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I can t finish it My tolerance for YA PNR is very low, but I was looking forward to reading Blood Magic after seeing some really favorable early reviews of it Can you blame for hoping this book will be another Unearthly The novel starts with Silla performing blood magic for the very first time at the cemetery where her parents are buried Her mother and father recently died in a horrendous murder suicide and an enigmatic friend sent Silla her father s notebook of spells which each requires the use of blood A new neighborhood guy, Nicholas, sees Silla cutting her finger and reviving a dead leaf and is intrigued by her They quickly get acquainted and fall for each other What happens next, I do not know, I stopped reading at page 50.The first turnoff for me was the fact that the novel is written from 2 POVs Silla s and Nicholas s Just like other PNR offerings with the same structure Personal Demons and Shiver Blood Magic makes the same mistakes the POVs are indistinguishable and overlap each other creating a lot of redundancy As you can guess, because POVs are so similar, Nicholas never sounds like a guy, describes hair a lot, writes poetry And then the romance One word instalove thank you, Vinaya I am sorry, I just can t take another YA romance where main characters make each other feel like they are about to burst out of their skins after 2 conversations and 30 pages.I am sure Blood Magic will appeal to readers forgiving of the cliches and enad with the PNR formula I might have been forgiving too if the book didn t bore me so much with tender gazes and quiet angst. It Starts Off Simply Draw A Circle Place A Dead Leaf In The Center Sprinkle Some Salt Recite A Little Latin Add A Drop Of BloodMaybe That Last Part Isn T Exactly Simple Yet Somehow It Feels Right To Silla Kennicott And Nothing In Her Life Has Felt Remotely Right Since Her Parents Horrific Deaths She S Willing To Do Anything To Uncover The Truth About Her Family Even Try A Few Spells From The Mysterious Book That Arrived On Her Doorstep And Spill Some BloodThe Book Isn T The Only Recent Arrival In Silla S Life There S Nick Pardee, The New Guy Next Door Who May Have Seen Silla Casting A Spell She S Not Sure What He Saw And Is Afraid To Find Out But As They Spend Time Together, Silla Realizes This May Not Be Nick S First Encounter With Blood Magic Brought Together By A Combination Of Fate And Chemistry, Silla And Nick Can T Deny Their Attraction And They Can T Ignore The Dark Presence Lurking Nearby Waiting To Reclaim The Book And All Its Power I LOVE this much, in fact, that I can t possibly write a review without sounding like a 12 year old girl gushing about Justin Bieber You deserve better than that, so I ll simply bullet the things I liked best about Ms Gratton s writing style, and Blood Magic specifically Ms Gratton weaves this compelling enchantment by letting the characters have their own voices Sometimes Silla is telling the story, sometimes it is Reese, or Nicholas and sometimes, we are shown excerpts from a very old journal.o The font used for the journal entries is a beautiful script, lending authenticity to the tale Characters are aptly named We are given hints as to who the old souls are, as they have older names, such as Drusilla Silla , Josephine, and Philip The cold, always immaculate stepmother Lilith, of course Nicholas is listening to NARKOTIKA Who doesn t love Cole St Clair Ms Gratton teases all senses as she describes the metallic scent of blood, roughness of headstones beneath your hands, the different colors during sunrise and sunset, even going so far as to note that Nicholas notices the air here is much different from Chicago The deep, dull ache of a cut The sweet taste of a first kiss The book has everything crushes, family, fear and mystery Wow, what a mystery This reader was tricked several times, as I smugly figured it out , only to be disproven in later chapters Ms Gratton is a bold author She is not afraid to lure her readers into becoming enad with a character, then ripping our little hearts out when she kills said character As a matter of fact, I believe that this amuses and delights her While Blood Magic falls in the Young Adult genre, Not so Young Adult readers me will devour it On the other hand, I had no qualms about purchasing a second copy for my 14 year old niece That s just good writing.I can t wait to read Crow Memory and The Blood Keeper Don t worry, I ll tell you all about it. It s just a little over four hundred pages and, honestly, there may have been one chapter or fifteen too many From the get, the first thing that came to mind was that I d read it before a girl with a tragic past meets hot boy who doesn t get along with his stepmother Then there s the alternating points of view between Silla and Nick as well as glimpses into someone s past It was a chore Normally, switching POVs is something I enjoy