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A Stunning Debut For Author Evie Dun And Her Oxford Rebels, In Which A Fiercely Independent Vicar S Daughter Takes On A Duke In A Fiery Love Story That Threatens To Upend The British Social Order England,Annabelle Archer, The Brilliant But Destitute Daughter Of A Country Vicar, Has Earned Herself A Place Among The First Cohort Of Female Students At The Renowned University Of Oxford In Return For Her Scholarship, She Must Support The Rising Women S Suffrage Movement Her Charge Recruit Men Of Influence To Champion Their Cause Her Target Sebastian Devereux, The Cold And Calculating Duke Of Montgomery Who Steers Britain S Politics At The Queen S Command Her Challenge Not To Give In To The Powerful Attraction She Can T Deny For The Man Who Opposes Everything She Stands ForSebastian Is Appalled To Find A Suffragist Squad Has Infiltrated His Ducal Home, But The Real Threat Is His Impossible Feelings For Green Eyed Beauty Annabelle He Is Looking For A Wife Of Equal Standing To Secure The Legacy He Has Worked So Hard To Rebuild, Not An Outspoken Commoner Who Could Never Be His Duchess But He Wouldn T Be The Greatest Strategist Of The Kingdom If He Couldn T Claim This Alluring Bluestocking Without The Promise Of A Ringor Could He Locked In A Battle With Rising Passion And A Will Matching Her Own, Annabelle Will Learn Just What It Takes To Topple A Duke

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    Somehow this cover brought to mind a rom com, but that is not what unfolds within these pages Instead, it s a clever historical romance, one like nothing I ve read before, though I admit I am not a frequent historical romance reader.In late 19th century England, Annabelle Archer is the daughter of a country vicar, now penniless Annabelle has joined the first class of female students at the University of Oxford Her scholarship has a price, though, and a worthy one she must advocate for women s suffrage.She s been told she must recruit men to support the cause, and in her sights is the Duke of Montgomery, Sebastian Devereux.Oh, and the Duke happens to be her political polar opposite, and handsome So very handsome.At the same time, Sebastian is finding Annabelle s green eyes irresistible however, she s a commoner and not fit to be his duchess.Even though this wasn t a rom com, there were still funny moments There were also some emotional times I found the romance between Sebastian and Annabelle to feel authentic The women s suffrage movement during the Victorian era was a fascinating backdrop.Overall, Bringing Down the Duke surprised me with its heart, and I look forward to the next in the series.I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own.Many of my reviews can also be found on my blog

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    I seriously question my life because I m reading all these September releases which, particularly in this case, means I have a very long wait for the next book. and boy do I want it.Is this my favourite HR of 2019 I think it might be I m not quite rounding up here but man this is a strong, high, four star read This has a plot we ve all seen done a million times but omg Dun makes it feel fresh and new and fun I devoured this in a handful of hours which, considering this slump BS, says a lot I m blown away this is a debut It s always a gamble, particularly in this genre, but don t sleep on this one, bookies BRINGING DOWN THE DUKE has smart ladies, women s rights, a romance that defies societal rules. banter, swoons, tension, chemistry, fabulous secondary lady characters, and .If you can, request If you can t, preorder If you don t want to do either, recommend to your library 4.5 starsReview to come on the bloggity blog I received an ARC from the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review.

