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As an HJR fan I just couldn t wait for the paperback when her latest was put on kindle Not only did I get to read it sooner and cheaper but the pages didn t go soggy when I read the weepy bits The story is full of really real characters, plot twists, interesting details, and as usual there is a hint of mystery at the beginning I shall await the paperback edition so that it can join the others on the bookshelf. When Cleo And Dylan Find Each Other At A Christmas Party, Will They Be Able To Make The Necessary Choices In Order To Find Happiness And Love For Themselves After seeing the beautiful cover of this I knew this was a book I needed to read this Christmas, so as soon as it was released I made sure to get this on my kindle.Clio runs the Little Knitting Box, its been in her family for nearly 40years so she is so passionate and has a real love for the store.With christmas approaching Clio is taken back to receive a letter in the post which turns her world upside down and puts her under a load of stress.On the brighter side Clio goes to a party and meets Dylan, they instantly click and fall for each other so quickly With both of them carrying a ton of baggage between them it takes them a while to get together.Christmas at the Little Knitting Box is the perfect festive romance I loved every page of it and it kept me completely gripped to the end Loved this Once again another book that I have had to read right through Helen has a way of making you fall in love with her characters, Def no signs of Fifty Shades but the emotional and romantic feelings that I get when I get to know these characters is far appealing I love the fact that to 3 books are stand alone but we still get to meet familiar characters in each book I bought this as a knitter who enjoys the hobby used occasionally in fiction It was a good decision Warm, cosy story, credible characters it was a pleasant read, I also enjoyed the scenic settings which I have never visitedPredictable if enjoyable romance and I would happily spend pennies in that store.Yes I would recommend it. Having previously read one book by this author which I loved , I was delighted to discover this series of books It was a perfect, Christmassy read and what s l, it was set in New York I did get slightly frustrated with the whole will they, won t they between Cleo and Dylan but only because I was just desperate for them to get together I loved their characters and everything else about this book Am currently reading the second book in this series and am already hooked I struggled immensely with this book Despite being well written I felt that the plot just kept going around in circles.The characters didn t grow in any way that I could tell, they just kept harping on the woe is me vibe or worse going back and forth between should we get back together or not The characters seemed stilted and self obsessed I really couldn t get into this book. I needed a bit of light relief, alongside quite an in depth book I had already started reading, so Helen s Christmas story ticked all the boxes.This was a lovely story, some aspects which I could certainly relate to at the moment I also am a lover of knitting and can understand the passion some people have for the various yarns and patterns.The main characters, Cleo and Dylan, are extremely likeable I really took to Cleo s Grandpa who often called her Buttons.a nickname she had been given as a child.This is definitely a story which leaves you wanting.