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Best In Class Guide On Chess Middlegame For Beginners You Mastered The Opening Phase, But How Do You Make Way To Win The Game What Are Proven Strategies And Tactics To Establish Winning Positions Do You Want To Outsmart Your Opponents Way Before He Even Realizes He S Run Into A Checkmate If So, This Is The Audiobook For Which You Have Been Waiting Learn The Most Successful Chess Middlegame Strategies To Dominate Every Game And Become A Savvy Chess Player Playing A Successful Middlegame Is Crucial To Prepare For A Successful Endgame It Is Typically The Longest Phase In A Chess Game Where The Most Material Is Exchanged In Order To Equip You With The Right Knowledge To Master The Middlegame, You Will Learn The Following Proven Strategies And Tactics To Master The Middlegame How A Grand Master Thinks In The Middlegame The Best Tips From Alexandra Kosteniuk On How To Improve Your Middlegame How To Make A Superior Middlegame Plan How To Smoothly Transition From Opening To Middlegame How To Set Up Outstanding Positions For The Endgame How To Leverage The Difference Between Tactics And Strategy If You Apply The Tricks And Traps Of This Audiobook, You Will Win Every Play And Beat All Your Unsuspecting Foes Chess Middlegame For Beginners Winning Tips And Tactics To Dominate Your Opponents Is An Easy To Understand Yet Powerful Guide To Quickly Master Chess You Will Learn Proven Middlegame Strategies And Tactics On How To Win Each And Every Game

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    It is an incomprehensible self published piece of crap I read half of it in one sitting, and couldn t believe that I was even reading English The author doesn t even use correct grammar take advantage of his time to understand what good plans he might be and try to prevent the realization of these he might be No, he might HAVE And this is a tiny example The whole book is like this Page 45 sounds like a poem written while on acid If you can get through the HORRENDOUS writing, there is NO information there.Bottom line Run away Run away I want my money back I returned the book, and, , to its credit, DID give me my money back Hooray UPDATE When I reviewed this book, there were 2 reviews, including mine the other mysteriously disappeared Now there are 9 reviews all written within the course of 3 days Now there are 6 reviews including mine Is someone gaming the system

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    Very informative with illustration to learn chess for beginners The strategies are impressive and interesting I am pleased to come across this book Chess is a centuries old game, dating back to 6th century Northern India in the Gupta Empire Chess is a game of strategy demanding a certain level of skill and intelligence to win This book begins with a brief introduction on the history of Chess and the basic rules of this game.

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    Chess for Beginners very informative book the author very well writing lots of tips and tricks very helpful for beginners.when i get this book Playing a successful Middlegame is crucial to prepare for a successful Endgame i really love this guide book.

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    Low quality, poorly organized, not a heck of a lot here to figure It keeps getting promoted, so I took a shot at it Bleh Probably going to return it.

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    This is a very good book to start off with your goal in learning the game of chess It s a very enjoyable game for me I always like to play this game This book provides many strategies of chess Excellent written and well organized by the author Thanks.