zaman cad oldu unu fark ediyor Bunca zaman boyunca g c n n a a kmamas da ok a rt c Seth i hi tan mamas na ra men an nda a k oluyor T m kasabay etkisi alt na alan bir b y yap yor ve cad konseyinin dikkatini ekiyor Bu yle bir konsey ki t m cad lara kar ma hakk var Konseydekiler ok g l , ok ac mas z ve her i e burunlar n sokuyorlar Yazar ilk kitapta gizlice bize bir mesaj da veriyor serinin devam kitaplar nda a k geni olacak Bu size bir yerden tan d k geldi galiba Kurgu Twilight serisi ile a r benzerlik g steriyor Yazar, hafif hafif de Sally Green in Bela kitab ndan esinlenmi B yle ortaya kar k bir ey km.

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    Firstly, let me say I absolutely love this cover The colour is striking and makes it stand out on the shelf The model is beautiful and I just love the way the whole thing comes together But whilst it was the cover that drew me in, it was the stunning story within that kept my attention.A WITCH IN WINTER was simply sublime It was a fast paced, well written, wonderful story Very fluid in it s motion I picked it up at 12 noon yesterday and was finished within the day I was just so hooked I found it impossible to put down.In all honesty, I have that many books to read that I actually asked my 5 year old son to pick one for me When he picked this, I had been wanting to read it for a while anyway, so I was only too pleased to sit down and settle in What I didn t expect was to get so carried away by it that I would lose track of time Suddenly 3 hours had passed in the blink of an eye It felt like the writing was almost hypnotic Ruth Warburton is definitely an author to look out for in the future She knows just how to press all my buttons and pack a punch into her story.This is a line from the blurb that I just loved so much Although a perfect fit for the paranormal romance genre, A WITCH IN WINTER avoids fangs, excessive body hair and submissive female leads, and tells the heart wrenching story of a couple meant to be together, but being forced apart It really sums things up and I couldn t have said it any better This was the story of Anna Winterson A sweet girl who never believed in magic Until now.When Anna s father is made redundant, they are left with no choice but to move The bills are adding up, the pressure on her father to get a job and pay those bills is mounting So they move to a house in the small town of Winter Wicker House Or as some of the locals call it Witch s House.Forced to move school mid year, to live in a house she thinks is dilapidated, to go to a school where she knows no one, Anna s life couldn t get any complicated Or could it When Anna has a couple of girls from school round one night, they look through a book that her dad uncovered whilst doing up the house This book is full of odd words and weird writing It s mostly burnt Yet something the girls discover inside makes things get a whole lot complicated for Anna Unbeknownst to her at the time, she has bewitched Seth the gorgeous boy at school who is dating Caroline.At this point, I can t tell you That s for you to find out But I can tell you, this story is quirky, fast paced and full of intrigue There s so much packed into such a short space So many things happen to Anna that you wonder if the girl is cursed Poor Anna goes through so much It s a roller coaster ride for her and her emotions.If I could live inside any book and be friends with any characters, I would chose A WITCH IN WINTER I totally heart me some Seth But I also found I have a mini girl crush on Anna She is so sweet and so good I just love her I was after reading something different This book was it It was a truly magical, marvellous journey There were ups and downs, twists and turns Things that I wouldn t have thought would happen, but they did I am so eager to read A WITCH IN LOVE when it comes out in July and then A WITCH ALONE I m not sure when that one comes out This was the start to what I am sure will be a really beautiful trilogy I just really hope things work out well for all concerned in the end I know there will be ups and downs ahead I really wouldn t want it to be an easy journey If it was, it would feel like it was missing something But though there s bound to be rubber waters and they re bound to take some falls, I know that with Ruth Warburton at the tiller, it ll all work out right in the end even if we have to suffer a little along the way I will admit that there were moments of pure joy during this book, but there were also tears too I didn t even realise I was crying until I felt hot wet tears run in rivulets down my cheeks But in the end, I was left smiling.All that s left to say, I guess, is thanks to Ruth for creating some amazing characters I can honestly say I loved them all Even the baddies because they were all written so well I wish I had my very own Emmaline Though she starts out as someone I would gladly slap, she ends up someone I would want in my life come hell or high water She isn t a fair weather friend, she s got the makings of the best kind of friend a girl could have.Thanks also for the kind of story that sticks with you A story that leaves you feeling at once sated yet crying out for .

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    3.5 StarsI have always, always loved stories about witches and witchcraft, especially historical novels about witchcraft When I realised A Witch in Winter was a contemporary, I was momentarily a little disappointed, but Warburton creates quite a rich, historical atmosphere with her setting that there was no chance of this becoming too Sabrina like I like my modern day witches to have a strong connection to the past and A Witch in Winter definitely achieved that.A Witch in Winter is a fun read, a strong debut and definitely my kind of book I loved how English this book was, with its fantastic setting, evocative of an old Cornish town by the sea, held up over the centuries by the various spells and enchantments placed by the witches who have lived there over the years The old, crumbling house Anna moves in to with the witch marks carved into the wood, and the old grimoire found in the fireplace, these were highlights of the book for me It was great to read about a secondary school where the kids are studying their A Levels although oddly, I still didn t recognise some of the classes Anna was taking I loved all the British insults and it made me smile to hear phrases I ve heard all my life instead of American ones.It also made a nice change to have a fairly average protagonist Anna won t go down as one of my favourite heroines of all time, she s too pale to make that big of an impression But I really appreciated how she reacts to the knowledge that her inadvertent love spell has caused Seth to fall in love with her She knows it isn t real, she knows it was a terrible thing to do to someone, is horrified how it makes Seth act and is determined to undo it, no matter how she feels about him Since I like my heroines a little feisty, it was Emmaline I particularly liked, and who I hope to see far of her in the second book, but Anna felt like an everyday teenager, which isn t a bad thingWarburton has created a romance that I can see a lot of readers rooting for Seth seems like a genuinely nice guy apart from a few overly possessive moments It is an example of the dreaded insta love but in this case there is a plausible reason behind it I liked that neither Seth, Anna, or the reader, can be sure if the growing feelings between these two are real, though I had a few issues I personally didn t find Seth all that interesting I far intrigued by Abbe Seth was a bit too much of a golden boy and the growing romance between him and Anna got a little too sappy for my liking Seth also forgives her far too quickly and it just seemed too easy that the boy she barely knows and accidentally casts a love spell on turns out to be the right guy for her anyway But this is still the first book in a planned series, and Warburton has definitely set up than one obstacle for these two to be together.A Witch in Winter isn t just about a love spell gone wrong There are darker, dangerous sides been drawn in this first book and the beginnings of a quite exciting premise that sets the tone for the series nicely There are witches and warlocks converging in Winter than Anna realises as she finds herself right in the middle of a powerfully dangerous society.A Witch in Winter sets just the right tone for Young Adults Paranormal Romance that I think younger and older readers will enjoy I would have liked a grittier story with practiced witchcraft and was desperately hoping Warburton would tell us about the grimoire and the original witch who owned it, but I cannot complain There s nothing overly unique here but A Witch in Winter is fresh, atmospheric and has plenty of action, mystery and romance Though it s a series and there are some unanswered questions, there s no major cliffhanger and it works as a stand alone novel I ll definitely be picking up A Witch in Love this July Many thanks to Hachette Children s books for sending this in exchange for an honest review