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Prince Kaveh, The Youngest Son Of The King Of The City Of Red Clay, Is Bisexual, And Is Completely Besotted With Farzin, The Engineer His Father Hired To Oversee The Improvements To The City S Roads And Bridges However, The King Doesn T Share His Positive Feelings After Farzin Ends Up At The Head Of The Protest That Ensues When The Workers Are Only Paid A Third Of Their Promised Wages, He S Thrown In Prison And Is Scheduled To Be ExecutedQueen Shulamit, Who Rules Over The Neighboring Nation Of Perach, Is Eager To Assist The Desperate Prince She, Too, Loves Justice And Has A Same Sex Partner She S Also Hoping Kaveh, With His Royal Blood, Is Willing To Give Her And Her Sweetheart A Legitimate Heir In Exchange But Can She Find A Peaceful Solution That Will Pacify The King Next Door, Get His Workers Fairly Paid, And Free Farzin, Or Will She And Her Dragon Riding Bodyguard Rivka Have To Go To War

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    So These books I already adored the first two in the Mangoverse series, so I knew I was heading for amazing writing from Shira when I got CLIMBING THE DATE PALM I started it on a flight to Wellington, and was completely sucked in I absolutely adored this book The overall message is one that I can totally get behind, which is that being yourself is brave in an of itself I loved the characters I especially loved the entire arc with Farzin s mother Loved it Basically, I wanted to start cheering and applauding I loved it that much Per usual, the banter between Rivka and basically everyone didn t let me down Her relationship with Isaac makes me grin I adore them both Isaac kind of reminds me of one of my favorite wizard characters, Ingold Inglorion from Barbara Hambly s THE TIME OF THE DARK I m grateful to my mother for introducing me to fantasy at a young age so I was able to recall said character Anyway, Isaac reminds me a bit of Ingold It s awesome The connection to these characters is no doubt bolstered by the fact that my mom introduced me to fantasy as a genre, but that makes Shira s writing all the better What I loved about CLIMBING THE DATE PALM was that it has its traditional fantasy elements, magic, redemption arcs, action, adventure but there s also the fact that there s a lesbian couple at the center of the book, and we meet Farzin and Kaveh as well I don t usually relate to pairings with two cisgender men in them, but I enjoyed Farzin and Kaveh so much than I thought I would, because of how wonderfully Shira wrote their relationship and their own personal arcs Each of them had their own things to address, overcome, and deal with apart from their relationship More than anything, the Mangoverse series is a testament to how well rounded characters can really transform literature.Anyway You should get this book It s fantastic Seriously.

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    I might turn this into a coherent review in a few days, but for now, let me scream about everything awesome Return of our beloved characters from Second Mango New characters join the family And they re great Bisexual prince rescuing his unconventional looking male lover Said male lover, Farzin, standing up for workers not receiving their wages Food, lots of food Lots of discussion about sexuality, especially bisexuality Epic search for a lost lover Beautiful, heart warming Passover sederShira Glassman s second installment in her queer Jewish fantasy series is a real delight.

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    My heart is completely consumed, and recreated to exist within you I ll tend it well and keep it safe, here with my own I loved this, let s just start with that I ve loved the entire Mangoverse The Second Mango series consistently since starting it very out of order, as Book 2 is the latest one I ve read Which is fine, because the books and stories really stand on their own very well, and you can probably start at any point you want and never get lost I can t really pick favorites with the Mangoverse, since they re all lovely, validating, orientation and identity affirming fantasy, but if I could, this would be up there.The storyline is timeless and that s not necessarily a good thing We shouldn t still be familiar with queer lovers being separated and threatened with violence and death Likewise, stories about unjust greedy thoughtlessly cruel rulers who forgo fairness and responsibility in favor of advantage taking patriotism shouldn t still be relevant and increasingly universal, at least among marginalized populations But they are, and that s what we have here The setting may be a fictional fantasy land with dragons and magic, but virtually any reader even vaguely aware of real life history and current events will find the social economical disparities pointedly familiar Translation Those in power have always abused those not, and we see them However, that s where the grimness ends The rest, as is always true of Mangoverse stories, is hope, survival through solidarity, and powerful love of others, of self, and of culture home If our world is sick with the same poisons of cruel intolerance and malignant greed, books like these are the antidote A mirror that does not shy away from revealing frightening realities but also reflects possibilities where suffering eases, love of many kinds prevails, and those abused or rejected find themselves alive, healed, and whole.All that thoughtful socio cultural commentary analysis done, Farzin is the freaking best, oh my gosh Oh my gosh the best A book hasn t made me actually LOL, Out Loud For Real, in a very long time, I can t even remember when This, by the way, is also so very needed We don t laugh nearly enough any And as well as being hilarious, he s warm, brave, perceptive as hell, and right In a world where marginalized people and underpaid workers are routinely taken advantage of, somebody has to stand up and refuse to take it I just love that the face of the revolution is this sweet, funny, chubby, determinedly just, gay nerd And as Kaveh would feel compelled to say, it s a handsome and adorable face as well Prince Kaveh himself is endearing and intensely Relatable with his anxiety panic moments, and I just loved seeing this nervous bi cutie come to terms with himself and his life then fight with everything he has to save the man he loves, and his kingdom of people his father s wronged.And as always, the returning cast is amazing I love Rivka and Isaac forever, and Shulamit Aviva are incredibly sweet and I wanted them to succeed in having a baby without putting Shulamit through anything that would hurt scare her so much and of course they do and it s affirming as heck because this is the Mangoverse and it s just Good This book is good and the people in it are good, and I m running out of words, but Date Palm and the whole Mangoverse are so, so very recommended Like a good meal, it ll give you strength to face another tough day.

