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See A Baby Beaver Help Build A Dam, Watch Baby Chicks Learn How To Scratch For Food, And Catch Baby Walruses Basking On An Iceberg In The Sun Including Every Kind Of Animal, From Birds And Insects To Mammals And Reptiles, Big Babies, Little Babies Delivers A Huge Amount Of Information In A Storybook Like Style Small but very very sweet book from DK Publishing and this is a quality label I love such modern educational books a lot, and I believe that these encyclopedic editions are great both for kids to learn about the world and for English learners of every age to learn English through interesting information They are an excellent resource of short and simple but not too simplified textoids, where you can read easily and memorize new vocabulary in the context without effort And this vocabulary surely will be useful and up to date which is often not the case with many classical fiction books recommended for reading Big Babies, Little Babies is intended for young kids preschoolers, primary school students , but I enjoyed it a lot and actually learned some facts about animals I had now idea about before For exampleCheetah moms have to protect their babies from hungry lions and hyenas But once the kittens are about five months old, they can run faster than all their enemies An ostrich chick grows inside its egg for about 45 days While it s there, it calls out so its parents, who will know its sound Flamingos often balance on one long leg, and they even sleep like this Experts think they do this so they don t get too cold when they stand around in water Sea otters are furry mammals that live in the water They like to float on their backs in shallow seas, and they even sleep like this Sometimes they wrap themselves in seaweed so they don t drift away Great gray owls live in forests They don t build nests they move into nests that other birds don t use any longer When they first hatch, all clown fish are male Later on, some of them turn into females so they can lay eggs The book is also funny and visually amusing You are smiling at every page.I also liked that they show not only the animals commonly recognized as cute but a wide array of different animals, many of which do not look especially appealing, but there is always something very interesting and cool about them, too This informational book features information about different species of baby animals It includes photographs, small information insets and at least one paragraph of information in a larger text about each animal It also includes an index, a table of contents and a glossary It would be appropriate to share with children between six and eight years old Older children may also enjoy reading the book independently It may be a good starting place for a research project about a given animal. Wonderful introduction to nonfiction for young readers Although, hopefully they will have seen nonfiction books before they can read them on their own, of course DK upholds its wonderful production quality with photographs and interesting facts Can t wait to buy this for all the neices and nephews starting school.