What s not to love when you get the same story told by different people The problem is, had the story been told by just one of them, it could have been tight and I might not have been as bored as I was maybe And they love each other desperately, passionately oh, I don t know, having known each other after, what two seconds That s not the biggest thing though, what annoyed me the most, what had me cringing was his term of endearment for herBabeI mean really she isn t a pig And he s a jerk What makes this different Blood and there s lots of it But beyond that there really isn t anything new in this one The first part was boring they meet, they like, they hook up, but he has a secret that she finds out they fight But why the secret to begin with Eh The middle was a tad better than the first, my attention was kept off and on by them trying to figure out who was who and what said who was up to The ending abrupt.It had good parts and boring parts but I seem to be recalling stretches of the latter wipes away the tears brought on by incessant yawning Pros It didn t have a love triangle Parents weren t completely absent Siblings weren t annoyingly complicating things Other kids weren t shown under a bad light to make the main characters look better Not as much angst as there could have been.Cons Boring Instalove Did I say boring Dual POV that didn t work Both Nicholas and Silla acted like two girls in love.So, yeah I didn t even hate it enough to give it one star Just meh. 4.5 starsBlood Magic isn t like any of the hocus pocus books I ve read before This one had a very unique flavor racing throughout the book Tessa Gratton writing is cunningly crafted in a way that makes this book standout in a mysterious lushish way.The atmosphere has a life of it s very own Thick, rich and intoxicating, while these characters have the most intriguing energy.There is a lot of blood in this book It s frequently talked about, thought about and basically dripped out of these pages It tended to get a little uncomfortable while reading, so needless to say it wasn t something I could read in one sitting But despite the ick factor, I couldn t get the story out of my head Silla is a disturbed character Desperate for answers about what happened to her parents, she becomes very addicted to the blood magic coursing through her veins and eventually it tended to get weary and engrossing at the same time Nick on the other hand, I really enjoyed He s such a guy, but I thought he was a perfect match for Silla It wasn t an instant romance in the beginning They meet and are attracted to one another which I found normal The only scene that felt off is when they first kissed It was very abrupt, wild and almost animalistic, I m guessing it was meant to be sexy, but it had the opposite effect on me considering it was to soon for that kind of heat The rest of there time together was believable, sweet little kisses here and there and then later a few hot and heavy scenes but in an inappropriate setting, which for some reason I didn t mind I thought they had good chemistry and I thought it was pretty cool how there past was linked.But what I enjoyed the most about this story was I couldn t always predict it I guessed one of the characters true identity, but that it I was pretty shocked once the pieces started to come together about Silla s dad.I also loved the journal entries and how it tied into the storyline All in all, I actually enjoyed this book then I thought I would It has it s flaws, sure, but I really loved the concept It s dark and eerie and wonderfully creepy The characters have a warped morbid curiosity kicking and I enjoyed how different the overall feel of this book reads.I was going to give this book a three star, but when push comes to shove, it made a real impression on me, and so merits a four.Blood Magic is a promising start and a fantastic debut I m really looking forward to seeing from this world Thanks Crystal for sharing your copy Your the best I absolutely adored this book It completely drew me in from the very start and I just could not put it down Cemeteries, blood magic and bodies being possessed were the recipe for an absolutely freaking fantastic story I can t believe this has been sitting on my shelf for so long and I ve been missing out on its greatness Seriously, I couldn t have loved this book It was deliciously creepy and strange and I m absolutely dying to get started on the second book I m warning you, it s long When I picked this book up, the plot reminded me of Gillian Shields Immortal , which I liked I d probably lower the rating if I read it again, because back then I was a very lenient reader.Now on to Blood Magic There are choppy sentences, unneeded and unwanted details, and it s repetitive I think Tessa the author hates the word that, or doesn t know its use Tessa likes to compare things to stone Why is this book so long and slow Nick and Silla s first kiss bothered