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One Of The Most Original And Influential People Of The Twentieth Century To Me And Many Others Alexander McQueenWith A Career Spanning Thirty Years In Fashion, As An Influential Voice At Vogue, Tatler, And The Sunday Times Magazine As Well As A Legacy As One Of The Industry S Kingmakers For Discovering Philip Treacy, Alexander McQueen, Sophie Dahl, And Hussein Chalayan Isabella Blow Had Been A Pillar Of Couture Culture Until Her Suicide InLeft The Fashion World Mourning One Of Its Finest Friends And Patrons Blow By Blow Is A Captivating Journey Through Issie S Life, A One Of A Kind Look At Her Unforgettable Impact On The Fashion World, And A Moving Exploration Of Her Inspiring And Ultimately Tragic Tale

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    3 stars for the too brief story of Isabella Blow talented, outlandish and infuriating 1 star for the terrible writing by her widower Detmar Blow aided by family friend Tom Sykes, neither of whom can seem to make a chapter last than two pages The result is a frustrating glimpse into the life of a true upper class eccentric, which often reads like a list of events than an insightful biography It s an uneven mess, with plenty of space given over to family history and lineage, and lots of inadvertently hilarious snobbery one of Issie s ancestors from her mother s hidden side is damned by having a bar in their front room clutches pearls Written not so long after Blow s suicide, the book is sprinkled with accusations of old family grievances and blame that is hard to distinguish as Issie s feelings on matters or the author s There s something quite unpleasant in how the chapters towards the end where Blow makes ghastly suicide attempt after suicide attempt and where, for once, you can feel Detmar s emotional exhaustion are the few that really pulse with a kind of tragic, urgent energy That said, for much of the text it s hard to be overly sympathetic to characters who plead exhaustion from the hectic life of the art fashion world and then jet off to stay in castles, manor houses and palazzos belonging to friends and relations.Also, given as how Issie s story is so closely tied to fashion, and how her ultimate grievance was that she never felt she got the credit or financial rewards she deserved for her contributions to the industry, I would have appreciated photos of the fabulous photo spreads that Issie populated with her friends and family nepotism, what over the years Ditto, her beloved Hilles house that meant so much to her Ultimately, this biography frustrates than it intrigues, and I d love to see Issie s story handled by dispassionate hands.

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    What I thought I would read in this biography was how Isabella Blow made a name for herself in the world of fashion and helped launch the careers of people such as Sophie Dahl, Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy What I found was her husband Detmar using her as an excuse to write about himself To complain about how unfair life had been to him, how poor he was and name drop Issie the apparent love of his life tells him it s over but then he opens the door of his gallery to Princess Rosario of Bulgaria and her husband Prince Kyril Let s hope that made up for it His matter of fact style of writing left me feeling disturbed because I had been a voyeur into the lives of two very troubled souls.

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    I have always been impressed with the unique style of Isabella Blow and this book has contributed in some way to a greater understanding on my part of this larger than life yet vulnerable character Written possibly subjectively by her husband Detmar after her tragic death, this book traces the life of Isabella from a childhood lived between privilege and tragic events and documents aspects of her career progress as well as her mental instability and ultimate demise and untimely suicide via ingesting weedkiller Husband Blow paints his wife Blow hence the title Blow by Blow a clever one as something of a creative genius blighted by constant anguish throughout her life Whilst the first sixty per cent or so of the book is utterly inspiring and uplifting to those of a creative persuasion, the reader quickly feels Blow s world falling apart during the last forty per cent or so and her husband s narrative despair can easily be felt All in all, the richness of Isabella s creative and personal life is well documented by her husband and after completion I, at least, feel curious to read about the life and cultural contributions of this modern day artistic and creative genius The book is beautifully presented and the cover photograph is an ethereally beautiful one that captures the essence of Blow feminine all hat, eyes, lipstick and zany British femininity As well as black and white and colour photographs au centre , the book is also interspersed with historical and narrative photographs and artefacts throughout An inspiring read and I am now captivated to read on Blow s contributions to the media and arts worlds.

