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While On Vacation, Annie Begins A Scandalous Affair With Braxton Cage, A Crime Syndicate Underboss Hiding Behind The Facade Of An Upstanding Businessman She Knows He S Dangerous, But His Secrets And Power Allure Her She S Not So Innocent Herself They Fall Hard And Fast For Each Other, But At The End Of The Week She Knows It S Time To Go Home The Fantasy Can T Last Forever If He Felt The Same, Maybe Things Would Have Turned Out Different Maybe He Wouldn T Have Had To Break Her Maybe Love Isn T Patient, Or Kind Disclaimer Due To Graphic Sexual And Violent Situations, This Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences Only Full Length Standalone Novel

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    I LOVED this book For the person who was criticizing because it contained violence and adultery..seriously Why did you keep reading it if it was too harsh for you Caged is fast paced, twisty and intriguing I was completely surprised at some points Definitely not predictable

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    DNF 67% I can t take it any I have tried to slug through this I let it go that the author wrote in one of my biggest no, no cheating. I still read then she crossed the line and made the hero a tad too far gone to like, but I still read Then she crossed another line of I am pissed at you and we have punishment sex Then to top it off he justifies it I am not mad any It doesn t stop there he just keeps getting crazier and darker.The heroine wasn t any better, cheating, leading the hero on, acting all perfect but then acting like a gangster herself by making the hero angry by coming on to another guy and he kills him and then she gives him a BJ with the dead body right thereI could go on she did much , but enough said.No character had any redeeming qualities I am done.

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    Well well wellBrilliant one It is definitely not a mc one, saving a damsel or a typical mob boss story.In this book no one is perfect.It really did surprised me till the end I can t wait to read shanna s next book.

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    Over the past couple days I have been reading a few mafia romance books Because I wanted a good dark mafia romance Well, the few that I ve finished were good But they didn t give me the dark that I wanted But this book It gave me everything I was looking for Annie and her friends go on vacation to NYC Annie has been in a funk as of late and she decides that a vacation is absolutely what she needs to be able to get back on track with her life While in The City, her friends and her partake in a bachelorette party card game where they each get some cards with tasks they have to complete while they re out at bars Well, Annie s first card is to buy a drink for the hottest guy in the bar And that happens to be Braxton Cage.Annie buys a blowjob shot for Braxton and writes a little message on a napkin for the waitress to give to him when she delivers the shot to Brax Then Annie and her friends leave that bar and move on with their vacation Well, by some coincidence Brax sees Annie entering a Starbucks the next morning where he decides he wants her and he makes it his mission throughout the entire book to get her.Brax is a mob boss He runs the MO3 that is based out of NYC He is infamous while also remaining to keep his identity a secret But he tells Annie of everything about himself and the MO3 And all the while she s lying to him about who she is Brax has never lied to her He has always been honest about how brutal he is And Annie sees that first hand a few times throughout the book Annie has so many secrets and lies spinning around her that you can t help but get caught up in them just like Brax does There was so much betrayal, so many lies, so many half truths There was rape and half consent It was a seriously in depth story And I enjoyed the hell out of it And that ending You don t expect it And it hits you right in the face and then the book ends and you re like holy fucking shit that just happened.My only complaint was that the chapters were seriously long as all hell It ALWAYS takes me so much longer to finish books with long chapters and this one was no different I could convince myself to stay up a little longer when my Kindle tells me that the next chapter is only 11 minutes But when it tells me the next chapter is 47 minutes I always put it off But otherwise this book was soooo good.

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    DNF.THE BLURB OF THIS BOOK DID THE TRICK OF INTRIGUING ME, BUT WHEN I ACTUALLY GOT TO READING THE STORY.IT WAS UNEXPECTED AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY FOR ME.I cannot go into details about the characters as I left the book halfway but know that the characters aren t nice or GOOD at all, which is fine because at least we know what we are getting into I had no complains with them being that, but some of their perks are still irritating.I had no idea that the heroine is married lol the way she acted in the first few chapters gave me no clue Sure we had an inkling that she was either running from something in the guise of a holiday or hiding some secret The whole cheating thing doesn t bother me, because I know that somehow the H h is going to end up together anyhow, why bother The heroine, is not my favorite really She s pretty sick in the head for psychologist and this entire story just rubs me the wrong way Her husband is a nice man, but I guess deep down she craves a dominant man, who ISNT NICE and TREATS HER A LITTLE LIKE SHIT, because she s a masochist Ugh I don t know I have mixed feelings about this damn book but none of them were pleasing I guess this story is A HIT OR MISS for readers It s a MISS for me.

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    2.5 stars I thought this book was a diamond in the rough For some reason, I assumed it did not have a lot of reviews because it was never given a chance and it was probably a good book I was wrong First of all, it was veryyyyy lonnng I kept thinking things were going to get interesting but I cant say it did It just continued on that flat tone I think the book did a very good job describing obsessive behavior and the hero didn t come off as a pretentious criminal He was a legit criminal with no conscience With this kind of hero, the book could have been really good but a lot of unnecessary stuff showed up You could slash this book in two and the point would still come across Some shocking moments and a minor twist that I didn t see coming but the book was not that exciting so it didn t matter that much to me.

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    WowThis book was an amazing rollercoaster ride I couldn t put it down I thought I knew what was happening then it completed surprised me It was dark and lovely Read this book today I loved and hated Braxton I really liked Annabelle.

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    Amazing This has been one of the greatest books that i have read I have never written a review, but this book deserved it

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    Finally I ve been looking for a book that wasn t your usual cookie cutter romance and this was definitely it

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    Like the dark and dangerous mood I was is in while reading this Brax you are a LOVE