me it was too much, and their feelings didn t match it I declare this relationship as lust at first sight Stop kissing and build the relationship up so it s believable I shake my head at these horny and angsty teens Please don t summarize a scene we had to endure through it was bad enough the first go round Good idea go bleed animals to death in the name of witchcraft I hope this girl hits a major artery next time she cuts herself Sure, brothers just love to hear about their sister s making out and lusting over someone Ugh Can Tessa buy or use a thesaurus instead of constantly using the Lord s name in vain It makes the characters sound like white trash It s kind of funny that this book mentions Harry Potter, because I d rather be reading that this very instant than this garbage I feel bad comparing this mess to Immortal Why are we constantly being told when the characters have to use the powder room and gentleman s room Somethings are understood, unless you say it isn t done it s like a Sookie Stackhouse novel without suspense, thrill or the characters well it s artificial, and Silla needs to grow a backbone, and Nick needs to grow a pair , or a bloody it is called Blood Magic not Bloodletters plot A snotty remark about the unhealthy thinness of model she said Vogue in particular is hypocritical if you are close to looking like them you re point has contradicted itself, silly Tessa If Silla being a witch in a play was supposed to be cleverly ironic, you failed miserably, Tessa This book doesn t deserve to allude to Shakespeare Will they please suck it up I m not accepting the evil stepmother and recently dead parents as an excuse for all this teenage angst You just had to pick a script that was hard to read Why are there sixty four chapters If you can t tell the story within thirty, you need to cut a lot of crap out No wonder none of the heroes have bad luck they re doing the Devil s magic That s what Josephine said the Deacon who s supposed to be a demon said Zombie birds, really Sure, let the blood bitch know you have her diary what s the worse thing that could happen How are they going to get a sample of Josephine if she s in Eric s body don t they need to banish her and find her real body to bind her The whole rhyming spells aka bad poetry thing is silly Why do you have them fighting Reese s corpse Was that the best that you could of What about instead of burning the forest down, you just set Josephine s body on fire after you bid her Why aren t they charged for arson and question for having blood all over them I m confused what happened to the spell book diary Did Josephine get it Did it burn Who has it This book has chapters than Harry potter books smh and roll my eyes The plot is laughable and the character development is poor I could go on and on, but I ll shorten this for you This book is the perfect example of everything not to do Why didn t you make up some spells and stay consistent with them, instead of having many of them just needing blood That s sloppy and lazy writing This book had potential, and had the idea been executed by an author who can actually right, it would have been magnificent This book was a waste of some may different things like trees, ink, money, and time Did Nick burn his house down too or was Silla describing the forest Way to go Silla and Nick this is why idiots shouldn t play with or handle fire it s partly Eric s fault too for giving Silla the fire So they re both conveniently moving to Chicago Get real Tessa I m guessing from the repeated obnoxiously obvious lectures against immortality that Tessa is strongly against it This book has one of the worst endings I ve ever read.Nick He seems like a creepy, boring, birdbrain, wannabe asshole freak, who, by his own words, isn t smooth with the ladies Geez, I wonder why He s kind of a loser, not a shy guy or a loner, a loser I hate his reaction to things, and he describes things in a awkwardly weird way That was just my opinion of him after reading chapter three I m sure his mother s POV is much fascinating If i had a son as boring as him, I d pretend he didn t exist too maybe that was too harsh, but you get my point like father like son When he first saw Silla he was like OMG, she s hot He said that he thought her name was pretty excuse me while i gag What s his hair and eye color Dreaming about being trapped in a dog s body Of all the things in the world he could dream about, why that That s exactly why he can t get laid Why is he talking about fashion sense Writing a dirty haiku Why is he calling himself a asshole I finally know what he looks like Even if i wasn t Christian, i would still think the misuse of the Messiah s name is annoying and unnecessary I ve heard goddamn a lot, but not Christ Please stop making him agree with everything she says Stop saying, You bet So he s addicted to whiskey or obsessed with it Stepmother drama is boring unless she isn t boring Stop