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An Easy Guide For Getting Started With Beekeeping Beekeeping Is A Fun, Easy To Learn, Inexpensive, And Uniquely Rewarding Hobby That Nearly Anyone Can Do Perhaps That S Why It S Growing In Popularity, With New Members Joining Local And National Beekeeping Groups In Greater Numbers Each Year, And New Apiculture Conferences And Even Scholarships Coming Online Interest Is Up All Around The World, As Evidenced By Numerous Backyard Beekeeping Meetups, Community Workshops, And Beekeeper Training Events That Seem To Crop Up Almost Everywhere You Look This Audiobook Contains A Wealth Of Knowledge That Comes From Years Of Experience, Distilled Down To The Essentials That Every Beginner Needs It Offers Practical Advice To Guide You All The Way Through Your First Season, From Sourcing Bees And Equipment Right Through Harvesting Honey And Preparing The Hive For Winter Wherever I Could, I Also Included Tidbits, Tricks, And Shortcuts I Wish I Had Known Starting Out Anything To Make The Job Of Beekeeping Easier For You On Your First Time Out Within This Audiobook, You Ll Find The Answers To These Questions And Just Some Of The Questions And Topics Covered Include Beekeeping Basics All About Bees Types Of Bees Hive Structure Honey Flows Making Preparations Beekeeping By The Seasons Problems To Watch Out For Harvest And Winterization And Listen To This Audiobook Now

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    If you already know beekeeping even a little , this is a great resource to help you remember everything and plan ahead If you have no idea how to keep bees, this is less helpful It doesn t define jargon, doesn t provide illustrations, and leaves out certain important steps granted, they re probably the ones that are very obvious once you ve done it a few times If it were expanded as well as it is a summary, it would be great, but it s only a summary Also, the last QUARTER of the book is a preview of a totally different book.

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    This book is very good and easy to read Since it is for beginners it should have a glossary for terms that are not known for beginners Also the drawing of hives would help.Lastly this book being an e book is read everywhere in the world, so consideration should be taken for people like me who live in the tropics where there is no winter.Otherwise the rest is fantastic.John Gita

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    This book is a great guide for anyone who is planning to start in beekeeping This book shares deeper knowledge about bees and basics of beekeeping Very informative and the author did great job with showing crucial information on everything we need to become a successful person in beekeeping business.

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    For those who want to start the business of beekeeping I am sure you have that interests on doing this industry however, if you need to have the skill to succeed in this kind of business, this is the right book to have It is much comprehensive and informative, the details are well explained and helpful If you are a beginner you will learn a lot from scratch to become well skilled.

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    Barely an overview here The author never explains terms that beekeepers use Terms like super for a part of the hive and things like that You will have some idea of what it takes to get started but that s about it An okay brief glimpse into beekeeping.