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658.408 D2619 2015 MAKE YOUR COMPANY A FORCE FOR GOODYou Re Ambitious You Re Not Afraid To Take Risks You Want To Bring About Positive Social Change And While Your Peers Have Left A Trail Of Failed Start Ups In Their Wake, You Want To Initiate Change From Within An Established Company, Where You Can Have A Far Reaching, Even Global ImpactWelcome To The Club You Re A Social IntrapreneurBut Even With Your Enviable Skill Set, Your Unwavering Social Conscience, And Your Determination To Change The World, Your Path To Success Is Filled With Challenges So How Do You Get Started And Maintain Your Momentum Changing Your Company From The Inside Out Provides The Tools To Empower You To Jump Start Initiatives That Matter To You And That Should Matter To Your Company Drawing On Lessons From Social Movements As Well As On The Work Of Successful Intrapreneurs, Gerald Davis And Christopher White Provide You With A Guide For Creating Positive Social Change From Within Your Own OrganizationYou Ll Learn How To Answer Four Key Questions When Is The Right Time For Change Learn How To Read Your Organization S Climate Why Is This A Compelling Change Use Language And Stories To Connect Your Initiative To Your Organization S Mission, Strategy, And Values Who Will Make This Innovation Possible Identify The Decision Makers You Need To Persuade And The Potential Resisters You Need To Steer Around How Can You Mobilize Your Supporters To Collaborate On Your Innovation Use The Online And Offline Tools And Platforms That Best Support Your InitiativeThis Book Is A Road Map For Intrapreneurs Seeking To Reshape Their Companies Into Drivers Of Positive Change If You Want To Spearhead Social Innovation From Within Your Company, Use This Book As Your Guide The book Changing Your Company from Inside Out talks about how we can advocate changes inside our organizations using the lessons from social movements Apparently, the insights from social movements are really applicable to our organizational settings when it comes to advocacy of changes.What I really like about this book is that it gives the readers a blueprint on how to use lessons from social movements such as the Arab Spring in how one can advocate changes in the organization This book is unique since it stresses a different kind of change It primarily talks about the things that an organization can do to its community Certainly this book achieves its goal of providing actionable insights from what is happening in our society at large to the change initiatives inside companies.Another reason why anyone who loves reading about businesses should buy this book is the way the ideas are conveyed The authors provided a clear and concise explanation aside from the convincing evidence of their case The arguments are well thought out and,importantly, relevant to what is happening in our society.The format and illustration is also well laid out I ve seen two to three illustrations that helped make the ideasalive The tables are also very helpful in conveying the message to the readers.Overall, I recommend that you buy this book if you are contemplating of making some changes inside your organization and you feel helpless since you do not know what to do The book is full of examples on how ordinary people can start a movement by using the ubiquitous social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. I found the way this book took aspects of social movement theory and applied them to within company change interesting, but I m not sure that it really made it clear how you could actually, practically go about creating that change As someone studying social movements the book was interesting if I actually had the desire to become an intrapreneur I don t think I d know where to start even after reading this book Plenty of interesting examples and cases, though Not all change is necessarily bad, yet sometimes the most difficult change to implement can be the most rewarding.Changing how your company operates, improving its societal footprint for the benefit of many can be a very rewarding process This book seeks to shine a light on this important subject.It is clearly going to be aspecialist type of book, yet it achieves its objectives with aplomb The authors build the book around four key questions when is the right time for change, why is this a compelling change, who will make this innovation possible and how can you mobilize your supporters to collaborate on your innovation By the end you should be empowered and better informed about how to lead change from within The implementation is down to you Clearly this book is aimed at the larger company or for a not for profit organisation, yet there is no reason why many of the central points cannot be utilised within smaller ventures.This change is a lotthan just a social media campaign that will spread the good word Other online tools can help push innovation, analyse your communication style, boost your network effect and keep you on track.The authors expertly mix together their central messages and build upon general business knowledge at the same time, allowing the astute reader to take away rather a lotactionable information than what they might be expecting This is definitely a book you will want to read sequentially, moving forward slowly but surely whilst thoughtfully considering matters.Even if you don t perceive you have the need for such a book or perhaps the power internally to make change, it can still be worth taking a look and soaking in the knowledge it offers It feels in part as one of those books that many have no direct need for, yet they stand to benefit immensely from indirect exposure to it.It was an enjoyable, thoughtful, incisive and considerate read that gently forced the reader to engage their grey matter a bit.Changing Your Company from the Inside Out, written by Gerald F Davis Christopher J White and published by Harvard Business Review Press ISBN 9781422185094, 224 pages YYYY