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In the Victorian ages of London The Earl of the Phantomhive house Ciel Phantomhive needs to get his revenge on those who had humiliated him and destroyed what he loved Not being able to do it alone he sells his soul to a demon he names Sebastian Michaelis Now working as his butler Sebastian must help the Earl Phantomhive in this suspenseful exciting thriller manga

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    I watched Kuroshitsuji first that's why I'm so late in reading it I liked it so much that's why I picked this out even though I finished both seasons I thought the series was overHow wrong I wasApparently the anime industry has once again decided to end a series before the manga counterpart ended I suppose I could understand WHY they'd do that but they should have stopped at a point where they could pick off again once the manga is far enough Like Naruto And Kuroshitsuji is surely popular enough that fans are willing to wait Cheez But enough of thatKurshitsuji introduces the young Earl Phantomhive Ciel who inherited his title and his job as the ueen's dog from his deceased father Forced to grow up faster than he has to he juggles many responsibilities as the head of a house and the prefect of the underworld Thankfully he has his amazing butler Sebastian by his side Sebastian can do and WILL do everything Ciel tells him From cleaning up spectacular messes to performing superhuman feats this butler is perfect in almost every way Too perfect Apparently Sebastian is a demon Ciel made a contract with He will stand by Ciel's side until Ciel finds the people behind his torture and his parents' deaths and exact revenge And then eat Ciel's soul of courseI LOVE Kuroshitsuji Not only is it set in the Victorian era yep Ciel is ueen Victoria's dog it has a uniue plot and such a loveable set of characters I URGE you to read this awesome manga

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    It was readable and nicely drawn and that's pretty much all the nice things I have to say about Black Butler Here are all the not so nice things insteadFirstly the content itself was shabby The overarching plot seems to be that Ciel wants revenge for the death of his parents and for help with this he has sold his soul to the demon Sebastian This seems to be forgotten almost instantly as all we see Ciel actually do is bicker with his demon servant bully people and get kidnapped And as if to overcompensate Sebastian is the perfect Mary Sue attractive unflappable invincible and deadly single handedly resolving all conflict The clothing is detailed and consistent but anachronisms are rife and at times even the setting is forgotten as aspects of Japanese culture unheard of in Victorian England make their way inSecondly I tired very uickly of the characters Ciel is a brat no two ways about it I know his parents are dead so it's understandable that he's not the most loving of people but literally all he does is lash out There is no emotional vulnerability and very little dwelling on his actual parents Instead we assume he must be dwelling on his parents because he sold his soul to avenge them which would be fine except for the fact that he doesn't really seem to be getting on with itSebastian as mentioned above is perfect Enough said The other four household staff are at best two dimensional I'll refer to them as the maid cook and gardener since spelling varies and at worst entirely flat Tanaka is permanently an anachronically green tea drinking chibi and what is his job anyway? They are completely incompetent and serve only as an excuse for Sebastian to show off how impossibly capable he is whilst patronising them and gaining their undying respect because that's how people feel when they're patronised I understand that later they show their worth as guards of the Phantomhive mansion but if this is the case why do they even bother attempting other jobs when all the effect they have is counterproductive? Ciel doesn't strike me as the type to put up with wasting money just because it keeps his staff happyThirdly I have no interest in fanservice and so do not enjoy wasting my time flipping through pages and pages of Sebastial hitting on Ciel There are sexual undertones between the ageless demon and the twelve year old child and nobody seems to find this disturbing Sebastian on his own is bad enough We get it he's tall hot dangerous and damn does he take his gloves off in a pointless way He has a pointed tongue sexy? and does a lot of acrobatics and strange things with cultery And that's when he's not rescuing his poor vulnerable master from being tied up with belts and beaten up by big burly men This isn't even the volume with the paedophile Or rather with one of the paedophilesI'm going to stop now I'm going to stop and I'm going to put down the book And then I'm going to do what I should have done in the first place and read something else

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    I am strangely obsessed with the name Sebastian No one in my fimily would be surprised if one day I decided to adopt a kid just so I can name him Sebastian Maybe I should go for a cat or something smaller first What's wrong with me?

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    Okay first no surprise Sebastian the Black Butler is a sexy sexy bitch So I was looking forward to reading this seriesIt's pretty interesting Mysterious with beautiful illustrations The clothing the people they're all good looking and well dressed And Sebastian is a stud Nearly every picture of him made me swoon p I'm excited to see what other secrets will be revealed as the series goes on soooooo sexy

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    What can I say about this first volume in the Black Butler series? I absolutely LOVED it It manages to be cute suspenseful funny and chilling all the way through Ciel is intriguingly deep for a child and Sebastian is both wonderfully complex and extraordinarily simple in the end and one hell of a butler Finny Meirin and Bard are great as comic relief but surprisingly they also serve to offset the scenes in which Sebastian is slaughtering the criminals making the bloodshed both borderline comical with a slight edge of hysteria I thought and also disturbing next to the relatively innocent misadventures and shenanigans of the trio But my very favorite part was the last couple frames of the manga in which Sebastian turns to exit but then pauses turns to make eye contact with the reader and raises his finger to his lips in the 'shhh' gesture It was hair raising because Sebastian is so perfect at everything he does when you're drawn into the story its easy to let yourself believe that he knows you've been watching I have many favorite manga series but can honestly say that I was drawn into this one any other I've read It was really great I am so excited to read the next volume

