Audiobooks Battle Angel Alita: Last Order Vol. 17 (English Edition) Nach Yukito Kishiro –

Caught In Each Others Traps, The Martian Markswoman Zazie And The Despicable Murderer Rakan Begin To Tear Themselves Apart, Piece By Piece Meanwhile, Zekkas Distracted By The Reappearance Or Is That Reincarnation Of An Old Rival, Whose Presence May Provoke The Fiery Death Of Millions In An Antimatter Explosion Freedom, Hubris, Enlightenment And Destruction As Alitas Saga Reaches Its Climax

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    This manga is even better than the original Also, it s not included in the original series To get them all you need the original series in one box set the Last Order Omnibus 1 5 and then 16 19 which are not in any Omnibus and finally the Mars Chronicles currently in production 1 Battle Angel Alita one set 2 Last Order Omnibus 1 5, Issues 16 19 3 Mars Chronicles

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    At LAST the ZOT tournament ends in grand fashion Alita, having borrowed even new powers from the Jovians, confronts Toji for the last time as well as an unexpected opponent There is a lot of fighting to be found here as in the last 10 volumes, but at least this time the battles all have a serious impact on the story and Zekka makes a literal impact elsewhere Mbadi is forced to take steps to protect his authority that threaten millions, and our heroine, with a lot of help, must stop him The plot threads that were frozen throughout the ZOT are finally allowed to move, and the citizens of Ketheres get their turn experiencing a life changing shock It s a shame we had to wade through volumes of the ZOT to get here, but the payoff is pretty satisfying There are also a few elements of Kishiro s philosophy woven into the story a few comments on the relationship between freedom and liberty versus a scientifically constructed orderly society as well as a tiny, but powerful little anecdote on the nature of anxiety If this isn t quite Kishiro s best, it s his best in years after the long, long, long ZOT.

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    The Z.O.T.T is finally over Far interesting developments begin to take place beginning with Phase 104 The story is finally back on track

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    Bought for my son for Christmas He loves these books and very happy there is a movie coming out this year He s a fanatic for these books and so please to have received them.

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    Love the series