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It Started Out As A Kidnap, Turned Into A Brutal Murder And Ended Up As A Plot To Assassinate The American State Secretary DCI Henry Christie Leaps At The Chance To Investigate The Brutal Killing Of An Ex Cop Turned Sleazy Private Eye But As He Investigates, Christie Stumbles Into A Plot By Muslim Extremists And Finds Himself Plunged Into The World Of International Terrorism

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    I have now read all of the Christie series I feel this one is probably one of the best Only one real external, to the police character re appears, and he is not the usual informant.At some stages I wondered if the book contained an element of collaboration However I was pleased to read aspects of actions and feelings that only a detective, who has experienced them, could really relate.Only one aspect in the latter stages, had me wondering if Christie, really would have sought to have safeguarded the rights of one in the intersts of many to say would spoil it for the potential reader.Could not really put down Crisp and to the point, the story moves at great pace without missing important aspects of policing.Every page is of interest How he has merged to story lines is very good.Hope there are to come

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    You can t help but both like and sympathise with Mr Christie Inately moral except where members of the opposite sex are concerned of course.The author takes his readers on a great and amusing journey of crime drama His knowledge of Lancashire and Greater Manchester towns helps in scene setting and placing the reader there so to speak.I look forward to the next e book publication

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    Sorry Nick this is a bit far fetched even for you Blackpool had already moved into 5th place in the most dangerous city in the world list but now it surpasses Beirut and Moscow and has moved into third.

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    Seems like ages since Nick Oldhams last book be warned not for the faint hearted as ever a great read.One of the best English detective authors around todaynot going to reveal any plot linesRead This Bookexcellent

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    Another excellent story from Nick Oldham Henry Christie Gets into the action from the get go As always a very good read A cant put down book.

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    Brilliant story line as usual

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    Good read

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