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    The anime is fabulousI need to read the manga

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    Sebas chan Just recently I watched all of the Black Butler anime series and upon finishing the show I knew I had to read the manga It ended up being perfect timing since I am participating in a genre challenge through my local library This week is the last week of the challenge and the theme was choose your own genre What better genre challenge for me than a manga? I've never read one before and previously I was put off by the fact that you have to read a manga from right to left I mean seriously what? How confusing I'm glad I watched all of the show first because that really helped me to try harder to understand how to read the manga Luckily I was able to adjust to the reading style uickly than I thought I would and now I'm confident about reading mangas Hooray To anyone out there who is put off by having to read a manga from right to left like I was it's not so bad Try it I'm so glad I gave it a shotIn this first volume of Black Butler we meet Earl Ciel Phantomhive who is 12 years old and he is the last remaining member of his family Being the only Phantomhive family member left Ciel is already the head of his household as well as a toycandy making company that he inherited We are also introduced to Sebastian Michaelis a demon that Ciel has entered into a contract with and who acts as his butler There isn't a whole lot of information on how the contract came to be in this volume but I do know from the show that we get information later All of Ciel's other household servants are an entertaining group especially with all their mishaps Ho ho ho This is an exciting mysterious and hilarious story set in Victorian London with lots of paranormal fun thrown in Here are a few things I like best about Black Butler1 It's set in Victorian London Oh how I love this era It's so perfect for a darker setting too 2 Demons Paranormal things I just love all that 3 This may be THE most perfect Gothic thing ever 4 I love stories where a character has a tragic back story 5 HUMOR How a story can be so dark and so comedic at the same time is a mystery to me but I love it 6 Uniueness Let's face it in the world of paranormal books movies shows etc anything different is a diamond in the rough Black Butler certainly has that uniuenessOkay so some of those may not be specifically about THIS volume but about the manga seriesanime altogether I've also read the second book in the series already I was going to review that separately but I decided not to Pretty much that one adds in the Jack the Ripper case along with the introduction of Madam Red Grell and the Undertaker Grell and the Undertaker are definitely two of my favorite characters so if you liked this one then you definitely need to read that one Black Butler Volume 2 was just as good if not better than the first volume Black Butler is perfection for fans of the paranormal horror demons historical fiction about Victorian London dark stories and gothic reads I can't wait to read of the books in the series

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    Bite me but I do have a maaaaaaaajor crush on Sebastian Oh wait he's a demon? But he can cook and he fights with silverware Can we just forget that he isermmma demon? I always wondering wouldn't it be better if Ciel is not a boy but is a 18 years old girl That would save me some sanity Honestly somehow by watching this series being a gay pedophile doesn't seem like a distant ideaAnyway back to the series I can hardly believe my luck stumbled across this manga 19th century London setting? Check Epic wardrobe collection? Check Paranormal twist? Check Flawed revengeful yet cute Ciel? Check In short it's hard not to be a fangirl when you constantly having nosebleed throughout the series Beware of Grell Sutcliff even he certainly not going to cause you a nosebleed you'll adore himor her? NevermindAnd I started drinking the exotic Earl Grey tea because of the series Now it's my favorite flavour

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    Wow I think I have a crush on the Black Butler how did that happen? He's not realThis was weird and uirky and took awhile to get into but I liked itIt's about well a butler A larger than life kick ass butler who surely can't be human can he? He fought off gun toting Italian gangsters with forks and table knives while hanging from the chandelier His young master is the head of the Phantomhive family and it takes place in an alternate Victorian England that seems to be mixing up the timeline a little bitThe rest of the staff provides the comic relief but that was the only thing I found a bit distractingDefinitely reading on in this series

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    Black Butler 黒執事 Kuroshitsuji? is a manga written and illustrated by Yana Toboso Since its debut on September 16 2006 it has been serialized in Suare Enix's shōnen manga magazine Monthly GFantasy The series follows Sebastian Michaelis a demonic butler who is obligated to serve Ciel Phantomhive the twelve year old head of the Phantomhive noble family due to a contract he made with Ciel It was announced in July 2008 that an anime adaption directed by Shinohara Toshiya and produced by A 1 Pictures was expected It premiered in October 2008 and has since ended with 24 episodes However at the Sono Shitsuji Shūshō Saigo no Bansan o Anata to Tomo ni 黒執事『その執事、終章 ~最後の晩餐を貴方と共に~? That Butler Last Chapter a last supper with you event on June 14 2009 it was announced that the anime will be returning for a second series Seiyū Junichi Suwabe confirmed this news on his official blog later that day The series has been licensed for an English release by Yen Press and will be published in Yen Plus' August 2009 issue for the magazine's first anniversaryContentshide