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I m obsessed with this series in an unhealthy sort of way Also The narrator, Will Damron, is one of the best voices out there After the cliffhanger from book three, it seems like October will never arrive. Dr Theo Cray is one of my favorite crime fighting geniuses with psychopathic tendencies well, maybe he s the only one, he s an original character He is smarter than most people but sometimes his arrogance gets in the way and blinds him This is the case in this new installment in The Naturalist series I have to say I don t like where his personal life is headed, but it makes sense considering his circumstances He knows what he s risking, but has to find the bad guy at any cost And this time, the victims are the most vulnerable members of society sick children Theo notices a dark pattern of deaths, but they were in the hospital so maybe, just maybe, there is no nefarious plot The scenes in the hospitals at night are really creepy, and the lengths that Theo is willing to go to stop the pattern are heartbreaking As usual, the rhythm is so fast that it s hard to stop reading Theo is not relatable at all and yet I felt his desperation Be forewarned, though, the novel ends in a cliffhanger that will keep me on edge until we find out what happens next I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased Thank you, NetGalley Thomas Mercer I love these books I do I ve never been disappointed by this author.but, occasionally, things go sideways This was so far from being what I ve come to expect, that I m not even sure Mr Maybe was paying attention It felt like he needed to get a book done, and this was his three day take In other words, it was not worthy I m used to authors screwing the pooch eventually, but not on the fourth of this series. Once again I was sucked into Dr Theo Cray s world and could not get out These books are life Theo s moral compass and way of thinking are so similar to mine that I devour these books with ease This one sets Theo against an adversary he has to follow into a very dark place Absolutely cannot wait for the next one Dr Theo Cray Is On The Hunt For A Killer Nurse, And Redemption, In A Mind Bending Psychological Thriller By The Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Of The NaturalistDr Theo Cray Has A Legendary Mathematical Knack For Catching Serial Killers Until His Exposure To A Mind Altering Pathogen Knocks Him Off His Game It Has Upended An Investigation, Destroyed His Reputation, And Left Him To Question His Own Sanity One Person Still Trusts Him To Finish The Job His Former Professor Amanda Paulson Is Helping Point Cray Down A Logical Path To His Prey A Nomadic Health Care Worker Whose Murder Spree Stretches Back Decades And Whose Victims Number In The HundredsNever Desperate To Save Innocent Lives, And To Save Himself, Cray Follows Each New Lead Around The World But With His Own Grip On Reality Slipping Away, Cray Knows That To Follow The Pattern Of An Elusive Killer, He Must Also Confront His Own Dark Side In Those Dangerous Shadows, He Can Find What He S Hunting For Cray, Venturing Into A World Without Reason Is Going To Be The Most Frightening Journey Of His Life If you have not read any of this wonderful series, I highly recommend that you do I was so excited to see another addition to the series and so thankful to NetGalley for advancing me a copy.Dr Theo Cray is an intelligent, introverted scientist who uses his ingenious mind and something called computational biology to catch serial killers Distracted by the possibility he may be infected with a virus generated by the last monster he discovered, Theo is impelled to investigate suspicious deaths at hospitals with skeptical backgrounds and the probability of a nurse serial killer.Fighting his inner demons while trying to convince authorities there is a killer out there almost proves too much for him However, Theo is not anything if not stubborn and convinced of his own infallibility when it comes to his beliefs But this time he may be in for a surprise that will test the limits of his mental health.Please add this one to your to read list. A well written psychological thriller about a man, Dr Theo Cray, chasing a killer nurse across various parts of America using his own system of computational biology to look for patterns in events He is suffering the after effects of some previous drug and it would have definitely been best if I had read previous stories in the series to understand better his frame of mind His data analyses and logical thought processes were well written though and you just wanted him to find said killer nurse He is certainly unconventional as is his girlfriend lover Whilst the ending was satisfactory from the point of view of the murders Dr Cray s ending was not but clearly sets the scene for another book Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review. Well, Andrew Mayne got me hooked on good ol Theo again This one made up for the less than stellar 2nd and 3rd books They were fine, really, just didn t wow me Anyway, Dr Cray is a bitpalatable in this one Not quite so arrogant and annoying Perhaps he s evolving Looks like we ll be getting a fifth book Good thing is that the author is getting these out pretty quickly, so maybe we won t have to wait long It s pretty amazing, really, that a book could come together so quickly and be well edited in a short time frame like that Kudos to the author on that note.Thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for a copy of the ARC. Theo Cray is an intelligent, introverted scientist who uses his mind and computational biology to catch a serial killer, a nurse There is possibility he may be infected with a virus, Theo is impelled to investigate suspicious deaths at hospitals with sketchy stories and reveal the truth.He fights his inner demons while trying to convince authorities there is in fact a killer out there However, he is both stubborn and convinced of his own correctness, and of course, he is right He is quirky, his girlfriend is quirky which makes them both kind of fun.I wish I had read the earlier books, it would have madesense to me if I hadhistory, but still, a good read, I received a copy from Netgalley All opinions and thoughts are my own.This is a series Dr Cary is on the search for a Serial Killer nurse He neglects is other job in a lab, as the search consumes him What lengths will he go to While the book was okay, it didn t move fast enough for me or keep my interest until near the end It did pick up there I wouldn t recommend this one unless you are already invested in it It was the first one for me, and though I had high hopes, it just fell flat for me Happy Reading