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There s a lotto Anna Karenina than a tragic love story Tolstoy isdeeply philosophical than most people think That s why I liked this analysis. In This Invigorating New Assessment Of Anna Karenina, Gary Saul Morson Overturns Traditional Interpretations Of The Classic Novel And Shows Why Readers Have Misunderstood Tolstoy S Characters And Intentions Morson Argues That Tolstoy S Ideas Are Far Radical Than Has Been Thought His Masterpiece Challenges Deeply Held Conceptions Of Romantic Love, The Process Of Social Reform, Modernization, And The Nature Of Good And Evil By Investigating The Ethical, Philosophical, And Social Issues With Which Tolstoy Grappled, Morson Finds In Anna Karenina Powerful Connections With The Concerns Of Today He Proposes That Tolstoy S Effort To See The World Wisely Can Deeply Inform Our Own Search For Wisdom In The Present Day The Book Offers Brilliant Analyses Of Anna, Karenin, Dolly, Levin, And Other Characters, With A Particularly Subtle Portrait Of Anna S Extremism And Self Deception Morson Probes Tolstoy S Important Insights Evil Is Often The Result Of Negligence Goodness Derives From Small, Everyday Deeds And Completes The Volume With An Irresistible, Original List Of One Hundred And Sixty Three Tolstoyan Conclusions This was a wonderfully lucid and penetrating study of Anna Karenina, and it changed my thinking about many things, above all how we are supposed to think about Anna and her fate In Morson s view, Anna is not the incarnation of love and too alive for this world, but is instead constantly misperceiving things and full of self deceit It is the result of these misperceptions what Morson frames as Tolstoy s interest in tiny, tiny alterations of consciousness that ultimately lead to her suicide There is also a great chapter on Levin, and the book ends with some very interesting Tolstoyan propositions that Morson culls from Tolstoy s body of work A really wonderful and helpful work of literary criticism. Not going to give it a rating since I am using for reference and not reading closely Note the final section 163 Tolstoyan Conclusions as a resource for discussion prompts. Gave me a useful perspective on Tolstoy s novel Well researched and very thorough. This book is called Anna Karenina in our Time and not Introduction to Anna Karenina, but the cover is right so I guess this is the book I was glad to see it at the used bookstore around the corner, since I had recently read Anna Karenina It is by a professor of Slavic Languages at Northwestern University, and appears to be a series of lectures Morson does not really like Anna Karenina the character , Greta Garbo not withstanding, and sees her as narcissistic Morson makes it clear that his interest is in finding universal themes in the book rather than teaching us anything about its historic and literary context, which I would have preferred. Amazing I studied every word from the history of intellectual history to Tolstoy s understanding of good and evil Our interest and interpretation of Levin as the real topic of the book, and the real interest, matches exactly Just a fantastic read