tasting her makeup The fruity flavors a are artificial, you know Nick has a foul mouth where s the Orbit gum lady when you need her No one but you cares about your dad s sex life I would say complain to your dad, but he d put you in your place before you got a peep out Why is he dressed up for a house party Color me shocked ugh So now the cemetery is evil what s next, the gas station and elementary school Silla tastes like blood and wine, eww Quit calling her babe he is such a creep You want to chew on her lip, really Finally Tessa realizes that the boy is creepy Goodness, this boy is a teenage hormone bomb she can t even touch him Pg 240, this is why many teenage pregnancies start in cars You two were about to get it on in her the driveway, how classy where did her step grandma get the idea that you were a gentleman from I get it you re dad s perfect and boring just like you , so stop rewording the same descriptions You need Dr Phil the psychiatrist So now he s starting fights what a loser I bet the real reason he punched Scott Jobson is because he s cooler, and is actually masculine Apparently he knows palmistry I get a feeling that Tessa is saying Okay teens and tweens, you can be cutters aka emos please do not encourage people, especially the youth, to harm themselves You re father has horrible taste in women like father like son You re a bigger idiot that i thought When someone is dead in their grave, they can t drink beer, duh He s wasting stuff like he bought it you re such a drama queen If only you were being flushed down a toilet It s called an IV and apparently Tessa was to lazy to look up the name for it Why is he always dressed like a old time gentleman Tessa keep your own love fantasies out of the story.Silla Thank goodness Tessa shortened the name Drusilla, because I hate that name There s hopefully some hope for her She thinks too much Does she always carry a pocketknife, or was it just for the spell book She wasn t clear about something and i still didn t get them after doing three double takes What color are her eyes and hair What teenager cooks and cleans to keep busy It sounds like future housewife prep Why is she trying to convince her brother Does it really matter if he believes in it or not Nick is forgettable no, seriously, please forget him There was got to be interesting guys at that school Sure, accept a ride from a boy who you barely know what s the worse thing that could happen Why do you want to touch him He s not even cute from your description Duh, if you lick your lips they re either dry, you re getting rid of crumbs, or you re trying to be sexy Do not suddenly shove your tongue in someone s mouth they ll either think you re easy, take offense, or both So her eyes are grey what color is her hair It worries me that she s comparing her love interest to the devil it s not a good sign He s not really something, he s really boring No one cares about what you bought at the mall clothes most likely Why is she turned on by a guy throwing himself at her If you knew the definition of gangly, you wouldn t have added tall readers don t need a bad analogy to understand what gangly means I know your parents are disappointed in having you for a daughter if I have a daughter like her, I d be contemplating suicide too Sorry but not sorry Stop licking your lips and get some chap stick You barely know the boy and yet you let him in your empty house if this was real life, she d regret that decision At this rate, they re going to be in bed before suppertime like father like son Please don t tell yourself that lie your mom would have told you that you could have found better He s just as boring as you no wonder you two get along so well If the reader doesn t care about Nick, why would your late parents Metaphors and similes should only be used by pros and people who know how to properly use them Bloody headstone and being chased por watched by an unseen forced truly the epitome of horror, not Eww, who wants wine with someone s blood in it Stop chewing your lips or you ll get chapped lips on second though, please do, and I won t have to suffer through any painful kissing scenes Which mask means what, because I ve lost track of them I wish Josephine had pressed the letter opener to Silla s neck, and made a deep cut Could you not think of something scarier than a letter in her locker I m pretty sure Tessa got her grief training in online unaccredited class and that s why Ms Tripp sound like she does Stupid Silla You are paranoid just because someone doesn t answer their phone, doesn t mean they re dead or in mortal danger No, Melissa isn t a bitch Nick and you are Good job at proving that you aren t a headcase, not That s the wrong kind of strong That was so obvious that think I m going to puke If you feel like you have to baby your readers then you re aware that you re not gifted with words Apparently, she doesn t like it when birds sing I think if