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A Report Issued By The White House Council On Women And Girls Included The Alarming Statistic That One In Five Female College Students In The United States Experiences Some Form Of Campus Sexual Assault Despite Than Fifty Years Of Anti Rape Activism And Over Two Decades Of Federal Legislation Regarding Campus Sexual Violence, Sexual Assault On American College And University Campuses Remains Prevalent, Underreported, And Poorly Understood A Principal Reason For This Lack Of Understanding Is That The Voices Of Women Who Have Experienced Campus Sexual Assault Have Been Largely Absent From Academic Discourse About The IssueIn Campus Sexual Assault, Lauren J Germain Focuses Attention On The Post Sexual Assault Experiences Of Twenty Six College Women She Reframes Conversations About Sexual Violence And Student Agency On American College Campuses By Drawing Insight Directly From The Stories Of How Survivors Responded Individually To Attacks, As Well As How And Why Peers, Family Members, And School, Medical, And Civil Authorities Were Or Were Not Engaged In Addressing The CrimesGermain Weaves Together Women S Narratives To Show The Women Not As Victims Per Se But As Individuals With The Power To Overcome These Traumatic Experiences TL DR Campus Sexual Assault is a very coherent piece on assault and rape It is based on research and provides the reader with objective information as well as subjective insight and examples It doesn t only paint the current situation, but has clear suggestions on how to do better in the future.I got this book through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewCampus Sexual Assault College Women Respond is a nonfiction book, a case study and a contemporary piece everyone should read It is essentially a case study containing interviews with college women who have experienced sexual assault rape , in other words The book seeks to educate the reader about sexual assault in all possible ways Its goal is to make you think and to spread the word about how things can be done differently in a positive way.The different chapters in the book cover it all the basics of sexual assault that many of us are ignorant of, how agency and identity play a big role for the women who experience it, how they told friends and or family, sought justice for the crimes committed, how empowerment plays an important role and how we can make sure things are done better in the future.This book doesn t seek out to blame perpetrators or to pity victims It sets out to realize research in the form of interviews and attempts to give an objective overview of the information we have on this topic.The book is a collection of case studies and the researcher handles the interview material very conscientiously It even contains appendixes with demographics, methodological notes and so on We, as a reader, are coherently guided through the hows and whys of the choices that have been made during the research process For instance, sometimes a specific number is not given, because this could be tracked back to the university and endanger the anonymity of the research Descriptions of the women s appearance are mostly left out as well, unless relevant This is then also founded on research showing that the appearance of the woman is or less irrelevant to the crimes that are being committed.Most notable to me, however, was the mindful usage of language In the aftermath of an assault, most women had difficulty with finding the right words for what happened to them Not many of them used the word rape , or at least not soon after the assault Words as victim were also seen as problematic because the women then imagined the perfect victim a phenomena extensively described in the book that makes it even difficult for women to take action These specific usages of language and the difficulty with finding the right words was very interesting to me, because it may have such an impact on how cases are perceived not only by social circles, but the justice system as well In other words if the woman can t flat out call it rape yet , doesn t that make it easier for a court to sweep it under the rug In any case, the conscientiousness of the research makes this book even stronger it shows that the topic has been thoroughly researched and the statements are well founded.The book s writing style is basically an introduction of a specific topic and examples from the interviews I think this is the best way to go about a case study like this, although this did mean that some topics and quotes seem to be repeated again and again This happens, of course, because some quotes obviously relate to than just one topic Campus Sexual Assault tells the stories of the 28 women that were interviewed, but also includes lots of different research results and stories about the history of assault in the United States as well Something that struck me as really interesting, for instance, was that there have been rape lists written in female restrooms since 1990 at Columbia and Brown University Essentially, this is a woman warning other women for a specific perpetrator, but these lists grown extensively in a short period of time a sign of how prevalent rape is, sadly Quickly, they are painted over by University staff and then pop up again a silent protest against the non action of universities that has been happening for decades.Over all, this book just did its job really well It gives personal stories and examples where needed, is objective in its use of numbers and previous research and most importantly, not only gives us the bad, but also specific suggestions for how to do better in the future.It doesn t matter if your work relates to this topic or you would just like to know about what s happening in the world this book can be read by either For all the information it packs up, it isn t even that big or daunting, so I would definitely recommend this to anyone Obviously, TRIGGER WARNING for sexual assault rape , although I have to say that the specific instances described aren t too graphic, because they are clearly just described for informational purposes Very informative, and excellent use of oral history and testimony I wish there would have been participants.