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Zella Grisham never denied shooting her boyfriend That’s not why she did eight years of hard time on a sixteen year sentence It’s that the shooting inadvertently led to charges of grand theft Talk about bad luck Leonid McGill has reasons to believe she’s innocent But reopening the case is only serving to unsettle McGill’s private life even further—and expose a family secret that’s like a kick to the gut As the case unfolds as the truth of what happened eight years ago becomes damning and complex than anyone dreamed McGill and Zella realize that everyone is guilty of something and that sometimes the sins of the past can be too damaging to ever forget Or ever forgive

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    Walter Mosely has written some good novels Unfortunately this is not one of them 1 of 10 stars

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    Rating 25 of fiveThe Publisher Says In the latest and most surprising novel in the bestselling Leonid McGill series Leonid finds himself caught between his sins of the past and an all too vivid presentSeven years ago Zella Grisham came home to find her man Harry Tangelo in bed with her friend The weekend before 68 million had been stolen from Rutgers Assurance Corp whose offices are across the street from where Zella worked Zella didn't remember shooting Harry but she didn't deny it either The district attorney was inclined to call it temporary insanity until the police found 80000 from the Rutgers heist hidden in her storage spaceFor reasons of his own Leonid McGill is convinced of Zella's innocence But as he begins his investigation his life begins to unravel His wife is drinking than she should His oldest son has dropped out of college and moved in with an ex prostitute His youngest son is working for him and trying to stay within the law And his father whom he thought was long dead has turned up under an aliasA gripping story of murder greed and retribution All I Did Was Shoot My Man is also the poignant tale of one man's attempt to stay connected to his familyMy Review Horrible person that I am I won this book in a LibraryThing giveaway in DECEMBER 2011 and somehow never posted a reviewProbably all for the best since I thought this book was a hot mess Too much going on too little attention paid to too many variables and as a series entry it fell on its keister The scatteredness means that the sense of building up to something that a series should have is missingLeonid runs around and brings justice where it's overdue In the process we meet every single person criminal or ex criminal in Manhattan Yay and boo Why I should know about some of these wacky ex crims is beyond me and because Mosley is chopping and changing the narrative so much it's just too much for my two volt nervous system to absorb and call it pleasure readingThere's a line in here about success making Leonid crave a Coney Islandchili cheese dog with onionsand that for me sums the book up Filling processed food like substance for the brain but plan on sleepin' alone because the aftereffects are noisome This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 30 Unported License

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    25 StarsA nifty little title I like it It refers to NY private detective Leonid McGill's new client? Zella Grisham who recently served 8 years for not only shooting her boyfriend but for being involved in a major robbery As usual Leonid is feeling the need to atone for past sins Leonid is the one that planted the false evidence that implicated Zella in the heist Now he means to get to the bottom of who was really behind it YawnThe only thing cool about the plot is the title One of the big issues here is that not only is that plot terribly boring but Mosley also stacks too many other eually uninteresting mysteries essentially weakening the effect of all of them This seems to be a trademark in this series It got to a point where I stopped caring about all the little issues that Leonid had to deal with As a matter of fact it seemed like Mosley didn't really care that much either It felt as if he just really enjoys writing these characters and because he has the reputation of being a mysteries writer felt as if he needed to come up with some thin mysteries to frame his characters around The character that jump starts the whole story Zella is barely even shows up in the book I've been noticing this trend of boring plots a lot in many detective stories and I'm getting a little tired of it Character is very important but there needs to be something else going on to keep me reading about the same people every book and this series is getting a bit repetitive This low rating might be a product of just getting tired of reading forgettable crime fictionThat might be why I enjoy noir fiction over detective crime The characters are many times flawed and engaging and the plots and concepts are a lot fresh and urgent But don't get me wrong I'm still a big fan of Mosley but after catching up with this series after I read the next book I'll focus on his standalone work I would've given this book a straight two stars but I wanted to give it a little extra for Mosley's usual good writing