nature has to tolerate her singing, she should return the favor You would sacrifice your future over puppy dog love and a worthless boy, and move to his hometown Ugh So you won t fight your possessed brother to save yourself are you kidding me You re positively weak Why do you keep on puking are you pregnant Are you seriously drinking Pepto Bismol I know it taste good, but so do many other none drugs, and if you have to keep on drinking it, clearly you need something stronger Yeah, let s all get drunk off of the pink stuff, not After the funeral was boring that the actual thing Please don t use a word to describe something and then define the word what is wrong with you Sure make out and get freaky in a graveyard I mean dead bodies turn everyone on Idiot, you don t bury your only defense in your brother s coffin We know which button sends the messages on a cell phone, Tessa Please stop whining Why are you talking about the sky when you re tied up Where and did you get the scissors to free yourself She has masks in her room, so when she was talking about wearing masks, was she literally wearing a mask Why would Judy move you to Chicago after you killed the villain If you stayed in that house after you found your parents dead, why would you move just because of dead Josephine Is the Deacon going to come after you now or something You just keep on getting dumber each page Why is she obsessed with hair gel yuck How come she wants to bring Reese back, but says nothing about her parents Josephine I m guessing that she is going to be the villain, if that s not too presumptuous And so, against my Will, this is the tale of how I came to meet Mr Philip Osborn the beast Why is will capitalized Her influenza reminds me of the fever Sebastian Immortal kept on getting also the journals put me in mind of Lady Agnes, and she worked in a sewing shop in here it s a mill Maybe I m being unfair with the comparisons, but i can only stomach so much deja vu I wanted a similar story that was still original I don t see the point of her POV yet The little girl shaking in the bed next to me was certain we were Doomed, the gutless creature Why is doomed capitalized I m starting to think that this is failed emphasizing Philip s eyes had a thickness to them, and his copper hair and long fingered surgeon s hands Awoke something in me that has never Slept again There are so many things wrong with that sentence I stared at the corner of his mouth as he concentrated, at the way it twitched when he tried to hide the Truth as he listened to the little girl beside me breathe I m just going to let these exerts make a mockery of themselves Philip took me out of St James and to his tall house in Town It smelled of flowers Hopefully everyone knows what soap smells like With an Education, I d never have to go back to the mill, and i would impress him so very much with my wits and skills and prettiness that he would love me above all other things This makes me cringe How could i have known that what he would teach me is ever so much greater than Love This is how i found out about Magic Philip s Library is small and cramped, but the books pile on top of each other until i feel their Weight will bring down the very house around our heads of pictures of the with Dead body Little sprite, tomorrow you will come with me, to assist with my workthe Blood the very next day.Long Ago, but to drain the Illness away.and they would never Know meall Lumpy and Infested gathering the Blood for our midnight secrets at the way the Blood separated No words Capture The Thrill of the Blood Oh but this is Heaven Philip is my announcing angel or am I Morgan and he is the wizard teaching me how to rule the world Basically Josephine has issues, bad grammar, and there are so many exerts This book is too long for me to list them all, but they re all in her POV.Why is it that her diary entries have become entertaining than the actual story Who s Arthur 1961 wasn t the first year in the 60 s, 1960 was I can tell she didn t learn math No wonder Philip abandoned this hopeless nutcase.Tessa, using gay instead of happy or a another symptom proves that you re trying too hard to sound authentic if you want to sound authentic, start from scratch on this disaster.Why is she giving Silla a lesson on magic If she possessed the whole forest, shouldn t she know when Silla frees herself and runs through the forest Why didn t she escape in an animal s body when the forest was burning before they bound her What a pathetic villain Other Reese is clumsier than me Why would you toss your wallet on the table are you trying to get robbed Why does he call Silla, bumblebee His brother sister relationship with Silla seems borderline incest sometimes I keep on thinking that they re going to kiss I think his death was unecessary it added nothing to the plot It just took from it Oh well one less moping young adult What am i saying now she s going to cry over