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    After a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art last year to see the late designer Alexander McQueen s exhibit, my interest was piqued about his relationship to style iconoclast Isabella Blow This book, written by her husband, paints an intimate portrait of a woman plagued by manic depression throughout her life That said, childhood events and the character of both parents may have sent the sanest child into a life coated by imagined inadequacies and fear How Isabella made up for all this with her larger than life persona in her wild hats and costumes, bright lipstick and a tendency to flash her breasts is a great tale The book is also peppered with an array of bold faced names from Madonna to Elton John to Rupert Everett Perhaps surprisingly, one of the finest portrayals is of Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who gave Issie her first jobs as her assistant at Vogue Blow s battle with depression of course reminded me of the artist Elizabeth Sparhawk Jones and others like her suffering from various forms of mental illness Why do some make it through the darkness and others don t I loved one particular passage of the author when he says something to the effect of like alcoholism or another addiction, at some point the person afflicted with depression has to want to get better.

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    Interesting read about Isabella Blow, written by her husband I am fascinated by women who live their lives fully, particularly ones who don t rely on beauty to do it These stories don t always have happy endings, as is the case here, but the journey is often exciting, interesting and at times to be envied Perhaps that is just the reader laying a romantic nostalgic scrim over the facts of her life Would I trade places with her No That Isabella Blow had an eye for fashion and for talent is obvious What place in fashion history will Blow have She virtually discovered Philip Treacy and heavily promoted Alexander McQueen, both of whom have left their mark, but where does that leave Blow Where does that leave all women who do invisible work Having just come from reading a lot of Eve Babitz, I feel like there were similarities here Two creative, talented women who could not get out of their own way.Recommended for readers who like biographies of flawed but vibrant women.

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    This is the first biography I ve read on Isabella Blow will probably not be the last It is insightful in parts, coming as it does from such an intimate source her husband of eighteen years But is it the definitive biography on Isabella Blow I hardly think so While it provides a good overall perspective on Isabella s life career, I would still rather read a objective bio by a writer removed from his her subject She was a fascinating character one of the few originals in a puff and smoke industry not known for those rarest of commodities authenticity true talent The unfortunate thing about the book something that became a glaring re occurring flaw is that it is peppered throughout with grammatical a few spelling errors, giving the impression that it had been hastily written not proof read even though the author acknowledges that he had begun to formulate the idea of writing the book soon after Isabella s death in 2007, taking two years to complete That said, it is a quick enjoyable read.

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    I liked the story than the writing in this book I feel terrible since it was written by her husband but it seemed so disjointed and clumsy There were so many parts of her life that I would get caught up in and then he d end it all with a cumulative sentence, trying to wrap up something as serious as suicide with a noun and a verb On a positive note, a fast, easy read Oh and I liked the pictures Yeah, I m reaching here.

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    I loved this book I was reading Gods and Kings and author Dana Thomas wrote about Isabella Blow I was intrigued and had to know about her and downloaded this book onto my Nook I found Detmar Blow s writing engaging and I couldn t put this down His writing style was like talking with a friend What a sad ending to an amazing life The last chapter had me in tears A beautifully written biography.

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    3 stars for interesting fashion tidbits that said, Detmar Blow is one of the most insufferable people ever to walk the earth I could not get behind all his selfish excuses the whole story is so sordid two damaged creatures floundering through the world desperately needing psychological help and intervention i pity Isabella, but am disgusted by her actions at the same time a truly sad story.

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    Sadly this book provided little if any insight into who Isabella Blow was It reads like a laundry list of events in her life, but not much about her motivation, beliefs, or passion For example an unpaid expense for a shoot is discussed, but nothing about what the shoot was or why the ruin was needed in her eyes She was amazing so it is worth a look.