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This book is a must read for anyone who has any family who have come over from THE OLD COUNTRY Jacks stories about his family are a hoot The history woven into the story will make one wonder ,how did we ever let these things happen,and why do we keep letting it go on Do yourself a favor read this book,and give a copy to a friend or two. American Wop Beaver Buffalo Buttons Brass Boxing And Beer That S Why You Re Here Shouts Out Our Human History And Social Dilemma That Contributed The Rise Of The American Wop And American Flop The Stories Come From Jack S Grandfather Who Taught The Foundations Of Life Through The Art Of Boxing S History And Discipline, Which Couples With His Great Grandfathers Story About Colonialism, Industrialization, Marketing, And Technological Change Jack S Uncle Joe A Boxing Savant Tells The Worlds History Of Boxing That Meshes With The Fabric Of Our History, Storytelling, Comedy And Politics Joe Ties The Stories Together Illuminating The Hubris Of The Times The Hero S Vignettes With Their Situations, Shortfalls And Downfalls Are Artfully Woven Together Showing Them To Be Vibrant Stoic Characters That Are Suffering Bitterly In The Wake Of The Changing Technological Landscape Interactions Of Four Generations Simultaneously Give A Needed Wide View Lacking In Today S WorksThe First Part Of The Book American Wop Begins With The Authors Experience In His Ancestral Scotland While His Grandfather Lay Dying In The US A Phone Call Signaled His Grandfathers Impending End Was Really An Announcement Made Years Before The Surreal Events Leading To Death Drives His Grandfathers Departure HomeThe Author Weaves Their History Together In A Form That Brings Together The First Rate Appeal Of The Characters, Their Forgotten Society And Our Americana Jacks Time Spent Brushing Shoulders With World Champion Boxers With Hilarity And Tear Jerking Results Shows The Famous Characters Never Published True ColorsAs Uncle Joe Always Said There S A Story In Here For Everyone Please Enjoy The Story While Learning Something Of Why You Re Here I have to say, if all memoirs are like this one, then I m obviously missing out American Wop surprised me I didn t anticipate the impact it would have on me I ve always loved history but haven t quite heard it being told in such a way that is filled with so much passion and personality The characters were brilliant I learned quite a bit from info on JFK to the story behind Moby Dick, which I still need to read It s a very informative book with a wonderful blend of humour and gentle melancholy I even found a new poem to add to my favourite list.This is a story with heart Jack s story is moving and it makes you wonder about the world we live in and the people who are a great part of our lives American history and boxing What could you want This is a must read. This is not a book you want to hurry through,you might miss something So much history is slid in between these pages in a conversational way that you can t help but be drawn in Me, a person whom can get easily bored with history related in just the factual,this is what happened type of delivery, found it quite entertaining as well as informative. I loved this book Would rate it than 5 stars, if I could Before you read it, go to the homepage get in the mood.The description of the story, here on Goodreads, is already perfect, so I will not add to that Would not be competent enough to do so anyway I know my limits I can honestly say that, to me, it was the sucker punch of the year And thats what I am looking for in a book A roller coaster ride of emotions, memories and thoughts written by a genuine person, willing to tear himself apart to be able to share it with me trough a book.To me it read like a diary Kind of detached bits of a puzzle, that in the end give you the full picture of who and what Jack Tar is And why he became the guy with a heart of a lion, soul of a poet and fists of a true fighter At times it was hard to keep reading, and yes in the last third of the book I cried My own closeness to some of it, was painful But it was SO worth going on.For those of you who like Christopher Hibbert, Jack Kerouac or and Stephen Crane go for it For those who don t don t Jack Tar is a rebel The prose is disconnected in the best way possible and very often dream like, though at times incredibly rich and factually packed I find myself floating back into many of the scenes he s written I assume because, I have had these similar, familiar thoughts myself, and they become recognized and truly alive though his work Jack is recreating what I believe must be an oral history The story line reads personally, through characters who have not only felt but lived our American history His vision is large and often very intense Many times reading this work I felt as though the characters knew there was a better way to live, than mired in struggle, and if not acting toward that better life, regularly thinking and dreaming it.I found the work to be in many ways, a mash up of a fictional people s history of the united states , because of the books extensive working class history and a tighter original scroll because of the characters challenge and creativity to find the ways to forge ahead There are, humbly speaking, too many topics to discuss in this review Jack Tar isn t perfect and certainly won t though will approach get all the way there, but the work is experimental and astronomical in perspective I certainly hope people find their way to this work.