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Walking Around New York City Was What Mitty Blake Did Best He Loved The City, And Even After, He Always Felt Safe Mitty Was A Carefree Guy He Didn T Worry About Terrorists Or Blackouts Or Grades Or Anything, Which Is Why He Was Late Getting Started On His Advanced Bio ReportMitty Does Feel A Little Pressure To Hand Something In If He Doesn T, He Ll Be Switched Out Of Advanced Bio, Which Would Be Unfortunate Since Olivia S In Advanced Bio So He Considers It Good Luck When He Finds Some Old Medical Books In His Family S Weekend House That Focus On Something He Could Write About But When He Discovers An Old Envelope With Two Scabs In One Of The Books, The Report Is No Longer About The Grades It S About Life And Death His OwnThis Edge Of Your Seat Thriller Will Leave You Breathless

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    OK, so I had to read this for my Language Arts class and it s probably my least favorite book I ve ever to read, so here I am Writing a review about how much I just dislike this book Grab some popcorn, because this may take a while.Here s a basic summarization of the plot Mitty Mitchell Blake lives in Manhattan in an apartment with his parents At first, the story starts outs probably like any ordinary young adult, sci fi virus novel A lazy teenage boy has a crush on the brainy and beautiful Olivia and has one other friend, Derek Mitty goes to his family s country house for the weekend, finds an envelope with scabs from a smallpox patient victim from the early 1900 s in an old medical book, handles them, and then they go home Since he has a biology paper that he has yet to start, he chooses smallpox as the virus that he s going to report about He then starts to research the virus, and then realizes that gasp , what if the virus is still viable, and what if he gets infected Before I start, I do have some bias I ve never been really interested in sci fi virus infection books in the first place, however, I believe that if a book is good, anyone could enjoy it But man, this book is just a wreck Let s start with the main character, Mitty, shall we Mitty which is a really dumb nickname btw is SO lazy While sometimes relatable, Mitty is really annoying because most of the book is him indirectly relenting on and on about how he thinks school is a waste of time, he doesn t like to try, etc There are pieces of his biology paper he is writing within the text His teacher, Mr Lynch, reads and PRAISES him for a paper that s actually poorly written for a high school student There s a paragraph after a small passage from one his books he s using to write his paper that goes If Mitty used language like that, Mr Lynch would totally know he was copying So Mitty wrote If your country is run by bad guys or if you have gangs of bad guys who aren t running your country, but they re powerful, they might have smallpox even if their actual government claims they don t And if your laboratory is second rate, you could have smallpox around that you forgot about Yeah, I get it, he s a slacker, so his teacher kind of gives him a break because of that But seriously This guy is supposed to be 16, at least a sopho if not a junior, and he writes papers like THAT and slacks off Good Lord, why is this child in Advanced Biology Another detail that bothered me was that when the girls on the basketball team at his school apparently don t play well, he isn t surprised and he doesn t care about women s sports in general Isn t that sort of misogynistic of him I have no idea how he is supposed to be likable Next, his two friends Olivia, and Derek Derek is Derek That s all I need to say Super bland character, adds nothing to the text except he s Mitty s bro Meh Then, we have Olivia She s bright, articulate, and by Mitty s standards, courageous and really, really pretty With this kind of character you d think it would seemingly make up for the poor performance of the main character, right Wrong What I got from her character is that even with all her awesome qualities which Mitty talks about a lot , she doesn t have the spotlight she deserves Olivia, similar to Derek, is basically there for conversation and no real addition to the plot But, of course, there s an underlying romance At first I thought the crush Mitty had on Olivia was one sided There was literally little to no indication that Olivia felt the same way, and they talked to each other plantonically Then at one point in the book, they go to the subway station together and just start holding hands out of no where And prior to that, they never express of their own individual romantic fondness to each other Huh To add to that, Caroline gives all the reasons that Mitty would adore Olivia, but what about Mitty Why does Olivia like him She starts to really get attached to him and I have to wonder why, because honestly There is NOTHING endearing about Mitty There is no reason a girl like her or really any girl for that matter should be involved with a guy like him, and that stresses me out so much Olivia could ve had a decent, well thought out role, but she s just another romantic interest Now, girls can be wonderful and interesting characters while being the romantic interest Romance subplots can be good if done correctly However, the execution of this was really not good at all, and I m honestly tired of authors coming up with a seemingly great female character but not giving her real substance One of the only female characters in the book is pretty much reduced to someone that s hopelessly in love with the dumb, main male character It s an utter shame If you re going to include a romance subplot in a story, don t make it rushed, and allow your main female character to shine It s not that hard Another problem I have with this book is when Mitty gets abruptly kidnapped What Yeah, I know I m not too surprised it happened, though The kid s a pea brain, what else would you expect To sum it up, at one point he emails several people on the internet including the CDC , questioning the viability of the smallpox virus being able to infect Question Who even emails random people on the internet about this Couldn t you just do a Google search Ugh, whatever Anyway, multiple people email him back asking for interviews, when he found the scabs, if they can have the scabs for testing, etc etc His email was even forwarded to the FBI for investigation In general, most of the responses were calm, but some gave the indication that Mitty could possibly have smallpox Naturally, he freaks out and even writes a letter to his parents explaining his problem, and talks about he may even have to die to save his city which is really cringe worthy, to be honest Now, this is where it takes a turnA woman approaches him while he s walking Says she s from the CDC, wants to test his blood for the possible virus He reluctantly agrees Next thing you know, he s strapped down in a cellar alone He feels sick and believes it s from the smallpox virus getting to him Eventually, he is freed from his duct tape prison, but he s still trapped This is the most intense and probably the most well written part of the book.Except for the terrorists 9 11 was only a few or so years ago when the book was set, and is referenced many times, so I guess it makes sense to throw some bio terrorists in there to make the story exciting However, I felt that it was a tad racist The terrorists were super stereotypical If one of them had said, We hate America and can t speak good English We kill you Ha ha ha I wouldn t have been at all surprised, that s how poorly they were written Here s an example The men crept closer, hunched down, staring at Mitty as if deciding whether to use wasp spray or rat poison Then the first guy straightened up He jabbed his arm and closed fist at the ceiling as if he held a rifle You will die, he said to Mitty It was the first thing he had said out loud He had the same accent as the woman in brown You will die We, he told Mitty, we will dance in the streets One of the worst lines of dialogue I have ever seen Caroline why Also, to add to the list of reasons why these characters suck, all we know is that they want to use Mitty to infect NYC That s it No back story, nothing I believe New York being the location is suppose to be the reason because of the high population But then there are so many unanswered questions Why exactly did they chose New York, why did they want to use smallpox even though they re not 100% sure Mitty has the disease, and just not completely revealing the motive for the villains when the story is crammed into one book is just really irresponsible Don t leave your readers hanging It s irritating.Finally, later on in the book, the four super evil terrorist bad guys and woman are killed by monoxide poisoning, and the narrator bluntly states, Mitty Blake did not get smallpox Wow, what an underwhelming reveal Since his jaw was badly damaged during his kidnapping, Mitty had to go the hospital, which is the setting of the ending This is, word for word, how the book ends Mitty sat up in bed and looked out his window at New York City He couldn t see much It was kind of a boring view, actually It could have been any city But it s my city, thought Mitty Blake And no bad guys are dancing in my streets There it is That horrible line AGAIN So Basically, I had to go through all of that and that s is the ending I get Wow I m sad This is my sad face because I m sad In conclusion, Code Orange has an interesting premise but is a huge letdown The main character isn t likable, most of the story is boring and seems to coast along, the bad guys are stereotypical, it takes 139 out of 195 pages to get to the main action, the ending is severely underwhelming, and you don t even find out how his paper project went This book, for lack of a better term, is trash, and it s a real wonder that this actually got printed The end.PS Sorry to Caroline but seriously girl, you could ve done so much better.

