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Jane Jonas Is Nearing Her Th Birthday And Troubled By Unsettling Recurring Dreams Where The Same Mysterious Boy Her Age Comes To Her, Telling Jane That They Are Each Other S Destiny Her Mother Is Becoming Anxious About Jane S Disruptive Sleepwalking Episodes, But For Jane Her Dream World And Reality Are About To Collide

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    Sadly, Dark Heart Forever is one of those the cover is better than the actual prose novels I was enchanted by the gorgeous art and really excited to read the book as I ve had plot bunnies about a similar idea bouncing round my head for a few years now but sadly I was left feeling very disappointed I had a lot of trouble with the narrative because it jumps into the story without a back story at all I expected some flesh to Luca s storyline how long had Jane been having these dreams What happened in them but there was not really anything at all Particularly at the beginning of the novel, the narrative just left me confused Luca started appearing in her real life almost instantly but we never actually saw him visit her in her dreams, so I was confused as to if he was in her real life and no one could see him or if she was in a dream when she saw him There was no back story on Jane either, aside from the apparently fundamental I m a freak trap that so many YA authors fall into Usually I can somewhat go along with it but I found it startlingly painful to digest in Dark Heart Forever Jane mentions several times outright that she is a freak and that she was terribly bullied, but aside from the fact that she doesn t dress well, I didn t really see why she would be picked on However, people do strange things, so perhaps she was bullied simply for being herself, but I felt like the point was overdone It was typical, overused case of the female lead not being pretty or special, but the male lead still falls in love with her because actually, she is beautiful This leads me to a gripe I had with Jane at least twice her long glossy hair was mentioned as her redeeming factor For someone who claims to not care much for her appearance, her vanity is obvious here Moving on from Jane, I give a little credit to Lee Monroe the Evan twist was interesting Unfortunately, I had already guessed it I couldn t believe these two boys were suddenly in love with her when she had just met them both and no one had ever liked her before Luca was about the only character I liked He seemed kind and gentle, but brave when it was necessary Lowe s character was just not well done he seemed very evil, only to suddenly change his mind at the end Other characters flitted in and out without much story, investigation or purpose I firmly believe that every character must serve some kind of purpose if they are important enough to be mentioned several times The vampires were almost redundant I wish there had been support behind all of the characters They had no depth and seemed almost there to fill a gap.Just some other little things that bothered me the scene in which they have lunch Evan is offered a beer, which he declines, because he is going to teach Jane how to drive He says that the two he has already drunk are his limit Firstly, Jane is sixteen, so it s illegal for her to learn how to drive until she is seventeen I m assuming the novel is set in England because of the spelling of Mum and the author is English, but I can t actually remember if it is ever mentioned but her parents are okay with that Secondly, Evan has already had two beers drinking while driving, again, illegal, and even if he is under the limit, dangerous and he is going to teach Jane to drive on a mountainside They are okay with that, too In fact, they even find it agreeable, rewarding him a with winning smiles when he says he won t drink another It also seemed like Jane used both of the boys when the other wasn t around She also accepted Luca s world without a second thought, barely questioning it, which did not seem realistic at all Frankly, this book feels to me as if it is just another novel designed to fill the Twilight gap, which saddens me greatly As a devot YA fiction fan specifically paranormal as well I m looking for something different Something with strong characters, development and something original I m aware that it is impossible to go not cover what has already been breeched wolves, alternate universes, fallen angels ect but Dark Heart Forever was a real disappointment I was also sad to see that it was an English author, as I think most YA fiction is published by American authors and a brilliant British paranormal YA series is needed.

