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This is a review off al the books in the Great Exploitations series not just of this current book May contain spoiler from all 5 books I just have to come out and say it Eve was a HIGH PAID HOOKER, very very high paid HOOKER with a Robin Hood complex this because she thinks she s doing the world some good So there is no reason to tiptoe around it.Now that I ve gotten that out of the way let me tell you what I thought of this book In the beginning I wasn t over the moon with the story but I was curious about what would happen and I liked the idea of the books, the whole secret society of women contracted by the wives of wealthy, powerful men for one reason and one reason only to seduce their husbands , so that s why I keep reading the books.But I have a few questions How come she transforms in the first book for her Target the name given to the men she s supposed to screw over, literally P and the she never changes her appearance for another Target How come she s this great sex goddess but all the sex scene except The Oneor better said THE TEN P sound in my mind a little like this And there where a few other inconsistencies but there is no reason to get into them DI really liked how all the story unravels in the last novel and I have to say I did not see that I started to suspect what was going on in the last book but I was still surprised I know you re wandering WTF I m talking about but I can tell you because I would spoil all the fun PAll in all it was a good read that I enjoyed and give it 4 stars But If you want to read a book with great sex scenes then maybe you should try another book P In The Fifth And Final Conclusion Of The Great Exploitations Series, Find Out What Will Happen To Eve, The Career She S Spent Five Years Devoted To, And The Man Who Betrayed Her In The Worst Possible Way In The World She S Spun For Herself, Nothing S As It Seems luv these books the series is so good i ve really enjoyan this 1 was great the story carried on from where it left eve is still on her henry errand an she is gettin in deep her feels r comin back 4 him an she is tryin 2 fight them but its not really workin if i was her i wouldnt n able 2 fight them either he is gorgeous an we found out sooooooo much in this small book i was delighted with how things went i was a bit shocked in places but that good i ve just luv the story its great the whole eve thing is great it would solve a lot of shit if we knew a eve hahaha but overall great series i ve enjoyed it xxxx Free on kindle unlimited 2 21 16. La comunicaci n resuelve tantos problemas, no Se ve que nadie le dijo a estos dos boludos, en serio son TSTL to stupid to live Al menos me divert un rato. An amazing did not see it coming end to a fascinating romantic serial that s far from ordinaryIt hadn t been conventional or traditional or maybe even ideal, but it was oursIn this last and final installment of the Great Exploitations serial, I finally get the answers to all my questions I would not have thought it possible for Eve and Henry to find a happy ending I couldn t fathom an explanation to which I could forgive his transgressions or him overlooking her current career choice, or if there was even a way for her to get out of it But that s just the wonder of a great writer at work.But I m getting ahead of myself I was first drawn to the first short story in the serial because of its appealing cover Have you seen them I think they re both alluring and very appropriate for the books I also found the premise intriguing in an almost impossible to fathom way And lastly the very engaging Eve, the story s main character, is a woman scorned but determined to find her happiness and freedom.Eve works for a tongue in cheek group of women whogenerate temptation in order to impart freedomIn other words she deals with infidelity Herclients are the women who fell in love with a man with enough dollar signs behind his name to require a pre nuptial agreement That same woman who, months or years later, finds her beloved husband isn t the loving, honest, and faithful person she d hopedShe is inthe business of great exploitations,after she herself walked in on Henry, her fianc e, in bed with another woman five years ago During the course of each short we get to see Eve in action, which I must admit tested my limits and made me squirm She basically sets up husbands to be photographed in the act with her But with each one there was a sense of justice in her assignment We also meet Henry, her ex fianc e and the man whose wife has hired the Eves to ruin.Throughout the story Henry has seemed truly invested in Eve s wellbeing He s been nothing but wonderfully charming, supportive and understanding Blurring the lines and making Eve forget her objectivesI d let the same man whose life I d wanted to ruin back into my life, and now that he was there, I d do anything to keep him How had I let that happen I was smarter than that I didn t play the part of the foolish woman How had I let a few words and vulnerable looks from Henry work against my better judgmentEvery time Henry and Eve were together I loved their back and forth, which made this last installment a bit of a disappointment, since I would ve liked a lotinteraction between them.But Nicole wraps up this story in a shocking and ingenious way with a happy ending for Even and Henry that left happy and satisfied, with great appreciation for her writing because Should be read in order Fifth and last in the serial with a HEA.More reviews Stalk us on FaceBook As