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    okay this series is just the best kind of corny like you know when it s late at night and you watch one of those family movies where you re like omg are you kidding me but then your cold cynical heart is won ever by the sheer earnestness of everything on the screen and you finish the movie like ahhh love is real, please ignore my shedding of a single crystalline tear that s basically the vibe of shira glassman s mango verseso in this volume shulamit meets kaveh, a bi prince who is in desperate straits as his father has imprisoned and plans to execute his boyfriend for reasons which boil down to politics and homophobia shulamit is all about helping kaveh out, both because she s horrified to see someone else suffering due to loving someone of the same gender and because kaveh neatly solves a problem for shulamit where to find a prince to marry and beget a heir who d understand that she has a girlfriend and is 0% into ever sharing his bed outside of the necessary baby makingbonus this book s central storyline involves labour politics and fighting for fair wages for workers and i am 100% about that life 3 stars

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    Word of advice do NOT read this without snacks at hand Especially of a middle eastern nature, if you can get your hands on them But please, DO read this book Gosh is it marvelous I started the series with The Second Mango, and while thoroughly enjoyable, Climbing the Date Palm feels wholesome It s a poignant story, with amazing characters Farzin 3 , so cute I might have just squealed in the bus moments, and beautiful imagery I love Shira s writing It has a way to be simultaneously firm, precise, delicate, and just all around charming DATE is all of these things, and I m so happy I still have of the Mangoverse to read

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    3.5 stars The thing about the Mangoverse books is that the writing tends to be unpolished and sometimes awkward, and they re rather short and therefore a little under developed, and yet I sort of love them anyway Can anyone blame me Gay Jewish fantasy is a very small genre I don t have many options here Anyway, despite the occasionally awkward writing and simplicity of the story, I love Jewish characters and traditions being a basic part of the world building, and that despite there being some homophobia gay characters are actually common at least regarding main characters vs minor characters The main cast involves a lesbian queen and her bisexual sweetheart cook, a bisexual prince and his gay engineer boyfriend, and a bisexual sorcerer married to a straight guardswoman It s fluffy and happy and pretty much what you d expect from a book whose cover is a giant blue swan.

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    Though the writing feels clumsy and lacking in maturity, particularly in the characterization of Aviva, and words like ridiculous, cheesy, and corny often came to mind while reading, I feel a strange affection for this book The author really does manage to leave you with a distinct impression of the world she s created, and it s very sensual tied in with food and spices and smells that she describes It s so nice to see a world that isn t based on medieval europe, to see queer protagonists of color, and religion take such a prominent and positive role in the lives of queer people After all developing a nuanced writing style is something one can only do with practice, and to me at least it seems like the worldbuilding foundation here is a solid one.

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    second book in Glassman s Mangoverse series is stronger than the first It takes place a few years later, and finds all the characters from the first one getting involved with a prince from a neighboring kingdom, who has come to find help for his engineer boyfriend, sentenced to death by the king for both political and homophobic reasons The writing here is a lot confident, although some of the dialogue is still awkward, and the engineer s hilarious jokes were not The characters are all likable, though, and I like the use of magic in this world B B.

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    This is such a wonderful book I love being able to visit the world Shira Glassman has created because it s so beautiful and loving It s so refreshing to have a book with such a diverse cast of characters whose plotline extends beyond the struggles of being diverse Climbing the Date Palm absolutely lives up to the first book, The Second Mango, so if you haven t read The Second Mango yet, you should do that and then read this book

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    Shira Glassman has delivered a stunning sequel to her novel The Second Mango in her book Climbing the Date Palm I didn t think a lgbt fantasy full of Jewish wizards, warriors, and queens could get much better, but then she added a happy ending and I fell in love.Climbing the Date Palm is a definite must read for all lgbt fantasy lovers.