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    Bringing Down the Duke is a debut novel with lots of potential The book had some of my favorite aspects and it also played during a time, the late 1800s, which isn t often portrait in historical romance novels Most stories are set during Regency England between 1811 and 1820 This novel plays during the time of suffragettes, when women were being allowed at college and during the time of winning voting rights for females It was certainly an exciting time With many strong and forward thinking women.I really enjoyed the different era The author kept the information about that particular time well balanced And I applaud her for writing about a not so overly covered period of time Although not everything resonated with me the way I hoped it would Nevertheless I really enjoyed the way the author portrayed that specific epoch of time.I think what was crucial for me was that even though I love modern and trail blazing heroines, I didn t feel that Annabelle was extraordinary for her time, not like the series promised Moreover if it boils down to her fears, they were pretty much the same as any other woman in historical times, scandal, getting pregnant out of wedlock, being shunned, having to marry without love, and ending up as a mistress I expected something different.But, I m not saying it wasn t a great novel I just wasn t wowed by it Nevertheless, the writing was great The story flowed and it easily engaged, I just didn t love it.But above all else I love seeing debut authors write about an era that is not as overly used as Regency England is And a new and different voice to a popular genre is always welcome Especially if I can see this author going far Because this author is one that I ll be watching.ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.7 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.In 1870s Victorian England, Annabelle didn t have a lot options when her father dies and is forced to live with her cousin who treats her like help he doesn t have to pay When a former friend of her father and professor from Oxford who she has been corresponding with offers a scholarship to their women s college, she works out a plan to attend There she joins up with the National Society for Women s Suffrage, makes friends, see s a pathway to gaining any smidgen of freedom, and meets a Duke.Having to take over the Dukedom at the age of nineteen, that his father did his best to gamble away, Sebastian has always felt the heavy weight of responsibility The Queen has personally asked him to be strategic advisory for the Tory party and he never shirks his duties When a suffragette boldly approaches him, she definitely catches his attention.In a time where societal strictures are felt everywhere, Annabelle and Sebastian are going to have to decide what consequences they re willing to face to follow their hearts Fortunately, an old spinster from the country should be quite safe from any scandals, she said brightly, even at Oxford The first in the League of Extraordinary Women series and Evie Dun s debut, Bringing Down the Duke was a romantic but grounded historical romance Annabelle s set up could be any number of women s story from this time period and the consequences of her wanting to pursue her dreams and snatch any kind of freedom for herself are never far from her mind Becoming friends with and joining the Suffragettes is dangerous for her but fighting to amend the Married Women s Act and wanting the right to vote is essential to the freedom she craves I loved how the author kept Annabelle grounded in reality and while this kept the tone from being light and airy, it also gave the character and setting the gravitas it deserved acknowledging the danger and societal norms they were pushing against only gives feeling to what these women did Annabelle was courageous with what seems like a simple act of handing out pamphlets the author does a fantastic job of differentiating how the consequences were different for commoner Annabelle and her nobility friends and wisely wary of what a relationship with a Duke would mean for her This was intimacy, knowing he could look this way Very few people would ever see him like this, Montgomery the man, not the duke How she wished he were only a man. Due to Sebastian s background of given such a heavy burden at such a young age, he is closed off I would have liked a little depth to his background to be seen on page, especially regards to his first wife we get a little much later on in the story and with his younger brother He s a cool customer and we get glimpses at how strong his heart beats but I think he could have been fleshed out .Annabelle and Sebastian s relationship is of a slow burn and given their positions and situations, this fits perfectly The spark of attraction is there when their eyes meet but they re forced to do of a reach for and retreat, which creates some great burning for The very real obstacles of a Duke and a commoner having a relationship provided the angst and I loved how the author handled this with an authenticity that, I personally, feel has been missing from historical romances lately It is the very reality that make this fairy tale romantic Don t, he said hoarsely, don t throw away what we have just because you cannot have everything Secondary characters like Annabelle s friends, Hattie, Lucie, and Catriona, Sebastian s brother Lord Devereux, a wicked Lord Ballentine, and a Queen Victoria, who reminds us not all women are part of the sisterhood, round out the story well We will obviously see some of these secondary characters again Lucie the leader of the suffragettes and the rakish Ballentine look to be next up but the author did a good job giving us just enough to entice and not have them clog or steal from Annabelle and Sebastian s story She knew then that she would never be able to unsee him again. I thought the first half had some shorter and choppier sentences that broke up some of the flow of the story, background depth was at times missing from the characters, and I thought it took too long to see and feel the heart of Sebastian However, this felt truly grounded in a historical romance sense and Annabelle s struggles with following her heart, rather due to laws, consequences, or fear, will have you fighting the emotion back This debut will definitely have me waiting in anticipation of the next in the series.

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    Why I love itby Siobhan JonesWhen I started at BOTM, I was a professed literary snob and probably flaunted that term with pride queue eye roll I never read romance books because I assumed they were too cheesy and poorly written to be considered worthy of my time Years later, dozens of romance books devoured, I m so happy to report that, on that score, I was wrong.Set in turn of the century England, this is the story of Annabelle Archer, a plucky woman with the opportunity to become one of the first female graduates at the prestigious University of Oxford Upon entering college, she becomes an advocate for the women s suffrage movement, which is how she first encounters the Duke of Montgomery an influential, ill tempered political adversary whom she must convince into becoming an ally A clash of two strong willed, sharp tongued enemies Sounds hot Bringing Down the Duke gives us the best that the romance genre has to offer light hearted fun, steamy sex scenes, and lots of brooding, read between the lines dialogue It also serves up a few additionally tasty accoutrements, including royals, a heroine with a feminist agenda Suffragism Get involved, people , and witty repartee that make for a very entertaining read FYI, this is not a book that takes itself seriously but I think you ll agree the result is serious fun Cheers Read at

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    Evie Dun s debut is a marvel Set against the backdrop of the British suffrage movement, Bringing Down the Duke is a witty, richly detailed, historically significant, and achingly romantic celebration of the power of love and the passionate fight for women s rights A stunning blend of history and romance that will enchant readers.

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    ARC received for an honest review I think this is my best ARC this year Best historical romance Best new author And I didn t expect any of it.First off, the cover is silly and the book is not What the book is, however, is that rarest of jewels emotional and passionate whilst remaining sweet and delicious You ve read this story a thousand times uptight dude meets unconventional chick Strong personalities clash Aggravation turns to want turns to love But Dun does it with panache She breathes new life into a beloved trope giving it a fresh spark yet not destroying something sacred There is something magnificent in finding that rare book that gives you the feels without being smothering or cloying or depressing It s a deft hand that crafts something this delicate yet substantial I adored their chemistry I fell headlong into their believable struggles I couldn t get enough of their respect for themselves and each other And I swooned a few times because he DID see her And he said it My heart soared and plummeted with his Delightful I m atingle with anticipation for from this delightful new author.