well as Twitter The final installment of the GE series Eve is still working her errand, her ten Her Henry But not every errand it what it seems Although Henry devastated her when she found him in bed with another woman all those years ago, she can t help but still have feelings for the man standing before her As an Eve, she should know that not everything is as it seems But Eve never saw this coming Every question is answered and you ll never see it coming This series is wrapped up nicely in the final installment, although it felt like forever for it to happen I loved the idea of this story, the whole idea was something that was original As you read each part you aren t clued into the bigger picture until you are first introduced to the errand that was going to change it all the same man that started it all.Nicole Williams delivered a fantastic serial series held your attention from book one until the last And slowly you get to meet the real Eve as the story develops Sure you meet her in book one, but you see her with so many different masks that it isn t until you see her with Henry that you really get a chance to see the real her The revelations in this were unexpected I was unsure as to how this could end If there was a way that Henry could be redeemed.But Ms Williams pulled it off flawlessly I loved watching this series morph into something that you never expected. 4.5 StarsEve is back from Tampa ready to finish the Callahan errand I have talked about this series with my friends and my biggest concern was that there really wouldn t be a conclusion that would make me happy Do I want her with Henry He cheated on her, but it is obvious there isto the story I have just struggled with whether or not I could forgive him Even if they wanted to be together, can she escape G So we have a lot to work through in this finale In the end, I will say I am completely impressed with the twists and turns I honestly didn t see things ending the way they did, but I am completely satisfied and impressed. Razones por las cuales usted no debe confiar en un escritor que saca muchos libros al a o1 No va a dedicar tiempo en unir piezas de la trama, como podr a funcionar todo, cu les son las huecos que podr an surgir, etc 2 No va a escribir fichas de cada personaje, desarroll ndolos enteramente como debe ser.3 Ni siquiera va a crear una l nea de tiempo para saber si sus tiempos en la trama coinciden.4 Simplemente ese escritor va a tener una idea genial, y va a sentarse a escribir de la nada, por lo que demuestra el poco respeto que tiene con el lector, el cual emocionalmente va a simplemente dejarse llevar por lo maravilloso de la trama diferente.5 A la final, si dejas atr s el coraz n y utilizas la raz n, te sentir s que te enga aron pero no sabes ni como Todo lo de arriba no todo, casi todo, pero no todo tiene que ver con Nicole Williams, pero si con la mayor a de escritores que quieren romper el record guinness de m s libros escritos por a o.Ahora bien aqu comienza el spoiler view spoiler Bueno Que manera de terminar una gran ideaDurante toda la serie, encontraba un poco de discordancias A veces Eva hablaba de, por ejemplo, como deb a hacer esperar a un hombre y luego hablaba de que deb a apurarse para no llegar tarde ni un minuto Se obsesionaba con los condones lo cual me parece genial pero luego a la autora se le olvid el uso de el en una de las escenas quiz s m s importantes de una Misi n Esto puede parecer un poco quisquilloso, y lo es, pero son esos peque os detalles que te van mosqueando porque no puedes simplemente decir una cosa y luego otra Es faltar a tu propio personaje, el cual parece que conozco mejor que tu Sabes por qu Quiz s porque invert m s tiempo imagin ndomelo que t cre ndolo y construy ndolo It s not right.Luego toda la cosa del Contacto Un negocio que hace lo que hace y cobra lo que cobra, tiene alg n sentido que deje la parte M S IMPORTANTE a un tercero Qu demonios Pero la guinda del pastel es la siguiente Todo eso lo pod a pasar si tienes una idea genial y la pones all , quiz s solo necesitas un proceso de edici n Bien Todo iba bien Henry en el cuarto de la Misi n y todo esto fue una sorpresa, okay aunque pod a ser que lo podr as sospechar, peroCuando dijo Lo sab a desde hace 3 a os TODO termin para mi De verdad ARE YOUFUCKINGKIDDINGME Bien, el tipo paso todo el tiempo busc ndote No te encuentra Te encuentra donde menos pens que estar as Pr cticamente prostituy ndote, as sea de la manera m s cara, y lo m s razonable que sea como consecuencia de que lo viste a el enga andote , por culpa de ese NEGOCIO donde ella trabaja O sea, le estaba destruyendo la vida dos veces y tu todav a te esperas 3 a os a que ella se deje cojer por medio pa s y adem s casi la muelan a palos y seas incapaz de decirle en ese momento inv lida en una cama y no pod a correr a ning n lado Hey cari o, sabes ese d a que me encontraste en la cama con otra, mira estos archivos, era mi mam que contrat a la empresa donde tu trabajas Done Este tipo no es mi h roe Este tipo es un pendejo Perdonen mi franc s.Claro Supongo que all terminar a el libro.Pero el caso es que cuando eso sucedi yo quer a negarme que Henry pudiera saber porque me dec a no, no simplemente el no podr a ver que casi la matan y seguir as como as.Hubiese quedado tan bonito que se hubiese creado otro tipo de hilo para esta trama que es tan diferente y que en realidad, admito, fue interesante Pero no a expensas de que el tipo fuese un imb cil.Simplemente no puedo soportarlo.Convertiste a Henry en un completo idiota en dos segundos hide spoiler