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A Culinary Genius Who Helped Change The Way America Eats, Sheila Lukins Now Embarks On Her First Solo Journey, VisitingCountries On A Cook S Tour Of Cuisines, Ingredients, And Tastes The Result Is Pure Alchemy A New Kind Of American Cookbook That Reinterprets The Best Of The World S Food InDazzling, Original RecipesMain Selection Of The Book Of The Month Club S HomeStyle Books And Better Homes Gardens Family Book Service, And Selection Of The Quality Paperback Book Club

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    Found this for a couple of bucks at a thrift store, a definite good deal A treasure trove of wonderful ethnic recipes from around the world collected in one book Much to my delight I even found a recipe for Pavlova, something I had not been able to do in my extensive collection of cookbooks I especially enjoyed the section on Afternoon tea with recipes for teas, sandwiches and desserts The one gripe I have with this book is the recipe index, which I found to be inadequate I found I had to make notes in places I felt the recipe could and should have been listed in order to ensure I d find it again when needed But overall a happy find for a foodie who wants to venture out with traditional recipes from around the world.

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    I understand later editions had many of the typos and mistakes corrected Unfortunately, my impression of the book was formed by that first edition that still had all the errors Now you can look for errata sheets on line although we shouldn t HAVE TO because the book should be proofread before being released Some potentially nice recipes just didn t work out because of sloppy proofreading.

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    Some very interesting recipes are included in this cook book I purchased the book so I could look for various international dishes to use when my family has our new traditiona heritage smorgasbord Christmas dinner When needing to figure out a Scandanavian main course, Irish appetizer, Scottish salad and German desertthis book was a God send The recipes I have tried were all easy to follow and have all been hits and not misses, thus far.

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    I really like this cookbook for the anecdotes about the around the world travels However, in terms of recipes, there are only a few I use because they are not really practical for the most partsome of the ingredients are hard to find and some of the recipes don t appeal to a wide range of tastes, as is to be expected I suppose.

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    Got this when our son was in kindergarten, because his school seemed to have a regular multicultural festival where each class was assigned a country and parents were asked to provide a dish from that country for the program His middle school did the same thing so the book was used for grades K 8.Packing away now as we declutter the house, preparing to put it on the market.

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    Only a few countries regions are represented in the book, and most of the recipes are very common I found only a couple I wanted to try I could have done without the cartoon clipart, preferring images of the finished recipes instead, but that is just my opinion Compared to others, this one is lacking.

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    This is one of my all time favorite cookbooks, a gift from my father making it extra special It is a collection of recipes from around the world and includes two recipes I have incorporated into everyday cooking and share with friends and family the Moroccan Tea Loaf is made with organic pumpkin puree and the Mexican Frijoles Negros is made with cocoa powder.

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    Adore flipping through this book Have made only a few things rather rich and involved recipes but they were fabulous Apple crab salad rocks The Moroccan Pumpkin loaf has been made several times.

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    This is a book to read Fascinating, it tells the tale of regional cuisine and how it came to be based on the geography, economics, religion, and traditions of the areas With text this absorbing the recipes pale in comparison.

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    Not nearly as good as Great Good Food.