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    I’ve wanted to read something from Walter Mosley for a while now I hear good things about his hardboiled mysteries—a modern African American twist on traditional Noir—and these days we’re putting all sorts of twists on traditional Noir so why not try another flavor right? That’s why I was really excited to get a copy of his most recent novel It’s called All I Did Was Shoot My Man and it’s the fourth in the Leonid McGill series Overall All I Did Was Shoot My Man was a great book The characters were deep and interesting the thematic elements were full and well formed and the mystery was riveting Hell I didn’t even work out who the bad guy was before the ending and that’s a rarity for me But most of all I was impressed by Mosley’s ability to turn a phrase and his power with imagery which are a must when you’re writing hardboiled or noir The copy I received was an Advanced Review Copy ARC and as such there was some polishing left to do on the manuscript It was all easily overlooked though considering the strength of the story as a whole and I’m sure any minor imperfections will be corrected before final publication But you guys are wanting a plot summary aren’t you? Well ask and you shall receive McGill is a private detective in New York City but prior to that he was a bad guy Specifically he was a fixer Whenever the really bad guys needed someone framed or a problem fixed they called McGill In the days before he decided to go straight he helped to frame a young woman named Zella for a bank robbery She had just been arrested for shooting her philandering boyfriend three times while he was in bed with one of her best friends The boyfriend survived and Zella was sent to prison She might have gotten off altogether if not for the 10000 from the heist that McGill planted in her storage locker The frame didn’t hold up in court but it was enough to get the book thrown at her for the crime everyone knew for certain she did commit Fast forward eight years and McGill has used a lawyer friend to get her sprung from prison on bail as a means of assuaging his guilty conscience He makes contact with her and helps her get back on her feet and she asks him to find her child whom she gave up while she was in prison McGill agrees but as soon as he starts poking into her past it becomes apparent that there are people interested in Zella’s release the securities company that lost millions of dollars in the heist the original heist men the police who know McGill is dirty and think he had something to do with the heist And then there’s whoever is sending hitmen after McGill and Zella When two masked men burst into the McGill family apartment and receive a one two punch of lethal kickassery for their trouble the ex bad guy declares war on his attackers and vows to get to the bottom of the eight year old robbery and make whoever is behind it all pay That ostensibly is what the book is about At least that’s what the back cover will try to sell you on But all of it—the heist the murders hitmen in the night—is just window dressing The important story is the development of Leonid McGill’s character and his family plays a big part in that There’s his militant revolutionary father who left him in grade school and never came back There’s his Scandinavian wife who hates him and needs him at the same time There’s his three grown children of whom only one is his biological progeny and who just happens to be the one who hates him the most Oh and then there’s the girlfriend he’s estranged from but he still loves Did I miss anything? Maybe but I’m sure you get the idea While Zella and the heist and all that mess are the main thrust of the story it’s interwoven with elements of McGill’s family life and family history It makes the narrative somewhat choppy though no less interesting with him constantly jumping back and forth to different strands of the plot but it worked for me The one thing I really didn’t like about All I Did Was Shoot My Man was the fact that the book was filled to the brim with characters and personalities from previous McGill books I understand why Mosley included them since they aid in the development of McGill’s character but it was annoying having to catch up with umpteen different pet characters that didn’t really have anything to do with the main plot Each time Mosley was careful to include an explanation of the who’s and what’s of the past adventures but still Annoying Another thing I noticed—not a criticism of anything but an observation—is the importance Mosley puts on race when developing his characters and the amount of interracial relationships depicted in the story It all makes sense when you consider Mosley’s personal lineage he’s half Black half Jewish but what’s really interesting to me is that there’s very little importance given to a person’s race in the context of the story It’s as if the point of the whole thing is to drive home the idea that race isn’t at all important by painstakingly defining it and then not having it really matter at all And there are a few instances where race does play a part but by and large it seems like Mosley is trying to paint the story with an almost post racial brush I dunno maybe I’m way off base I probably am but I can’t help trying to analyze crap I’m a wannabe literary critic It says so in the bio Overall All I Did Was Shoot My Man is a fast paced gritty mystery written by an author who really knows his stuff Walter Mosley's intellect and breadth really shine through in his work which is just one of the reasons why I'll be reading from him in the near future I give All I Did Was Shoot My Man four starshttpreadabookonceblogspotcom201

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    This is another solid entry in Walter Mosley's new PI series I got a little lost in the plot toward the end but that may be because I had to stop in the middle for a paid reading asignment I like the way WM handles the back story and how he intersperses the philosophical bits in the narrative

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    I'm a long time fan of Walter Mosley's work especially his Easy Rawlins mysteries and the blues flavored RL's Dream The Leonid McGill mysteries are a bit differentMcGill is hired to the Zella Grisham arriving on a bus just out of prison after serving eight years of a fifteen year sentence for shooting her boy friend after catching him in bed with her best friend She'd never denied it just didn't remember it and prosecutors hadn't been inclined to try her That is until the paper bands from bundles of money were found in her storage locker part of a fifty eight million dollar cash theft from the company across the street where she worked Her refusal to give up her confederates had got her sent to prison for the shooting inseadMcGill had proved she wasn't part of the theft and the rest of her term was commuted It hadn't been hard to prove as McGill was the one who'd framed her Now a mostly straight PIslightly bent not crooked back then he'd been a fixer of problems He wanted to help her get straightened outshe wanted to meet the parents who'd adopted the childher boy friend's after birth in prison and see her daughterTo do that he was going to have to find out who the real thieves were and where that large sum of moneypart of a hold for a Saudi prince's oil fleet had disappeared to As his investigation progressed several things started to happen The company robbed back then seemed especially unhelpful a red flag in his mind and two hit men imported from Europe broke into his home and tried to murder him Fortunately his three children were out and his security system alerted him in time for him to meet them in the hallway outside his bedroom There naked but for a pistol he shot one and crushed the other's throat with his free handThat had to mean he was getting close He'd already learned that the boy friend Zella had shot and the best friend had dropped off the face of the Earth shortly before her trial The third hit man accelerated his thinking The clues were there He just had to figure them outThis series is a bit different McGill has a wife he's not close to anythey each go their won way though they continue to live together He has three children only the oldest of which is his but he loves them all His girl friend is not sure what to do with himRecommended

