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Fight Hellfire With HellfireRaised by Father Fujimoto a famous exorcist Rin Okumura never knew his real father One day a fateful argument with Father Fujimoto forces Rin to face a terrible truth – the blood of the demon lord Satan runs in Rin's veins Rin swears to defeat Satan but doing that means entering the mysterious True Cross Academy and becoming an exorcist himself Can Rin fight demons and keep his infernal bloodline a secret? It won't be easy especially when drawing his father's sword releases the demonic power within himReads R to L Japanese Style for audiences T

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    Wow This was an excellent first volume Consider me hooked I'm excited to see how this sibling bond develops throughout the series

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    say what you want about mebut don't diss my brother

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    One year later I revisited this recently and found a number of volumes had been added It appears I'd read up to Vol 9 before and thought it all merely OK; starting in Vol 10 an arresting new character was added Lewin Light aka Lightning who boosted the story up a whole level and stole every scene he was in and a new plot arc ditto It actually takes till Vol 16 for Light to get full traction For Vols 10 19 which is what I've read of the new material so far I'd call it a four plus stars rating four stars for the plot developments five stars for Lightning and his gonzo mentor relationship with Bon Now I'm waiting eagerly for Vol 20The anime parts paths from the manga before Vol 10 I believe; I'm not at all sure I care to watch it past that point though perhaps the wiki will fill in for me satisfying my curiosity without burning my timeLast year I tried this one in part to sample my public library's lending system for e manga which turns out to be brilliant The art looks excellent on my Android tablet very clear and readable And being able to swap out volumes near instantly at one in the morning without leaving my chair is dangerous addictiveStoryline on this one was something of the same old same old why are all these male protagonists always 15? I suspect an industry wide editorial focus group and always struggling with some magically disguised version of their new adolescent testosterone driven aggressive impulses? But not the sexual ones except with even disguised artistic tongs or as barely mentioned side issues But I suppose that uestion answers itself when looking at the original target audience and market which is not me Young man raised by weird magical mentor figure who of course dies discovers he is the son of Satan and I must say some very strange things happen to European religious mythologies when they are run through Japanese filters informed by Asian models and in a proper fit of adolescent rebellion sets out to become an exorcist and destroy demons Goes to magic school finds his own Scooby Gang hijinks ensue I have persevered up through Vol 9 so farOf course Mom is dead when is she not? to answer my own uestion Kyo Kara Maoh where she is delightfully alive and embarrassing to our hero So is another mother of some major side characters No wonder I liked that one in retrospectSeries was recced to me by someone who thought Mephisto might interest me as similar to other characters that have intrigued me in the past but so far sadly he's just an empty suit I'm not sure how much farther to slog in hopes for some deeper character development there I don't think this series is doing deepSome nice bits of relieving humor along the way I did kinda like the idea of kraken sushiTa L

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    When i first watched the anime a few years back i was like Rin is my babyNow that i am reading the manga a few years later than that i am like Rin is my babyHonestly he is one of the most likeable characters Everybody loves Rin 3The manga is amazing it is fun and emotional and if you like manga in general definitely give it a tryAo no Exorcist will have its second anime season this winter and i am so fucking excited

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    Another good start for a shounen manga I had seen the first episode of the anime already so I knew what to expect; although I was kind of surprised the beginning in the manga wasn't as developed as it was in the anime you get a much better understanding of why Rin fights with the boys and starts the whole mess in the anime than in hereDefinitely a lot crammed into this first volume but thanks to reading Bakuman I'm wondering if that's because this was originally a one shot that got turned into a series and they just used a bunch of the same material for this volume That's complete speculation on my part thoughThere's an interesting dynamic between the two brothers but I felt that Yukio was a lot colder towards Rin than was warranted especially since Rin always protected his younger brother Well there are always reasons for these things and a few of them popped up in the end but still keeping Yukio in the dark for so long about so much wasn't right I'm also really interested to hear about their mother THAT should be an interesting storyFun fact I have the same birthday as the two twin main characters ^^I've got the next few books on hold and I can't wait to continue Finally got some good manga and a lot of volumes too to spend some time marathoning Now I just need the laundry and dishes to magically do themselves

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    Overall rating 35 starsThis is the first time reading a manga from right to left and it felt really strange Blue Exorcist follows Rin who has been raised by Father Fujimoto famous exorcist but Rin himself has never known about his true heritage After a nasty encounter gone wrong Rin learns that he is connected to Satan and plans to destroy him The only way to do this is enter an academy and train to become a exorcist He has to keep secrets close or risk death Even though I did enjoy most of the illustrations I struggled to connect fully with the characters At this moment in time I will try different manga series to see which one I enjoy It is also a little brutal

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    Interesting story but unfortunately not really what I was hoping for

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    I had heard of Blue exorcist for a while before picking it up for myself from my local WHSmithI only picked it up because I thought it would give me something to read that afternoon but boy am I glad I bought it I am hookedI've never been up to date with a Manga series; I purchased the other 3 that week and have asked for the 5th for Christmas which was released last weekI think the art style of Blue exorcist is lovely I love how the characters look their age I think there's nothing worse than a character looking older or younger than their supposed to It doesn't uite make them as believableIt is very detailed but sketchy I think a sketch can hold a lot of character that a polished and finished image doesn't always hold It's a lovely uniue art styleDuring this volume you are introduced to Rin Okumura Father Shiro Fujimoto Yukio Okumura Satan Mephisto Pheles Shiemi MoriyamaWhat I did enjoy is that there are character profiles of the characters at the back of the book a long with a log of each Demon you encountered in the volume and their levels

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    This is a very nice graphic novel Never have I expected I would be interested in reading graphic novel Oh well gonna search for the second book once I'm finish with the third graphic novel I bought together with this one

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    So good to be reading about Rin and the rest of the gang again I've missed them Now on to the next one