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Baby S First Year Milestones Is A Month By Month Guide Filled With Activities Designed To Support Your Baby S Development During Their First Year Of Life In Months, Your Newborn Will Transform Into A Child To Celebrate Each New Development, Baby S First Year Milestones Offers A Practical Month By Month Guide To Understanding The Major Milestones In Your Child S Life In Baby S First Year Milestones, Child Development Expert Aubrey Hargis Offers Knowledgeable Insight Into The Changes You Can Expect During The First Year, As Well As Action Oriented Guidance For Supporting Your Baby During These Essential Periods Of Growth Baby S First Year Milestones Includes Clear Descriptions Of Major Developmental Milestones For Every Month Of The Baby S First Year, Including A Checklist Of All Major Milestones To Help You Track Your Baby S Development Over Age Appropriate Activities That Are Specifically Designed To Encourage Learning At Each Developmental Stage During Your Baby S First Year Explanations And Solutions For Common Problems That May Arise During The Baby S First Year, Including Feeding Issues, Sleep Regressions, Stranger Danger, And With Baby S First Year Milestones You Ll Learn Exactly How To Help Your Child Explore Their New Abilities As They Develop, While Having Fun And Strengthening Your Oh So Important Bond

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    love this book so many so useful and enjoyable activities are suggested in relation to each month, clear information on baby s development very interesting to read and gives good insight into where baby is at.

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    Baby s First Year Milestones is a beautifully organized read It s laid out by month and gives you a brief overview of what to expect from your baby and how to help them develop with simple activities, songs and materials most of which are already found in your home The end of chapter summaries, notes sections and checklists in the back help me keep track of my baby s progress.What I loved most about this book and I think differentiates it from others baby books I ve read is how the writing style gives me such a sense of calmness and builds my confidence in caring for my baby The brevity of each section makes this book incredibly approachable and enables follow through even while caring for a new infant and a wild toddler I can just quickly flip to the month my baby is in and review a few pages for ideas or take a note then set it down again for a few weeks I really appreciate that the author provides a handful of activities and verbal games for each month rather than bombarding the reader with hundreds of overly explained things they must do to keep baby on track.I have a 2 year old and a 1 month old and I love that I now feel like I can provide a developmentally appropriate environment for my baby by slowing down and enjoying a relaxed and simple play time with him I wish I d had this book with my first child so I wouldn t have spent so much money on a ton of obnoxious different toys or wasted all my spare time cobbling together ideas from apps and blogs and attempting unnecessarily complicated Pinterest projects.My baby seems to enjoy the activities and is very mellow and attentive during play sessions I m also so much in tune with the little things my baby is practicing and able to respect his interests and needs better I appreciate the authors tips about baby cues like how turning away is a sign of overstimulation or disinterest in an object indicating it may be time for resting and the suggestion to give them independent play time while they re engaged with something and just observe them.I received an advanced copy from the publisher after having already preordered a copy I m very much looking forward to using the hard copy and sharing it with my friends and family when they visit my new baby.

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    There are so many books about how to take care of your body during pregnancy, about what is going on inside your belly during pregnancy This book, Baby s First Year Milestones, is one of it s kind, a super easy to read book for mothers with newborns It is very well organized by the month, first giving an overview of what to expect, typical behavior challenges, and highlights to look forward to Within each month, it also gives you the typical developmental milestones.What is special about this book is that there are many original games and activities that you can play with your child It is further divided into categories motor skills, sensory development, language and mental development, and social emotional skills You can easily flip through the section you want to read or do, without needing to read the book cover to cover.Now comes my favorite part of this book It has prompts for notes and a generous space to jot down your favorite moments and memories for each month I have bought books that keeps track of these moments for my oldest daughter, but she is now almost 4yo, and I still haven t gotten to it This book is so easy to answer and use, so the moments are easily recorded Also, at the end of the book, there is a checklist to keep track of the milestones your baby has achieved A MUST HAVE FOR FAMILIES WITH NEW BABIES I highly recommend this

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    As a grandparent, I especially appreciate the over 100 suggestions for appropriate games, songs and toys for babies When I visit with my granddaughter I am able to come armed with activities that are exactly right for her developmental age I love this book The author s message of patience, love, gentle guidance and encouragement is sprinkled throughout Be forewarned Reading this book, young or old, just might make you want to have a baby in your life I highly recommend this beautiful book.

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    Boringnot particularly well writtenhaven t found a single suggestion that we really like yet Some of the suggestions are just riffs on well known nursery rhymes or activities etc For milestones, activities and development I prefer What to Expect the First Year and suggestions therein The Dr Sears book is ok We have found ideas and ideas for what to buy our baby in both of these books but not so much in this one I wouldn t re purchase.

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    This book is a MUST HAVE for any new parent Aubrey guides you through the different developmental stages your newborn to infant goes through She is thoughtful and intentional in her approach It is laid out monthly so it s not overwhelming with information and you can learn about the social, emotional needs in addition to physical milestones The book also provides you with little songs and games you can play with your baby They are so fun There is a footsie and wootsie rhyme my baby boy loves Also there are even pages to write letters and memories You and your spouse will read through this each month to understand your child better I m so glad I bought this It has made a difference