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    Either I didn't drink enough coffee today or the plot of this book is hard to follow Eight years ago there was a big heist and some dozen characters were either involved in the heist or played a role in its cover up Some of those characters are now dead men with no to identify them than their names or in one case a rotting corpse some are described in a paragraph or two but never appear in person in the book and some many? have nicknames and aliases I couldn't give than a rough estimate about how many characters this book actually has on account of all the fake names Further complicating things at one point Mosely calls a character by her first name in one scene and then uses her surname throughout the next scene in which she appears I reread that second scene twice before I recognized herThese are minor complaints however since I'd much rather follow Leonid McGill blindly through a novel than spend time with just about any other fictional character The ending is great with a couple of big cliffhangers I hope that the next installment in this series gets published soon

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    Walter Mosely’s Leonid McGill is not a good man He isn’t necessarily a bad man either but he has done some really bad things in the past Product of a dysfunctional home and the enabler of another of his own making he has decided to change his life around and atone for the wrong he has doneIn this fourth outing in the series All I Did Was Shoot My Man this means arranging for the release of Zella Grisham and helping her get back on her feet Zella to whom the title of the book refers was framed by McGill for a larger crime than the one which she actually committed involving a multi million dollar heist Once she’s out of jail however both she and McGill discover that there is much to the heist than either of them ever knew about This is the basis for the action which follows The ‘whodunit’ aspect of the book is well plotted and entertaining I wasn’t able to figure out who was really behind the heist before the end of the book which for me is uite unusual so I have to say I definitely enjoyed the mystery However the development of McGill’s character his interactions with his wife children lover and the various other persons who people his world are without a doubt the best part of this book As much as I love Mosely’s Easy Rawlins Leonid McGill is fast becoming a new favorite of mine This was a very fast paced read and very enjoyable It would appeal to readers who enjoy noir with a difference as well as interesting characters and a solid plot

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    Finished this a while ago and forgot to record it For people who really like mysteries with a suspenseful vibe and gritty urban realism I imagine this would at least be a 4 star or maybe a 5 star read It's very very good at doing what it does but it's just not really my thing I guess I like escapist English countryside mysteries better ha ha from my sample size of two books For me personally it's probably of a 3 star but I decided to give it 4 stars for the potential I think it has for readers who like this kind of stuff Super complex tight layered plot both in terms of Leonid's PI cases and his personal life which may have felt complicated for me than it really was as I jumped into the fourth book featuring Leonid McGill I'm guessing some secondary characters I was meeting for the first time had likely already been introduced in earlier volumes Some very interesting takes on morality everything is a grey area family non traditional family structures and racism and race some really elegant writing near the end of the book on that from the African American detective's and author's POV Some really nice writing in parts as well and a bit of philosophical musings It was a lot of different things jumbled together that could have ended up disjointed but somehow it all worked Again this wasn't really my thing but I can see how fantastic and well done an example of its genre it is I would not hesitate to suggest this to readers looking for what it delivers

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    The fourth Leonid McGill novel by Walter Mosley proves once again that Mosley is really one of our finest novelists If you haven't read any of the Leonid McGill books in the past it's not that difficult to dip into the series at #4 Leonid is a private detective with a bent past who is trying to make up for his past misdeeds He has done some downright criminal things and is always being watched by the police but always manages to elude them In an excellent NPR interview and discussion of the book it is referred to as a book of atonement That's exactly what it is McGill is feeling guilty for having helped set up a woman named Zella who shot non fatally her boyfriend when she found him in bed with her best friend A woman McGill has done some work for in the past asks him to plant some incriminating evidence in Zella's storage locker As a result her sentence is a lot longer than it would have been plus she is forced to give up her child Now McGill is trying to help her through his attorney Of course there are ALWAYS complications and this one's complications just keep multiplying I love Mosley's language and this book is no exception Men were trying to kill me but so what? I was reborn A born again agnostic risen from the ashes of faith THIS kind of writing is why I LOVE Walter Mosley