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    You know how you sometimes read a book and wonder why this person got published This is one of those books A completely uninteresting plotline, a girl who acts like she is twelve instead of sixteen, and a love triangle full of denial.First of all, there was no what do you call it Like, no leading up to the story like the blurb hints at By nearing her sixteenth birthday Ms Monroe really meant having it right now Like, in the first sentence The dreams she s having I think she had probably two in the whole book, and there was no explanation about how long she d been having them for or anything She also hints at how she was majorly bullied a few years before and that s why she s home schooled this really just didn t add anything to the plot.Jane Instead of feeling like this book was narrated by a sixteen year old girl, it felt like she was twelve So when she was kissing one of the boys whilst being in total denial about the other , I felt grossed out and said, But she s like twelve She shouldn t be kissing anyone Oh, and Jane has horrible fashion sense and refuses to wear a bra Is it that hard to own a few pairs of nice jeans and pretty tops And a bra D The magical world we re told about is rarely shown Only for a few chapters, really The mythology whatever isn t properly explained, and I just felt like Ms Monroe had been lazy and didn t bother to do any proper world building.I want to tell you guys what I liked about this book I do But I seriously did not like it at all There was nothing good here Not the characters, the plot, the worlds This is one of those books that don t get better towards the end In fact, the end sucked One deadly choice is misleading More like, The bad guy turns good in the end and walks away You d think someone would die, right My verdict Just no This book will not get better towards the end Don t pick it up unless you just want the nice cover to look good on your bookshelf.

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    I think every teenage girl or young women for that matter who likes the new supernatural outlook of scary creatures of the night,such as werewolves,vampires and witches,will enjoy this book Like Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, it has captured these fictional characters with a typical stereotype of horror and death in a modern and somewhat human light, going through the normal difficulties of average teenagers I felt using the concept of two different worlds which are the same in every way, except for the inhabitants, highlighted this fact Luca, the lovely teenage werewolf, just wants to feel loved like a normal teenage boy, adored by his girlfriend He actually states this saying he just wants Jane like a boy wants a girl Jane your average looking girl with no confidence feels much the same way and believes nothing extraordinary will ever happen to her It is that kind of longing us girls feel We feel emotionally tied to this book as we feel exactly like Jane, average and unimportant and just want that little bit of excitement to believe that even though you feel there is nothing going for you, an incredible,immortal werewolf from a magical world does I really liked this book and enjoyed how characters were connected through twists and turns throughout the book I would have liked a better ending as it was left on a bit of a cliff hanger but hopefully, this is because there will be a sequel please

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    I loved this book I could tell right from the start that there was going to be something seriously wrong with Evan and I actually gasped outloud when I found out he was Raphael I love Luca he is so cute and you can tell he is in denile about loving Jane Lowe is horrible but I think he might have a big part to play in the next book Dalya is the best, i wish i had a sister like her she s so loyal and caring 3 highly recommend this book 33

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    It is dangerous, mysterious and romantic but still keeping the basic point of the book The plot line is amazing compared to other books i have read in the similar fantasy Creatures of the fantasy world are hard to write about as we don t have any proof of them existing, they are just our imagination and a great addition to children s tales We see them as we would want to see them, beautiful, handsome, powerful and many other words that describe our own tales and pictures of these creatures and immortal beings This book, i would say, is from about 11 because of the use of Vampires wanting to drink blood as well as werewolves out of control and the use of language might be hard for someone under 11 to understand I recommend it as an luxurious, excellent and imaginative read that all, whom are able, should read I thank the author for writing it and giving us the pleasure of reading it

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    I loved this book Couldn t put it down.

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    The Plot Jane Jonas is nearing her 16th birthday and troubled by unsettling recurring dreams where the same mysterious boy her age comes to her, telling Jane that they are each other s destiny Her mother is increasingly anxious about Jane s disruptive sleepwalking episodes, but for Jane her dream world and reality are about to collide When she develops a friendship with an enigmatic stranger in town, the blond, uber cool Evan, it s exciting, it s new, and Jane wants him than she s ever wanted anybody until her mystery dream boy gets in the way Now Jane is caught between two worlds one familiar, but tinged with romance and excitement the other dark and dangerous, where angels, werewolves, and an irresistible stranger are trying to seduce her.Sounds like several other books i have read before, thats what intrigued me But believe me this book was so different Thank God, cause i hate reading books that are all the same The CharactersJane I thought she was going to drive me insane with the whole OMG what am i going to do i cant choose read with squeaky girl voice xD but she actually seemed to know who she prefered the whole time Evan Typical new guy in town flirting with everyone Catching everyone s eyes All round seemed like a great guyDO NOT BE FOOLED HE WAS A JERK you see glimpses every now and then Luca Oh the ever so caring soulmate what would you do without him Always protecting Jane even when she didnt believe him All in all i think this was a great book and i cant wait to start the next one