him too Ugh, I am most definitely not wasting my money on the sequel I had to skip over your funeral because it was so badly written Why is he alive he was killed off, and you even showed his funeral I bet Tessa threw that in last minute because she wanted to bore the reader to death with him in the series When he died, he didn t have time to possess the crows, so he s dead dead Why is his spirit watching over them Tessa, when you kill off a character, understand that you can t use him or her any unless under certain circumstances which don t apply here Wendy I m crossing my fingers that she won t disappoint me Why would you want to stare at a guy s hairy legs in a kilt Seriously, who has secret talks in the janitor s closet in school in real life When is the last time Tessa has been in a high school Smh, you re disappointing me Did her parents and her drop the charges she had against Silla and Nick or did Tessa just forget about that They re were witnesses, and of course Nick and Silla are going to say whatever it takes to make themselves look innocent Oh, Sil, Who shortens a nickname Her name is Drusilla, and her nickname is Silla, so is Sil just being a lazy American I m American by the way Gram Judy Can she please act like a guardian A bird attack isn t exciting, it s a wtf moment Maybe you all should carry loaves of bread on you after that If you exorcise one body, she can just possess another and come after all of you, so how would an exorcise make all of you safe Josephine has a body, so she isn t a demon You need some sort of banishing spell of the whole town or a powerful amulet I guess she decided to put a feminist to balance weak Silla and Nick self explanatory She decided to add history in there it s kind of ironic how she s talking about gender equality when Silla s sickeningly close to licking Nick s feet clean and transforming into a 50 s homemaker another failure, Tessa I m sick of hippie fever unless the writer does it justice I know that not every white American in the seventies was a hippies, so stop this trend What the heck is bunko How come she conveniently refilled in Reese s grave before the police go there Can t you tell the difference between a freshly dug grave by an amateur and a professionally done one that s days or weeks old Philip He sounds so boring I knew he was Silla s and what s his name um, Reese s father well in paternal not a biological sense I hope Tessa makes this make sense Why did you have to possess Robert Couldn t you have started over in your real body Ms Tripp Please kill her that is all To be continued for stupidity You never slip up or slip out that you re the villain until all the heroes are dead or off your trail this is why the villains almost always lose can t keep their secret identity You re delightful Stop struggling, darling What kind of villain says something like that Not a scary one or a good one I can t take her seriously.Lilith She s a leech Yes, Tessa, we get that she s a gold digger, and that you want us to pretend that Nick is attractive and charming enough to have a cougar after him Nobody wants you except Silla, Nick Get real So her name isn t Lilith What s her name then All that I m reading is the nickname Nick gave her, and her pen name So it s Mary why didn t Tessa just name her Lilith to begin with Why was she drinking blood, and how come Nick s dad didn t notice it especially when she spilled it, unless Nick s delusional How come she s the best character, and the heroes hate her I m confused is she controlling the crows that are stalking them but not harming them Hello, people I like writing in bold letters because it is fun You know what else is fun Reading book reviews like this one Ah hem Anyway Hello It s almost 1 AM and I feel strangely perky But knowing me, I will probably randomly conk out any minute And for some reason, I always think it will take me such a short amount of time to write a book review even though it always takes me ages But, oh well.I ll start off by saying, I had mixed feelings about this book.The first time I stumbled upon it here on Goodreads, I said to myself, Hey, that book has a pretty cool cover And it sounds decent So I might give it a shot Then I saw a live author chat with Tessa Gratton and a few other authors, and Tessa seemed like a really cool person Plus she s friends with Maggie Stiefvater, so that makes her made of awesome in my book So I said, Yeah I think I ll read this And so, I did Blood Magic follows two teenage main characters Silla and Nick Silla s life sucks because her parents are dead Not long ago, she found the mangled bodies of her parents in their study, and police came to the conclusion that her father killed her mother and then himself But Silla has never believed it, even though her father did seem a bit crazy at times Nick s life also sucks because his mother is also dead, and his father has married a woman he hates What do these