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No One Captures The Delights Of The Hoilday Season Like New York Times Bestselling Author Fern MichaelsSilver Bells For Years, Movie Star Amy Lee Wondered What It Would Be Like To Leave Her Shallow Hollywood Life And Go Back Home To Apple Valley, Pennsylvania This Christmas, She Plans To Find Out And Hank Anders, Her High School Boyfriend, Is Now Ready To Give Her A Welcome She Ll Never Forget Snow AngelsThe Only Way Irresistibly Handsome Olympic Skier Max Jorgenson Wants To Spend Christmas Is Alone But When Social Worker Grace Landry Stumbles Into His Log Cabin During A Snowstorm, An Unexpected Magic Rekindles His Heart, His Hopes, And The Sweetest Of Christmas DreamsHoliday Magic Ski Shop Manager Stephanie Marshall Is Counting On A Holiday Bonus So She Can Put A Down Payment On A Home For Herself And Her Daughters But Her Handsome Boss, Eddie O Brien, Has His Own Christmas Wish One That Could Lead To A Lifetime Of Loving

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    Danga second Christmas book in a row that I consider a dud First it was Snowbound in the Earl s Castle by Fiona Harper, and now this one, Coming Home For Christmas a collection of 3 Fern Michaels novellas I had such high hopes for it The cover is soooo cozy and Christmasy and the descriptions made me hope it would be like Hallmark holiday movies in book form Alas, although these stories were corny, it wasn t in the good way.The first story, Silver Bells started fine Amy Lee is a movie star who s parents died during the Christmas season years ago Now she returns to her home town where she runs into her old childhood sweetheart, who is caring for his twin brother s twins since his sister in law ran out randomly in a stress fit It started alright, then the I read the unbelievable the story seemed Soon it went downhill quickly from there The whole time I m likethis stuff just would NEVER happen I know it s fiction, but it s not fantasy or science fictionso I don t understand why it is so far fetched The romance also seemed so forced and the way the characters re fell in love so fast just was so fake The dialogue was so childlike, like middle school kids with crushes chatting on facebook Of course I love the Christmasness of it, but thats it.The 2nd story, Snow Angels also unbelievable A woman who owns a house for battered women and their kids is stranded in a snowstorm with 2 of the kids and winds up at an Olympic skier s cabin where they must spend the days leading up to Christmas Of course, like the first story, a death of a loved one on Christmas eve the skier s wife left him bitter during the Holiday season Fern, why all the tragic deaths that happened on Christmas Eve in the characters pasts It is just really cliche, and when it happened in back to back stories it just turned me off These circumstances just wouldn t happen and the love scenes again forced and random I did like the ending, but I just was so annoyed by the immaturity of the romance.The 3rd story I couldn t even get through The writing was just awful and again unbelievable and I couldn t get my attention grabbed.The plus side is Fern Michael s interview at the end of the book She seems like a lovely and sweet person Maybe this was just a dud collection, I don t know Ill have to try out another of her books in the future, because people seem to like her books and she she seem super sweet But this book, please, stay away from If you are looking for a heartwarming Christmas tale, check out Donna Alward s Sleigh Ride with the Rancher That was a really fun AND believable holiday story that is perfect for reading by a fireplace with a cup of tea.

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    Don t even know where to start The writing was good and each of the three novellas was very promising in the beginning But the characters actions were completely unbelievable There was just no logic in their behavior and the choices they ve made Not to mention that they all had a strange tendency to fall in love with each other within 12 h or so of the first meeting It was just all very odd and difficult to believe in.

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    First 2 stories were cute, although a little too sweet and even slightly cheesy But that 3rd story really tanked I can t believe how awful the hero was, and how easily we were supposed to accept his change of heart Yeah, did not work for me at all It left a really bad taste in my mouth and I m honestly surprised at that whole story.

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    I was so excited when i won this book on goodreads, Because i love Fern Michaels books But this one just was not what I expected at all I did not realize at first it was actually 3 short stories in one book The first 2 short stories was the best and i would give them both 5 s The 3 rd i would only give 1.

