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The world of burlesue has always relied on posters to entice patrons and immortalise its greatest stars Here over 100 years’ of burlesue posters are collected with over 150 colour examples From rare 1880s posters for the legendary Folies Bergère to the hip silk screened prints of the modern burlesue revival this is a celebration of great graphic design and the women who inspired it So hunker down and feast your eyes as you take a wild ride through this bra busting book of burlesue artwork with an introduction from the man behind the curtain the one and only Chaz Royal

10 thoughts on “Burlesque Poster Design: The Art of Tease

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    I was initially going to give it a 3 rating but only the first part of the book merits that It reminded me of the old pornography books that would have a pointless narrative to disguise the book so stupid people could say it wasn't porn but art but in short order it dropped that and just gave the art along with very brief descriptions basically where when and who I love the art Its not Pinup stuff but good none the less I LOVE Pinup art