Free eBook CW Geek's Guide to Having Fun with Morse CodeAuthor Dan Romanchik KB6NU –

Have Fun With Morse Code Knowing Morse Code Is No Longer Required To Get An Amateur Radio License, But Many Hams Are Learning The Code Anyway There Are Many Reasons For This It S A Part Of Amateur Radio History There S A Mystique About Operating Morse Code It S FUN This Book Is All About Having Fun With Morse Code It Will Help You Learn The Code Choose The Type Of Key That S Right For You Show You How To Get On The Air And Make Contacts Teach You The Proper Way To Use Abbreviations, Q Signals, And Prosigns But, Most Of All, It Will Help You Have Fun With Morse Code

8 thoughts on “CW Geek's Guide to Having Fun with Morse Code

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    Dan brings all his CW and amateur radio training experience together in this very readable and encouraging guide to learning and succeeding at it Highly recommended for anyone enthusiastic about this historic, simple yet highly effective mode of communications Dit dit.

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    I found this publication most rewarding..It is inspiring me to use CW .I passed my 12wpm Morse test in 1994 But quickly moved away from CW.

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    Good book good information on cites to learn Morse code

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    Would have been much higher However a guide to having fun with Morse would have been much better should it actually have the Morse alphabet in it at the very least

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    My husband enjoys reading this book and so do his friends.

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    Enjoyable read

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    anyone starting Morse this is a good book

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    A useful little book that covers the actual use of CW on the bands Really practical advice.