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    Silver Bells Amy and Hank reunite after Amy is whisked away to California to live with her aunt when her parents die in a car accident Amy is tired of the movie star life and comes back home for a while She is reunited with Hank when he s left to care for his nephews when his sister in law decides she s had enough, needs a break and leaves Will Amy and Hank find love at Christmas Read December 2015Snow Angels When Grace takes Amanda and Ashley out to see a Christmas play, they get stuck in the snow and can t name it back to Hope House They walk until they come to the house of Olympic skier, Max Jorgenson Max has decided since his wife was killed, he s going to be angry and bitter He s very mean to Grace and the girls at first, but as time moves on, he begins to thaw It is when Grace and the girls are put in danger, that Max realizes how much he cares for Grace Once Grace and the girls leave, Max knows if he wants to be with Grace, he must find her and let her know Will it be too late, or will Max and Grace find their happily ever after Holiday Magic Stephanie had to take her daughter s Ashley and Amanda and get away from her abusive husband She ends up at Hope House where she and the girls are treated very well by the owner Grace Stephanie gets a job at the ski lodge When the director who runs the ski lodge is rude one too many times Stephanie walks out He has no idea what she and her daughter s have been through But Stephanie doesn t know that Patrick has suffered a loss as well, and that he s really fighting back feelings that he has for her When her daughter s get lost, Patrick is the one who drops everything to find them They really adore Patrick, and once he gets over his fear of losing someone close to him again, perhaps he and Stephanie can have the start of a romance Read January 2016

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    Typical Christmas romance Will never remember a thing about it, but it got me in the Christmas spirit

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    eh..nahdidn t like the storys very much..got a bit bored to be honest

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    Yeah, this was pretty awful Filing this under Never Again.

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    I think this is the second or third book I read from this author and I remain unimpressed I m a huge fan of crummy romance novels if they re set during Christmas, so I was hoping this would be at least average.Although the author s writing style isn t bad aside from using dopey sentences such as and the rest, as they say, is history , I greatly dislike her vision on romance She always starts off with clever ideas for background stories but then ruins it with the romance Every single one of the three stories, has both the man and the woman react with a wall of silence after using a horseman of the apocalypse of marriage Two giant red flags that each of them use, every time I understand the need for some type of setback to have a story arc, but why it needs to employ strategies from extremely avoidant or dismissive people on one side, and extremely anxiously attached people on the other side, I don t know Those attachment styles will almost certainly clash Why can there not be at least one securely attached person no games, no misunderstandings without talking about it, no horrid comments or putdowns, in the story Why can the problem not be something else to overcome Do we truly need losing your kids in the snow AND losing a dear one too death AND extreme avoidant dismissive attachment AND bad former experience AND losing a job AND a misunderstanding in one story with a Deus ex machina or dea in this case The other two stories were equally like this.If the author could focus on one or two things, she would have the space to go in depth into the problems, and come up with a good solution without having to rely on rich people doing good all the time It s clear she has the talent for it Maybe she doesn t have the audience for it, and I m being nitpicky.My conclusion is that I won t read her books or stories any, unless I am pointed to one with an actually healthy relationship.I credit the author for good descriptions of good clean holiday fun, and making the endings of the romance not be the typical wedding all the time, and sometimes just a longer dating part I wonder if she too, knows some of these romances are doomed to fail after all.

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    DNF on page 31 For me, it s incredibly hard to dnf a book I almost never do it on purpose, even if I m not really feeling it My rule is usually if I still don t like it by half way through, I can dnf it, but I never do because I still want to know how it ends and I figure if I get to half then I can finish it With this one, I hated it from the first page I didn t even want to read it, but I was trying to firce myself to so I could see if it was a book worth keeping, or if I should donate it I feel bad getting rid of a book I haven t read, but this is one exception My goal for next year is to get better at dnfing books that I don t like instead of forcing myself to read them, so why not start now I was forcing myself to try to get through the first story to see if it gets any better, but I just could not force myself through 80 pages just to get to the next one and see if it is any better I skipped the the beginning of the second story to see how it was, and it seemed to have the same problem as the first so I decided to dnf it The problem is that what happens in the stories is so unbelievable that I absolutely loathe them, or at least what I read if them Like really, a mother is just going to abandon her kids to her brother in law for no reason Yes, she was stressed out, but it came out of nowhere after he told her to relax, and it made absolutely no sense The same thing goes for pretty much everything else that happened, it just came out of nowhere and was not believeable at all, because nobe of the things in the story would happen like that I didn t like the characters and I had no sympathy for them, because their actions were just ridiculous.