two angsty teens have in common besides being angsty Well, Silla s dad and Nick s mom both happened to be into doing magic with blood SHOCKING Nick sees Silla in a graveyard one night because that s where he likes to go on his angsty walks , doing some of this blood magic to bring a leaf back to life Then the two of them also get involved with the school production of Macbeth, and are soon inseparable.What follows is a lot of creeptastic events involving a spell book, a creepy lady who possesses people, a lot of crows, and a lot of well, blood Betcha didn t see that one coming That about sums up the plot I won t go into much detail on that I m tired and I want to sleep, so MEH So, first for the things that bugged me This book was told in three points of view Silla s, Nick s, and the creepy lady who possesses people also known as Josephine Don t get me wrong, I love books with multiple points of view as long as it s pulled off well, which is difficult to do The main problem I had here was that Nick and Silla didn t have very distinct voices I kept forgetting who was talking and having to go back a few pages to figure it out Josephine s perspective was interesting, but it was written in this horrible cursive font that made my head explode.The other major thing that bugged me was Nick and Silla s relationship It just didn t develop much At all The first time he sees her, he comments on how hot she is And before you know it, they re dating Surprise, surprise When the two main characters get together on like page 40 I normally just don t dig that Because then you know that, for the rest of the book, they re going to be staring deeply into each other s eyes, and confessing their feelings, and making out with each other and in most cases, it doesn t work for me Yes, there are exceptions, but this book wasn t one of them I couldn t get myself to believe Nick and Silla were really in love Not only that, but I was turned off by Nick calling Silla babe all the time It was so odd First of all, I don t care much for that term It seems so belittling And even so, I feel like you should date someone for at least a few months before you start calling him her babe not, like, two weeks It struck me as strange, and took away from my liking of their relationship I like it better when the two main characters are bickering the whole book and save the mushy gushy stuff for the very end Also, there was too much sacrificing of cute fuzzy animals for my liking, such as a kitten and a bunny rabbit I know, it s such a minor thing, but the sacrifice of adorable animals doesn t really tickle my fancy Now, for the things I did like.The story was definitely creepy It wasn t over the top horror movie type scary, but it was enough to make me bite my nails at times So if you like a good scary ghost story, you should check this out.I also liked the references to Macbeth Tis my favorite Shakespeare play of the ones I ve read, anyway And it inspired me to write one of my books, so Tessa Gratton and I have that in common And THERE WAS A REFERENCE TO SHIVER IN IT OMG Well, actually of a reference to Linger, but whatevs Nick s favorite band is NARKOTIKA Haha I kinda flipped out Anyway, I thought that was cute My writer friends and I also sometimes give each other s characters cameos in our stories So, it s cool to know that published authors do that as well I think Cassandra Clare and Holly Black do that too And Sarah Dessen s characters make cameos in each other s books But anyway, I m getting off subject now.Over all, this is an okay read It s a creepy story with an interesting concept But for me, the characters weren t strong enough to make me want to continue with the series As a stand alone though, it was still entertaining. Blood Magic is about witches Finally something other than Vampires and Werewolves I liked it, I thought it was fun and fresh, but it wasn t enough to really compel me to say you know, this is a very good book It was missing something though I cant quite put my finger on it Regardless, I still almost gave it a 4 star.The plot is part magical lore, part mystery Silla s parents died tragically, and although everyone is convinced it was a murder suicide, Silla is not After receiving a spell book from Deacon, whoever that is and to her amazement they re actually working she s even convinced that someone was involved in her parent s death The mystery part is what intrigued me the most Everyone is made a suspect and even if I wanted to guess there were too many choices to even bother, so I just enjoyed it and kept reading It was intriguing, and I was excited to see how it would all play out A bit than half way through though it was made obvious to me anyways who it was view spoiler She was a bit too obsessed about Silla s mental health house calls etc and she wasn t very subtle, I mean the woman almost begged her to take off her protectively charmed rings Obvious much hide spoiler