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In This Book, I Don T Tell You How To Make Beautiful Candles In Few Steps And Then Give You A Few Recipes To Try, So You Can Start Your Own Candle Making Business You Can Find That Information Anywhere, Don T Have To Buy My Book To Learn That Wait Oh I Did That In This Book I Did Explain How To Make Beautiful Candles I Also Did Give You A Few Simple Recipes, Too But I Hope That Is Not Why You Bought This Book In This Book My Goal Is To Explain To You In Simple Terms How To Create Great Natural And Organic Candles And Not Just Make Any Candles There Is A Difference You Will Get To See And Understand That Difference When You Understand Each Ingredients And How They Interact And React With Each Other You Will Not Have A Great Business If You Are Just Making Carbon Copies Of A Few Candles Of Other People That Your Customers Can Go Buy From Any Local Stores What Will Make You Unique Is When You Create A Blend Or Two Of Your Own, And People Start Liking Your Creation That Is When You Can Hit A Home Run In Business Imagine Growing Your Candle Company Into A Local, Regional, And Ultimately National Brand, Where Your Candles Will Be Sold At Every Whole Foods, Bed, Bath And Beyond, And Home Goods And Many Other Great Retailers This Is A Two Part Book In The First Part I Show You How To Get Started With Candle Making I Show You Every Step You Need To Take To Make Your First Batch Of Candles Then I Show You How To Test Your Creation And How To Figure Out What Works And What Does Not In The Second Part Of The Book, I Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Turning Your Newfound Passion Into A Successful Business

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    I ordered 2 of those, 1 for myself and the other one as a present I was so disappointed with the quality l decided to send both back.It is very cheaply done large policy used inside, a very basic layout as if it was coming straight from a word document, no colours, the few pictures inside have a terrible quality see pictures I had a quick look at content, and to be honest what l read looked like exact sentences l have already read online, so wasn t even worth keeping for the information Given the price l was expecting than basic information organised with a terrible layout.

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    It s ok but a lot of the candle making process can be learnt via YouTube The other half of the book is about the day to day running of a business, it could be any business to be honest, the candle making aspect seems irrelevant in this part of the book It s not an expensive book so its not a waste of time but maybe do a short business course and watch YouTube videos instead.

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    I love this book It s so easy to use and so informative If you re like me and have never made candles but are just beginning, this is the book for you The author shares how to dissolve the wax and how to make colourful candles, what moulds to use and so many other tips and tricks.

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    A practical book with loads of recipes, hints, tips and information.

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    I found the book very helpful for my new project candle making There are list of good tips on both mastering the skill as well as turning it into a business.

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    great book

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    Nice book, easy to read arrived in good time

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    Brilliant book Plenty of info