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    In a Nutshell Jane is a sixteen year old, home schooled kid One day she not only catches the interest of the new sexy boy in town, Evan but is visited by a boy in her dreams, Lucas who claims to be her soulmate She interacts with either one and stuff happens Yeah, that s the best I can come up with Don t shoot me This book, just like Hereafter was simply a dull and boring read But hey, at least the implication of a love triangle is pretty untrue Jane was just not that interesting as protagonist and when I am not invested in the main character, I generally don t care what happens to her and because this book was in her POV, reading through this became somewhat of a chore Now, this may be just me but I just raised my eyebrow and found it hard to believe that her family are so desperate for their goody two shoes daughter to go out a lot, and are over the moon when she suddenly befriends and eventually goes out with Evan Dude, don t get me started on when they actually encouraged Jane to go have driving lessons with Evan, who had at least two cans of beer and would be taking her a somewhat rocky could you call it mountainous well I remember them mentioning something about mountains surface I may just be speaking from having relatively strict parents who constantly hammer that they are looking out for my welfare but this is just horrific God, at least the absentee parents in other YA books made a little bit sense as to how the YA protagonist is allowed to go out and do stupid shit whenever they damn well please Kind of I also found it hard to believe that she would so be willing to accept the idea of Nissilum without any doubt or skepticism at all I don t know Had she been a much younger child I would find her reaction somewhat probable but this is just silly Another thing that annoyed me about Jane, was the fact that she doesn t feel any sort of regret guilt or actually remember either boy when she s emotionally cheating on him with the other.Plot was pretty predictable and almost non existent so it was pretty easy to put the clues together in regards to the whole Gabriel and Anna s mystery I guess that because this had no real main conflict not even a love triangle, gasps there is no sense of urgency or tension to any conflict whatsoever and essentially you just have Jane hanging out with this supposedly ridiculous perfect guys and just going Wow, I can t believe these perfectly perfect beings would ever pay attention to me Yeah me neither, Jane.I don t think I would talk much about the paranormal aspect, because it is hardly in the book and doesn t appear until the latter half of the book However, for me, it doesn t even matter when it does because I felt that the worldbuilding to the world of Nissilum was so weak and poorly written that I didn t care about it It just feels like the author didn t want to bother with it because she was focusing on her weak and half ass plot and the combination of paranormal creatures i.e angels, witches, werewolves, vampires just felt that they were there for the sake of being there.Both Evan and Lucas were pretty much stock characters of a love interest although I d take sweet, lovable and bland Lucas over the moody, threatening and almost rapist Evan who seems to be following the likes of Patch, Phoenix, Edward and so forth I won t go into either one of their romances with Jane because they were as equally lackluster and boring as each other view spoiler I think the only romance I could be legitimately interested in was the one between Gabriel and Anna because at least there was some kind of external conflict even if it is told in a pretty uninteresting and corny kind of way hide spoiler

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    I really don t like to post negative comments about a book, especially since I always admire the creativity to write in the first place and then the determination to have it published The central plot to this book is very interesting A girl who sleepwalks and in doing so discovers a door to another world through her dreams But I found it all very confusing I don t think the author manages to explain the details of the plot very well and I was always left wondering what and how we got here Things such as Luca, the boy she meets on her dreams, How did he come about She just knows him already but can t remember Right scratches her head Then you have the villain who plots his revenge for years and goes as far as killing an innocent man only to be persuaded to give up by talking to person he wants to hurt the most I mean, if you go that far you will not see reason all of a sudden through talking are you Having said that, the love story is really sweet and it pin points the difference in between passion and loving someone Interesting idea, if nothing else.

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    Ermm, this book wasn t as good as I d hoped it would be The plot was good enough there plenty of unexpected twists and it was kinda exciting The lead character Jane was what really deducted from the book She was just soinfuriating to say the least The other characters were okay, and we had the classic love triangle for the majority of the book good guy that offers security, mysterious guy that has a dark, concealed past and a girl But then the twist changed that to shocked whiny girl, evil mysterious guy and good guy comes to the rescue Very imaginitiveIt was an alright novel not the best, but certainly not the worst If the lead character was better, the book would actually be pretty good So don t bother going out of your way to read it, but it s still an anjoyable read, so feel free to try it Zanthie