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    This book might have been the most boring thing I have ever read in my life This book was not for me at all, it might just be me, I might not get it but I honestly think this was the worst thing I ve ever read in my life.I rated this book a one, because it dragged on the whole time, I didn t know what was happening, and the author kept switching the story throughout the whole book At first it wasn t that bad, but then I read the second chapter, and I cant explain the boredom I went through after that.

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    This should have been the Indiana Young Hoosier winner for 2008 It has everything, mystery, suspense, gore, history.I love the fact that Cooney draws students into to this great story and then shows them the way to do research and the way NOT to do Research Mitty is a procrastinator and is the epitome of a bright student with a lack of motivation to do his work properly His girlfriend is the opposite, she is a dedicated, driven student that does above and beyond what is required She is an exceptional student and reminds me of Hermione Granger from Harry Potter The pair are both in an advanced science class, in which the teacher assigns a research paper on an infectious disease Mitty being the procrastinator that his is waits until the last minute to begin his research notes The only book he can find on his topic is an antique from the 1900s that his mother has collected for one of her clients The book turns out to have been owned by a doctor that was dealing with treating small pox Mitty comes into contact with scabs that were preserved in the book An underlying component of this story deals with teens coping with living in New York after 9 11, dealing with the fear of other terrorist attacks While I was somewhat annoyed with this, it was not didactic or moralistic It didn t feel preachy or as if Cooney was trying to capitalize on the tragedy This is probably due to the fact that she is a New Yorker.There are so many talking points in this book that I feel it would make a great book for a 8th or 9th grade English Classes, or even science for that matter.

