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THE BEST SELLING SCI FI THRILLER THAT BLENDS HEALTHY LIVING AND LOTS OF DYING A Big Fat Five Stars This Is A Horror Story It S A Visceral Portrait Of Addiction And The Hope Of Redemption In A World Turned Mad By Hate And Fear The Worst Thing Is That It Is True A Must Read Jane Almond Deville, The British Obesity Society Ben Stone Is Terrified He S Terrified Because He Weighs Pounds And Needs His Right Leg Amputating He S Terrified Because A Crane Will Shortly Lift Him From His Fourth Floor Flat And Lower Him Feet To An Ambulance Waiting Below He S Terrified Because He Hasn T Been Outside In Nine Years And He Doesn T Know Who Will Look After His Beautiful DogHe Needn T Worry Though, Because The World Is About To End This Book Is Almost Too Well Written, I Had To Stop Reading To Wince At Some Of The Gory Bits I Cried In Parts And Found Myself Just Wanting MORE Emma Jones I Love This Book It S Like Shaun Of The Dead With A Weight Loss Twist Yo As Good A Debut Novel As The Wasp Factory A Really Stunning Book And As Horrible As Iain Banks Debut Novel Jeremy Smith Before And After Is A Must Read For Anyone Who Loves Intelligent Post Apocalyptic Science Fiction With A Twist End Of The World Running Club Adrian J Walker Wool Hugh Howey Station Eleven Emily St John Mandel World War Z Max Brooks A Boy And His Dog At The End Of The World CA Fletcher Gore, humour, suspense, heart just such an enjoyable read So many twists and turns that I didn t see coming, and a main character that I absolutely adored I never thought my love of zombie apocalypse novels and Supersize vs Superskinny could ever be combined so successfully, but here we are. Worth readingInteresting scenario and circumstances that I could never have imagined Likeable and well rounded characters and a dog as well..good reading. Absolutely brilliant I bought this book after a few disappointing library hauls and read it in one day I loved the characters, the dark humour and this is now one of my favourite books The story is not only indulgently funny but also pulls at your heart strings in some points The book was fantastic all the way to the end and I m not ashamed to say I leaked a few bittersweet tears. A great read Hard to put down Empathy, humour, fear and sheer jaw dropping shocking description make this just brill. Darkly humorous and with very graphic detail, this book was such a great read A hugely overweight man and his dog and the end of the world quite a combination Fabulous book, I couldn t put it down, highly recommended. Warning contains dark humour, nutty behaviour, and a big guy with a huge heart Ben Stone is a gloriously interesting character Not because a vegan with type 2 diabetes is an unusual choice of protagonist, or even that most of his story is set in a fourth floor council flat, but for an utterly brilliant performance on this quirky apocalyptic stage.The challenges facing someone of Ben s extreme size pose countless opportunities for life or death to thrive in this open season of viral hostility Yet he launches a volley of unexpected surprises from beginning to end and addresses this new reality with candid observations and practical solutions ranging from hilarious to inspiring.Only someone with Ben s extensive personal experience of the world can survive the end of it by continuing to shut it out Well, that, and maybe a little help from a dog with no bark, some innovative Lego use, the Princess Leah Buns, his mother s Ghandi esque wisdom, and a packet of limited edition Bourbon biscuits.Priceless scenes include those involving the priest especially the communion wafer , Pinata Karl and his many, many obscenities and 100% anything featuring Brown the dog Although a short, yet deeply poignant, epitaph provided a beautiful flourish to an already perfectly composed book Wee bit incredulous that drones can transmit images wirelessly considering every other service is down, but still a cracking read This may not be the best expression for a book about a morbidly obese man on the point of death, but I totally devoured it Many highlights but I really enjoyed view spoiler the 127 Hours style amputation scene, which had me squirming and wincing I had an infected finger at the time and could have done with some of protagonist Ben s resolve No motivator like an apocalypse I guess hide spoiler I loved this book I am no stranger to end of the world stories, but Before and After is different as it frames it in a way that you have probably never thought about what if you re too big to leave the house and the world ends around you, leaving you alive and having to figure out WTF happened, as well as how to carry on It s a fascinating and fun story with a whole load of heartwarming details along the way This book is written almost TOO well I had to stop reading to wince at some of the gory bits, I cried in parts and found myself just wanting MORE when it ended The characters are the kind that stay with you and you just want to read about their lives, which I m hoping will happen at some point After andAfter An excellent debut fiction novel disclaimer I was given a pre release copy to read This is a seriously good read It s fun, joyful, tearful, insightful, and original.My synopsis of the book is Ben Stone is a morbidly obese man over 600lbs On the day he is about to leave his flat for the first time in over 10 years to have his leg amputated, the world ends Left alone but for his pet dog, Brown, in a flat without a wall, strapped to a sled, Ben must learn to survive I laughed and cried a few times It s a lovingly written story of personal gains and losses, both physical and otherwise The isolation that many face when their lives are affected by obesity or other health problems that are beyond the expected norms of society, and the amazing resolve people can have when life is all but kind, are illustrated with reverence, even though irreverence towards society and other things is well used throughout Above all, this is a book about the value of hope and the power of love I hope you love it as much as I.