[ read online pdf ] Buccaneer Boys: True Tales by Those Who Flew the 'Last All-British Bomber'Author Graham Pitchfork – Freepe.co

Twenty Four Aircrew Who Flew The Iconic Aircraft With The Fleet Air Arm, The Royal Air Force, And The South African Air Force SAAF Relate Their Experiences And Affection For The Blackburn Buccaneer Arranged In Chronological Order, The Book Traces The History Of The Aircraft And The Tasks It Fulfilled In Addition To Describing Events And Activities, It Provides An Insight Into The Lifestyle Of A Buccaneer Squadron And The Fun And Enjoyment Of Being A Buccaneer Boy In Addition To Being Part Of A Highly Professional And Dedicated Force The Introduction Into Service Is Fully Described Before Further Chapters Cover The Development Of The Air Force S Maritime Tactics And The Deployment Of Two Squadrons To Germany In The Overland Strike Role Two Chapters Deal With The Aircraft S Stunning Successes At The Red Flag And Maple Flag Exercises Flown In North America, Which Took The USAF Hierarchy By Storm A Further Chapter Is Devoted To The Intensive But Little Known Bush War Operations By SAAF Squadron On The Borders Of Angola Two USAF Exchange Officers Who Flew Buccaneers Relate Their Experiences And The Aircraft S Deployment For The Lebanon Crisis, And The Reinforcement Exercise To The Falkland Islands Is Examined The Introduction Of New Air To Surface Anti Ship Missiles Is Covered Before The Buccaneer Left To Go To War In The Gulf Where It Distinguished Itself Providing Precision Laser Marking For The Tornado Force, In Addition To Carrying Out Its Own Precision Bombing Attacks This Lavish Book Concludes With Accounts Of The Aircraft S Final Days In RAF Service And Some Reflections On Its Impact On Maritime And Overland Air Power The perfect book for anyone who was ever involved with this amazing aircraft I was with the Naval Sqd 809 and 736 in the 60 and have never forgotten This book is a real history lesson and am looking out for Volume 2 Well done Graham for such a fantastic drive down memory lane. I m sorry but I ve read a few books on the Buccaneer and this one is pretty poor by comparison Many of the accounts lack substance, and many seem to be ported histories of their careers There s no real detail of what it was like to have your hands on the controls I suggest reading Tom Eels book instead. When I was a youth I used to be a regular attender at the Naval Air Days at HMS Fulmar RAF Lossiemouth in the 1960s and 70s In those days it was not unusual for the Fleet Air Arm to start the show with a mass attack on the airfield with anything up to 18 aircraft The Buccaneers were always spectacular especially on an overcast day when the shock waves would explode off the aircraft during their high speed passes This book is really a love story from the guys who flew this remarkable aircraft, the last of the British bombers Can t recommend it enough. Rip roaring Writes as fast as he flew tales from both front and rear cockpit seats.Marvellous I was sold before I had read the first paragraph I served during the S2s lifetime as a EW RADAR TECHIE and had several meetings with Buccs at RAF Saxa Vord, Akrotiri and a couple beat up Linton on Ouse once It was a book well written and filled with history and the Forces Spirit of the Cold War kind Nice One Some brilliant stories about the Bucc, saw this aircraft regularly in the late 60 s and early 70 s at the St Athan BoB airshows when it was in FAA. This superb book captures in detail the lan, flair and exuberance shown by those lucky enough to fly Britain s last All British Bomber The whole spectrum of Buccaneer Operations are covered from the early days through Fleet Air Arm operations, maritime attack and Red Flag triumph Detailed personal accounts convey a fast paced narrative with conviction and a sense of immediacy The authors have often spent the greater part of their military careers on the type and radiate an innate sense of satisfaction that theirs was a military life of fulfilment and great professional satisfaction.Superb photographs compliment an exciting and compelling read Highly recommended I wish I d flown it too