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    It s really great and I wish that there is books like this

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    it had a BIG cliff hanger and i want know what will happen next.

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    great really good theme There are no bad guys dancing in the street how savage he was killing the 4 people Oops.overall really good book loved the ending

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    This was probably the most boring book that I have read this year The ending was super trash.

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    It was pretty good Very exciting and can be hard to put down It has that important feel to it.

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    Code Orange was an exciting book I think this would be novel that would capture the interest of readers from grades sixth through ninth The main character in Code Orange is Mitty Blake, an affluent New York City teen who cares about socializing and listening to music than achieving academic success at his private prep school All this changes when Mitty becomes engrossed in a project on infectious diseases Mitty decides to do his project on smallpox when he discovers a sampling of smallpox sores in an old medical text that his mother found at an estate sale During his study of smallpox he begins to be afraid that he could have contracted the virus from the sores His life beings to spiral out of control because he fears that he is bringing back this devastating epidemic While looking for answers online he attracts the attention of a group of bioterrorists, who kidnap him and wait to see if he contracts the virus While the plot of this novel is extremely hard to believe, it captures your attention in such a way that you are willing to go along with the seemingly implausible events I thought it was fun and exciting to read, and I learned a lot about the history of smallpox and broadened my knowledge of viruses in general The primary use of this book would be to encourage reluctant readers If the librarian were to do a quick book talk on this book, it would be hard to keep on the shelf While girls would definitely enjoy this book, it would also be very appealing to male readers The main character is a young man, and there is an exciting fight scene when Mitty tries to flee from the terrorists Also, because of the solid facts that run throughout the story, it would be a way for a biology teacher to create interest around a unit on viruses If the teacher read a bit of a chapter at the beginning or end of class it could help spark some interesting discussion about viruses and bioterrorism Code Orange was a bit frightening because the descriptions of the horrors of smallpox were quite accurate, and there is some violent content at the end of the story Despite these elements, I do think it would be appropriate for the age that it was intended This book was well reviewed, and across the board all reviewers agreed that this was an engaging, page turner The reviewer from Booklist thought that the topic of this book was at times profoundly disturbing and would be a book that readers wouldn t soon forget.

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    I expected to like this book a lot than I did I greatly enjoyed the Face on the Milk Carton series and I m something of an infectious disease enthusiast, so Code Orange should have been the perfect book for me Unfortunately, I was severely unimpressed.Mitty, the book s main character, is an unlikeable slacker He hates school, doesn t listen to teachers, thinks books are a waste of time, and believes that dropping out of high school and listening to a lot of music will earn him a career as a music reviewer I realize that Cooney was aiming for the reluctant reader demographic with Mitty, but I think she took it too far It s hard to care about a kid who s stupid enough to inhale biological material he found in a book on infectious diseases In fact, by the end of the first chapter, I was hoping he d meet a grisly end.After exposing Mitty to smallpox, Cooney has two weeks to kill before he would start showing symptoms The uninformed need to realize that they should be horrified on Mitty s behalf, so Cooney fills the first half of the book with his advanced biology report how he got into advanced biology is a mystery The prose mostly consists of Mitty reading passages of informative books and paraphrasing them in forced teenager ese His teacher loves it, but the facts are so incredibly basic that a kid could learn from skimming the smallpox Wikipedia page Given how much research he does into smallpox, Mitty takes FOREVER to realize that he may have doomed himself.Once Mitty realizes he could have Smallpox and that the possible consequences for the world would be devastating, there s a brief period of soul searching where he wonders what to do Cooney takes this opportunity to draw parallels between Mitty and Typhoid Mary, and for me, this was the best, most honest, and most unique part of the book Unfortunately, it doesn t last very long, and the final third of the book is given over to a run of the mill kidnapping plot featuring the usual cliches useless authorities and thickwitted criminals who are outsmarted by their underage prisoner Code Orange is a quick read and it s not uninformative if you re completely unaware of the existence of smallpox The target audience reluctant male readers might like it, but I wouldn t recommend it to anyone who reads widely.