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Treasureful book to own Being that I am not a practitioner, I cannot not say in the scheme of things how accurate and factual this book I will say that the author really breaks everything down for you step by step I feel as though I could become a practitioner within a much shorter time with this book The author is very helpful with sources to get some of the ingredients because a novice would have no clue I also liked that he repeatedly tells the reader that you must practice for the good of the community and that bad will only bring bad to you He even takes time in the conclusion to offer advice on how to dress and carry yourself It gave me the feel that this is a respectable man and is only trying to pass on his wisdom I would highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to make gris gris bags or making lucky charms casting spells While I enjoyed the book, I do not think I will be practicing any time soon. By Using The Simple Materials Available In Nature, You Can Bring About The Necessary Changes To Greatly Benefit Your Life And That Of Your Friends You Are Given Detailed Instructions For Making And Using The Gris Gris Charm Bags Only Casually Or Mysteriously Mentioned By Other Writers Malbrough Not Only Shows How To Make Gris Gris Bags For Health, Money, Luck, Love And Protection From Evil And Harm, But He Also Explains How These Charms Work He Also Takes You Into The World Of Doll Magick To Gain Love, Success, Or Prosperity I am a witch, a pagan through and through and I love learning about various magickal systems from around the world I have a deep and profound respect for Hoodoo Voodoo Vodun Originally published in 1986, I have the 24th printing from 2000 and have found this book incredibly powerful and useful during the last 17 years It is one of my favorite go to books There is so much covered in this book, it is a definite asset to any magickal library. This book contains the spells and rituals associated with the author s own brand of Hoodoo a term which refers to a set of magickal practices originating in Africa that has absorbed some beliefs and practices from other cultures such as Native American spirituality and European Ceremonial Magick Marlborough s Hoodoo combines elements of African American Folk Magic, Wicca, and New Orleans Voodoo into a unique magickal system that may have some appeal to eclectic practitioners In addition to the spells, the author touches upon magickal correspondences and provides several formulas for incenses, baths, and magickal oils. I d like to start out with, I am not a practitioner of hoodoo voodoo rootwork As a practitioner of witchcraft, this book has a LOT of good information.A few things differ, culture wise, but it is mostly a very useable and well written book You will have differences in modern magical paths for instance, this book lists black candles as being used for negative spells, where as most witches see black candles as absorbers of negativity Where a hoodoo practitioner will use a black candle to cause something negative to happen, a witch might use a black candle to stop something negative.Other than cultural differences which should be obvious, but are also good to point out for those who don t know otherwise , this book is full of very appropriate information I proudly count it in my magical library. I bought this book years ago while on vacation in New Orleans We did a voodoo tour and I thought this book would be interesting My favorite part of voodoo is that it is believed that you should only do good spells, bad spells cast back on those that do them, which is true for most things in life There really is no plot to this book, just some background on how spells, gris gris bags, oils and voodoo dolls can help you focus on getting what you want. Insightful look into the world of witch craft This book mostly revolved around voodoo hoodoo which I try not to mess with so I found this book kinds unhelpful It was interesting to learn a new magical power but at the same time it scard me Very quick read but nothing to be messing with unless you really know a thing or two about dark spirts. A really good book for introducing you to using dolls, charm bags and herbs in your magic Obviously very focused on Louisiana hoodoo, which isn t my tradition, but the author is aware of this and writes about techniques that any practitioner could use without being culturally appropriative, e.g making anointing oils, making charm bags instead of traditional gris gris bags While most of the formulas do use plants and herbs that aren t widely used where I am, or in my tradition, I will be adapting some of the recipes for my own use For this reason a table of substitutions would have been handy, but there isn t one, so I m using the herbs listed by use in Cunninghams Incenses, oils and brews There s also a section at the end of the books for saints prayers and things which I won t be using, but it s not a massive part of the book and so it s still well worth reading if you work with dolls, charms or herbs in any way. The 1 5 Star Review is the total of what I have to say about this book, specifically.Caveat This review is historical archival in nature Date read is speculative.This book is one of many books I have read about the occult paganism witchcraft This was the readily available faith in my household as a child Additionally, I worked for a company in this field, 2015 2016, and had to read an ocean of this stuff to do my job.