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Action Packed Science Fiction From A Refreshingly Different Perspective The First Book In A Groundbreaking New Series David Decker Is Stunned Driven By His Christian Compassion, He Has Just Rescued A Marooned Space Alien, But The Alien S Mere Existence Threatens To Shatter David S Worldview How Can He Reconcile The Two When David Learns The Truth, It Will Astound Him But David Has Other Troubles Shadowy Government Forces Are Desperately Trying To Capture The Alien In His Quest To Follow His Convictions, David Must Battle Enemies Seen And Unseen And Travel To Incredible Places He S Never Imagined

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    This is a great read SF from a Christian perspective.First in a series Plenty of action and suspence Creatively includes space aliens in a storyline based on a solidly Christian worldview.This is a must read for Christians who enjoy Science Fiction Fantasy and teenagers young adults that are undecided in their faith and need positive Christian role models.

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    I really wanted to like this book I like science fiction and I am a Christian, but I do not feel like this book combined the two of them well.Some people have said that the Waterbabies is a good book if you read the abridged edition that tells the story with out all the tangents that Kingsley goes off on That is the impression I have after reading about half of this book Like it was trying to out do Christ in his Christianity.Plus there were a lot of cliche evangelical spiritual happenings Being attacked by feeling a constricting about the throat, happy feelings after prayer, strange feelings that alert the reader when demons are near, wind blowing when the Spirit is near, boldly going where not Christian has gone before I found it difficult and painful to read Now the book is geared towards teenagers so maybe I am being too critical But it felt incredibly didactic.Flannery O Connor says and I have paraphrased because I can not find the exact quote at the moment that a novelist must write with his own eyes, and not the eyes of the Church If you write with the eyes of the Church you just produce a lot of pious crap This book felt very pious, to the point the charactors were not believeable Maybe not exactly, because I have known people like David and his mother and they are unbearable to be around Not because they are holy and have a grand view of the cosmos, but because they have a shallow and anemic view of creation and Christianity.

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    This book is totally awesome I LOVED it It s about a college student who finds an alien and is totally changed Very nicely written Good plot, too Once you start you just can t put it down

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    What if go into all the world and preach the gospel to all nations was only the beginning of the Great Commission What if Jesus, in taking on human form, was not just becoming human but was also becoming naharam, a class of beings to which humans merely belong What if God called you to take the gospel beyond Planet Earth to a universe alive than you d ever dreamed Arana s Visitor by Julie Rollins explores those questions in an imaginative, exciting story Book 1 of the Vadelah Chronicles vadelah is an alien word roughly translating to apostle , it opens when Panagyra, a member of a bird like species called the phantera, crash lands on earth But the story quickly shifts its focus to David Decker, an ordinary college student who tries his best to live out his faith with integrity even if that means showing hospitality to Panagyra and putting his life on the line to protect the naive alien from harm.David and his roommate Todd hide Gyra in their apartment as long as they can, but a malicious agency with a hand in Gyra s crash landing is now seeking to capture him The three become fugitives in an exciting race to send Gyra home, but in a terrifying moment, David finds himself trapped on Gyra s ship with the badly wounded phantera, heading to a world he d never imagined existed.On Arana, Gyra s home planet, David discovers that God has been directing his steps David is the prophesied vadelah, the one who will bring the message of Christ not only to Gyra s peaceful race but also to the universe s most depraved and terrifying peoples.Julie Rollins is a homeschool mom who self publishes her work I met her online through a self publishing loop, and she offered to send me a copy of Arana s Visitor I m glad she did The story is creative and well written, with likable characters, a fascinating premise, and some tear jerking moments It s light on science, making science fiction a bit of a misnomer, but the cultures and creatures in Julie s work are well developed She also does fantastic artwork, which can be viewed on her Web site.Note This is a very family friendly book, but it does address serious issues of sin and immorality, especially on earth one pivotal scene revolves around abortion, one Peretti style showdown deals with New Age practices, and other major modern issues are addressed Parents may want to screen or read this with their very young children Rachel Starr Thomson, author of Worlds Unseen and Burning Light, Books 1 and 2 of the Seventh World Trilogy.

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    Arana s Visitor by Julie Rollins, a reviewBook 1 of the Vadelah ChroniclesSelf published in 2005, 288 pagesWorldview Christian This book will appeal mostly to Christians.David Decker, a college student, and his roommate Todd are driving on a country road one night when they see a red hot plane make an emergency landing On a hunch, they rescue the pilot, an alien, hide him from authorities at a roadblock, and take him home.At first they don t trust him But they decide to shelter him from bad guys in the government who know of the crash and are looking for the alien This is Gyra, a very intelligent being who looks a lot like a bird and has both wings and arms.Once the bad guys figure out who is sheltering Gyra, David and Todd take Gyra and leave town.They teach Gyra English and disguise him as a man in a chicken costume advertising a local restaurant, a scenario with comic moments At the same time, David, a Christian, witnesses to Gyra and shows him his Bible Gyra iscaptivated.David and Todd help Gyra get the metals he needs to repair his ship In Gyra s hair raising escape, David on the spur of the moment decides to come along, because Gyra is injured And so in a switcheroo, David becomes the alien on Gyra s planet Arana learning Gyra s language Gyra is out of the picture, in a coma from his injuries, and so Gyra s people suspect David of having hurt Gyra.David learns that his home planet is the first place that the Lord made life, but not the last These gentle bird aliens have sophisticated space travel but fear Earth and have marked it off limits because of the evil that comes from there Naturally they suspect David of being evil too But they are looking for fulfillment of a prophecy involving someone bringing news from Earth.This book is very well told and well edited The pacing is good Rollins is able to grab your emotions and tell a tale of good and evil on a galactic scale I really enjoyed reading it You will too Phyllis WheelerRollins has written books in this series, so she is currently making this first one available for free download on her Web site, www.JulieRollins.com.

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    This is such a good, descriptive and adventurous book From the perspective of a college aged David Decker, Christian and philanthropist, Arana s Visitor is about strange alien encounters, loving your neighbor even if he DOES happen to be an alien from outerspace and the amazing love and grace of God It shows me that we may not know what will happen, and everything may look bad, but God always has a plan He knows I really recommend this book and the books that follow

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    Don t let the slightly awkward start to this book put you off Rollins tells a story with humor, truth and insight into human nature This is unlike any other science fiction, coming from a Christian world view, allowing God s truth and creativity to weave a great story.It is hard to put down

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    I loved this book It was very intriguing to read the authors kids go to my school I simply fell in love with the places and characters she describes in her books.Anyone who can should definitely read these books.

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    I feel like it s impossible for me to give an accurate rating to this book since, not only has it been so long since I read it, but I was about 14 I loved it then but objectively it probably left something to be desired The premise is very ambitious It s about a guy who goes to be a missionary to the aliens The theological leap of logic required to get there is a little bit well, I mean it s just fiction, so I ll leave it alone, it s definitely not the worst way that aliens could appear in Christian sci fi Once you have managed the suspension of disbelief required to assume that humans are not the only beings made in God s image, and so on, it is interesting, but a little bit err cringey due to the way that certain hot button issues are addressed in what seems to be an overly direct manner It definitely limits the book to a certain audience But hey This book is what got me fired up about writing Christian sci fi So four stars.

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    I m really enjoying this series right now Set in 89 on Earth, two college roommates meet an unexpected new friend I love the interesting non humanoid alien creatures Rollins created and fleshed out into great characters.