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Before And After Getting Your Puppy Is A Simple, Practical Guide For Anyone Bringing A New Puppy Into The Family In Clear Steps, With Easy To Follow Training Deadlines, Dr Ian Dunbar, Who Pioneered Puppy Classes And A Loving Style Of Dog Training In The S, Presents A Structured Yet Playful And Humorous Plan For Raising A Wonderful Dog The Guide Is Based On Six Developmental Deadlines Completing Owner Education And Preparation Assessing A Puppy S Prior Socialization And Education Teaching Errorless House Training And Chew Toy Training Completing A Socialization Program Of Meeting Strange Dogs And People Learning Bite Inhibition A Continuing Program Of Ongoing Training In The First Half Of The Book, Dr Dunbar Focuses On What The Owner Needs To Know To Select A Great Puppy In The Second Half, He Presents The Crucial Lessons The Puppy Must Be Taught During Its Impressionable Early Development Over Time, Dr Dunbar S Kind, Positive Program Has Been Proven The Most Effective PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your Library Section Along With The Audio The print quality on this book is not really great Despite the glossy hardcover appearance, the actual text appears to be printed on newsprint and the photos inside are all grainy and black and white, so anyone hoping for useful illustrations of what to do will be rather disappointed.More importantly, the tone of the book is quite bizarre while you might reasonably assume that someone buying a book about getting a puppy is acting with the best intentions and is interested in their puppy s welfare, Ian Dunbar seems to assume no such thing and from the very beginning spends a lot of time barracking the reader with sarcasm and patronising language at one point he literally uses Duh to make a point.An example of his writing Puppy owners are often surprised when their new puppy bites, barks, chews, digs and decorates the floors with urine and feces Yet this is what dogs do How did you expect your dog to speak To moo To meow And what did you expect your dog to do to pass the time of day Housework To mop and clean floors and dust the furniture Or to amuse herself reading books, watching television, or doing macram There are plenty of other books that have a much positive approach despite this book s title and get straight to the point without drowning you in nonsense like this Avoid this one like the plague. A lot of this seems very unrealistic and whilst I respect the guy, I ended up abandoning almost all of it Just seems wrong to cage dogs in a crate, and teach them to be chew toy addicts Also, not many of us could possibly introduce our puppy to the crazy amount of people it says you must TBH, I had a rescue dog just past the age when everything has to be done by he freaks you out by saying the clock is ticking but guess what Just with trial and error a year on I have a dog who only once or twice made a house training error, is extremely sociable and well behaved, can be left without a problem and is probably the most adored member of my family So go by the book if you want, but I didn t and everything is good so don t let the author panic you This book repeats things endlessly and is super negative Make one mistake and your puppy is ruined for life It felt as though it was trying to put people off having a dog and that there s no way you ll ever succeed, doom and gloom and a ruined dog which will end up in rescue If you re a first time owner I d advice you get a different book, this will depress you.