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In This Book, Along With A Collection Of The Best And Simplest Recipes Of Tasty Food And Drinks, We Also Pay Attention To Methods Of Presentation It S Easy To Impress Your Guests And Family Members Best Recipes From Eastern Europe Is Not Only A Guide About How To Cook, But Also About How To Decorate Dishes In Beautiful And Unique Ways Let S Make Our Breakfasts Or Dinners Look Classy, Lovely, Unusual Or Funny It Will Add Bright Feelings Of Joy And Amazement To Our Being Big Happiness Consists Of Small Pleasant Things Like These THE EDIBLE EXCELLENCE SERIESINCLUDES THE FOLLOWING BOOKS Dieting Tips SLIM AND HEALTHY YOU What You Eat Is What You AreWEIGHT LOSS MAGIC SOUPS CELEBRITY DIET SECRETSFIVE MINUTES COOKING Tasty And Healthy Meals PALEOLICIOUS EATS Easy Ideas For The Paleo DietCuisines Of The World BEST RECIPES FROM EASTERN EUROPE Dainty Dishes, Delicious DrinksTRADITIONAL ASIAN DISHESAFRICAN CUISINE

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    This is a wonderful book a real appetizer Nice photos with charming decorations are making you really hungry I m self a cook and learned a lot about better and healthy cooking I can recommend this impressive book

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    This book is a large collection of interesting recipes, many of them are exotic and unusual I am sure the author put her heart into creating this guide Amazing photography, illustrations are making you hungry Most dishes are very easy to cook, and truly tasty My favorites are fish cutlets, salty corn, shaslik, ragout with meat and eggplant caviar My children s favorites are some of hot soups and fruity kissel desserts.Quote

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    A great cookbook with so many wonderful recipes The pictures are fabulous The recipes have easy to follow directions and so tasty.

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    Sahara Sanders book presents a wide range of surprising and unusual recipes drawn from the eastern European tradition These are not restaurant foods either, but homestyle recipes I say this because I have not seen these foods on restaurant menus during my visits to Eastern Europe, although that could perhaps be because I went to different countries than Sahara draws upon The recipes are not laid out in a traditional cookbook style, with a list of ingredients each on a separate line, but instead are written in conversational paragraphs Except for some salads, the food is overall very heavy this is not a book of diet recipes, but that doesn t bother me at all, since cooking a new recipe is a special occasion thing for me anyway.Sahara clearly excels at food styling, for she supplies a very large number of brightly colored images of the recipes arranged decoratively I ve rarely seen a cookbook with so many color photos of the same dishes in completely different presentations This is sure to be a hit for those who eat with their eyes.I am only partway through the book but have already seen a number of recipes I would like to try at home Some ingredients will take effort to get hold of, but most of the recipes can be well supplied simply from the grocery store.

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    Many great recipes Eastern Europe food is very delicious This book will provide many new and tasty recipes for our and your family meals.

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    I found lots of fabulous recipes of tasty dishes and drinks, in this very unusual and authentic cookbook Highly recommended

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    This is a beautiful book The food presentations are amazing almost too beautiful to eat I love experimenting with the cuisine of other cultures There are a few recipes I would like to try.