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    This is an incredibly strong debut in historical romance I m excited to see a new author who reminds me so much of Courtney Milan, as I would love to see historicals with that quality of writing, thematic depth, and 21st century attitudes lens applied to a historical milieu I want to describe this books as plucky and charming, as well as feminist AF and quite swoony Beyond that read the back cover copy If this book sounds like a trope combo you could like, I highly recommend it Especially for readers who have some trepidation about the romance genre I think this could be a friendly point of entry if you already know you enjoy historical fiction in generalVery excited to see from this author in the future Berkeley is seriously slaying the game with their 2019 line up

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    Title Bringing Down The Duke Series A League of Extraordinary Women 1Author Evie DunRelease date September 3, 2019Cliffhanger NoGenre historical romancePerhaps, her father should have made her read Sleeping Beauty instead of The Iliad her life might have turned out quite differently.There s been a lot of early hype for this book, and I m here to say that every bit of it has been earned I ve read a lot of historical romances with strong heroines who overcome the obstacles and restrictions put on them What I genuinely don t think I ve read is a heroine who joins the women s suffrage movement, and that was a big drawing point for me I was really intrigued to read about how the author would portray the group of women, the public s perception of them, and the challenges they faced I loved the fact that Annabelle is one of the first female students of Oxford That she dared to dream of a higher education during a time when the social class you were born into and your gender dictated what your lot in life would be Aristocrats were society s darlings simply due to their lineage, and favored even when they didn t have to work Not only did Annabelle come from an impoverished family, but as a woman, that narrowed her options to thrive down to almost zilch Despite all this, she was able to finagle permission from her cousin to attend Oxford with the promise that she would pay him a sum of money regularly that she had no idea how to come up with She doesn t let this sway her, because she s willing to work day and night, study, and attend her required suffragette meetings for her scholarship money just for a place to call her own She doesn t want to live the dead end existence she s been living out in the country, so she sets out to do something about it Annabelle is pretty much perceived as a crazy liberal for even suggesting that women have the brain capacity to make voting decisions and control their own fortunes An insane thought in our current times, but back then women moved from their parents household to their own and never held any sort of power over their own lives Sebastian Devereux, thirteenth Duke of Montgomery, is quite the snobbish, coldly aloof hero at the start He rules over his vast estates without much joy, but he s forced himself to excel at it after his wastrel father gambled them into ruins His younger brother Peregrin is managed by him with an iron fist, so much so that their relationship is mainly intimidation and demands Sebastian is a favorite of the queen, and has traditionalist political leanings As the newly appointed advisor to the Tory election campaign, he s fighting for one purpose only his family s property back that was lost by his father in a card game Out of family loyalty and obligation, he s been struggling for years to somehow buy it back from the queen s nephew with no luck This seems to be the chance of a lifetime, if he can only sway the political field in the direction the queen desires The only problem is, that direction directly conflicts with everything Annabelle has been fighting for When Annabelle s group schemes their way into an invitation to Sebastian and Peregrin s home, she had no idea that she s about to rattle his foundation and leave him faltering on shaky ground Reluctantly impressed by her direct gaze and unique fearlessness, he develops an unwanted curiosity that continues to grow with each meeting The concept of having a romantic relationship with a woman so far below him in social class is beyond inconceivable It would be laughable to even think of it That may be horrible for him to feel that way, but I like that the author didn t shy away from presenting the reality of the social climate But besides that is the fact that her political goals are on the opposite side of the playing field He d lose all respect and become a laughingstock by his peers at even a hint that he was with her Everything that was finally almost in his grasp would be lost forever Something in his chest responded, a sudden bloom of warmth in the cold He swallowed He hadn t drunk in near two decades, but this was not unlike the heated sensation of Scotch burning down his throat Could one become drunk on the presence of a woman So obviously, there s a lot of push and pull between these characters Sebastian tries to pursue and seduce, Annabelle resists harder than possibly any other character I ve seen The was absolutely delicious I felt his internal battle over his need for her, and his sense of responsibility to expectations Annabelle has already been burned very badly by another lord, and she isn t willing to compromise an inch They had an amazing chemistry between them the they fought it Possessiveness, protectiveness, and admiration sparked and caught fire, but they were stuck in a battle of wills unable to move forward Even though I wanted to slap him than a time or two, you could see the depth of emotion and passion he had for her In the end, he fought, and he made sacrifices the way he needed to in order to show her that she was the most important thing in the world to him His lips brushed against her ear These wild depths in you, they call to me, he murmured.This book was completely addictive The love they had for each other was grew against all odds, and you truly felt that these two were meant to be Bringing Down the Duke was so good that it forced me to compulsively race through the entire thing in less than twenty four hours with butterflies in my chest, hearts in my eyesit was the total package I ravenously CONSUMED this author s writing style, and her brilliant talent for storytelling To say that I m excited for the next story in the League of Extraordinary Women series is a huge understatement I need the follow up in my greedy hands yesterday You can officially call me a loyal fan after reading this sparkling debut it s just that simple Get in on this series from the start, this is a new author you need to acquaint yourself with FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK 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