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Yet Another Friday Night And You Don T Have A Single Thing To Wear, Not Even One Solid Go To Outfit You Can Almost Feel The Frustration That Headline Produces Most Of Us Ladies Have Experienced Just This Kind Of Soul Sucking Frustration Your Date Is Waiting, And You Stand There In A Heap Of Discarded Clothes Desperately Trying To Find That Combination That Says You Are In Control, A Woman Who Knows Who She Is And Knows Where She Is Going Worse Than A Date, What If It S A Job Interview Capsule Craze The Comprehensive Guide To Building A Capsule Wardrobe Is Your Answer To That Frustration What S A Capsule Anyway In This Quick And Easy To Listen To Audiobook, You Ll Learn Exactly What A Capsule Wardrobe Is And Importantly, What It Isn T You Ll Learn The History Of Capsule Wardrobes And The Logic That Led One Revolutionary Englishwoman To Create The Concept That Countless Women Have Used To Create That Pulled Together Look That We All Want Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Starting The Process How To Create Capsules That Work For Any Occasion And Your Body Type Specific Tips And Hints For Women Age And Over How Adding A Single Accessory Can Totally Change An Outfit A Quick Overview Of The Future Of Fashion What Makes The Capsule Wardrobes Timeless And Prevents You From Chasing The Trends How To Organize A Closet So The Door Actually Closes And You Know Where Everything Is Why Quality Pieces Trumps Overstuffed Drawers And Closets Full Of Bargains Learn How To Structure, Build, And Maintain A Capsule Wardrobe Tailored Just For You Save Your Time, Your Money, And Your Sanity Buy Capsule Craze The Comprehensive Guide To Building A Capsule Wardrobe Today

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    One of the main places this book falls down is with it s visual images To begin with the garment pictures are really tiny and it s difficult to really see what each piece is Even worse than this, you are presented with a so called colour palette and accent tones, which is all in black and white no colour in this book whatsoever, apart from the front cover This gives you no idea of what tones to use with which main colour I couldn t see the point I know that this is also available as an e book, which I would expect to be in colour, but if it s too expensive to print the book in colour, then don t print it at all.The book is pretty much a collection of short tips and provides no really useful advice, in my opinion I felt as if I had just read a pamphlet rather than a book I wouldn t recommend it if you are looking for real help with what pieces to buy, it s all a bit sketchy I am left feeling that I have paid for this book under false pretences.I don t recommend this book.

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    Waste of money.This little ditty book is simplistic and outdated and has been overtaken by relevant, better information online in the form of blogs etc which is available for free.Wish I had seen a review like this before I bought so that I could have saved my money.Having read the book and browsed the extensive material on the subject available for free online, the book is seriously inferior to the info available for free and is in fact outdated in relation to current thinking.

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    I found the book interesting as I am looking into fashion on a daily basis I believe the tips on how to build your capsule wardrobe are good, slightly repeatable when it came to reading the children s capsule wardrobe section I would ve preferred examples when it comes to the actual combination of the essential items Also, pictures with the capsules combinations would have been very useful.I like the way the book is structured,only found two typos in the whole book It is an easy read, kept me engaged enough All in all,I believe it is definitely worth the money, good buy

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    Appauling this book on site shows it in colour In reality this is a cheap photo copy in black and white How you are even supposed to differentiate between colour shades etc is useless.

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    First fail even the colour chart is printed in gray scale I know that it is the colour of the moment, but really Second fail the advice about building your wardobe is vague and non specific and NOT vey helpful.

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    First of all this book was an incredibly easy read The subject matter isn t what I would usually read But there were some wonderful facts and history behind the term capsule wardrobe that I wasn t even aware of until I read this particular eBook.The book takes you through simple and easy to understand steps on how you can go about creating your capsule wardrobe It has plenty of examples and straightforward explanations for things to help you as you plan your capsule wardrobe There are lots of helpful tips like going through your current clothes and making your capsule wardrobe from what you already own Or going to thrift stores or shopping online to buy pre loved items.It also brings up some very good points like being aware of so called deals and shopping ethically and to also to be on the look out for those discounts as getting 10% off for example on your first shop for signing up to company emailing lists.When the book was talking about fast fashion or as I call it throw away fashion I was able to relate to those mornings I have spent an age deciding on what to wear and wasting time better spent on other things.All in all it is a very well written non fiction book The author writes in a way that is very easy to read and understand Everything is explained extremely well I d certain,y recommend this book to anyone interested in fashion and or creating their own capsule wardrobe.

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    This is the exact book I ve been looking for It s a perfect introduction to capsule wardrobes I ve been baffled by fashion my entire life and woefully lacking the ability to put an outfit together which didn t matter when I was younger but really does now I m in my thirties I heard about the concept of capsule wardrobes and was intrigued but didn t know where to start turns out it s with this guide If you re someone who s been mystified by fashion your whole life, this is a really great place to start The book is easy to navigate, easy to follow, quick to read, fun, and cheap especially considering how much money you ll be saving on bad clothes purchasing in the future The advice is really useful and also broad ranging, like how to pack for holidays I m really looking forward to reducing the headaches when packing my suitcase There are a couple of typos here and there but those didn t bother me or take away from the readability The information I needed was right there and that s all that matters Pretty sure I ll be referring back and re reading this book over and over as I build a capsule wardrobe Now time for the 21 day challenge

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    I enjoyed this book as a straightforward introduction to the concept of the capsule wardrobe I wanted to introduce myself to this topic to become conscious of waste and reduce my spending habits Easy to follow, and also introduces the 21 day challenge as a way to ease yourself into the idea Highlights the issues of waste and unnecessary purchases, while giving you hints and tips to jazz up items you already have Quick read, I read it in an hour, good for a commute or killing an hour.