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Chess For Hundreds Of Years, People Have Taken Their Armies To Battle On A Checkered Battlefield, Employing Skill And Patience To Capture Their Opponent S Forces Chess Is An Ancient Game That Allows Players To Exercise Their Minds With This Guide, You Will Learn The Rules Of The Game And How To Identify And Utilize Each Chess Piece Whether You Want To Draw The Game Out To Expand Your Technique Or Rapidly Conquer Your Opponent To A Swift Defeat, This Book Will Teach You How To Understand And Plan Your Next Move It Will Teach You How To Anticipate And Counter The Moves Of Your Opponent It All Begins With The Opening Game Deciding Whether To Begin With A Ruy Lopez Opening, Slav Defense, Or Many There Are Multiple Options To Consider Foreseeing The Opening Moves Of Your Opponent Helps To Setup A Counter Play And Stop Them In There Tracks With The Dozens Of Popular Methods Described In This Book, You Will Have No Trouble Making Your First Move It Will Guide You Through To The End Of The Game From Pawns To Kings, Explore The Ancient World Of Chess With This Beginner S Guide To Tactics And Strategies, And Become A Master Of The Board Here Is A Preview Of What Is Explained The Chessboard The Chessmen The Rules Of Chess Popular Chess Openings Chess Tactics And Strategies Playing The End Game Common Mistakes Made In Chess And Much, Much Get Your Copy, And Start Listening Today

6 thoughts on “Chess: Master the Ancient Game of Chess!: Learn Basic Tactics, Openings & Essential Chess Strategies

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    Good basic book for anyone wanting to learn to play it covers the moves and some insight into standard openings and endgames.

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    The book was really basic, but the material is all there for someone who never played chess before I wouldn t recommend buying if you have a medium to high chess IQ But if your a newbie to chess or your a semi beginner than this is a good book A beginner will only learn a few new things from this book For example if you dont know openings or simple middle game and endgame topics than this is a book for you But if your a player trying to transition from a beginner to an intermidate player and you know all about basic chess strategies etc Than I recommend getting some book that goes in depth in other specific chess theory topics Other than that its a good book that even an expert player can use to teach someone else or use for refrence to guide a new player The book is worth the kindle price But im not sure if its worth the hardcover price.

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    I liked the book It teaches beginners how to set up the board and the moves that you can make with the pieces It delivers on its promises The only thing that I wished it had was a little bit strategy and a better explanation on mid and end game tactics Had very few pointers on that Of there is a second book focused on that then I would be happy

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    Very informative with illustration to learn chess for beginners It needs concentration and good strategy from the players in order to win I recommend this book to anyone learning chess.

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    Great book I am enjoying it while camping and playing chess very nice formatted and easy to follow.