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Just thinking about it, if I were a Red Witch, I d glamour you into reading this book Yes, it is THAT awesome.Wow, I just didn t expect Persephone, Aphrodite, Demeter, Pele who the heck is that In fact, I didn t expect mythology at all. Thanks to the author and Nikki from Fiction Freak for the giveaway of a signed copy of this book I m a bit surprised at how easily I gave this book four stars I didn t go through what I liked and didn t like, neither did I spend an hour analyzing the plot I automatically decided to give Daughter of Chaos an applaudable four stars right after finishing the story Why It awakened my love for this genre by weaving mythology throughout while managing to bring a creative twist to the story that was equal parts innovative and simplistic It was unadulterated fun and was reminiscent of the tongue in cheek tone of The Percy Jackson series Which I loved.That said, if you have low tolerance for characters who make not so smart decisions on an almost chapter ly basis, you probably won t be the protagonist s biggest fan But I was able to ignore this minor annoyance due to the colorful mythology and engaging writing I am eagerly anticipating the second installment in this refreshing take on mythology. You Must Choose, Child Choose Now, And Choose Once, For Once Taken, The Path Becomes Your Fate Magic Is Supposed To Be Easy There S Black, White, And Green Magic, And Once A Witch Picks A Path, That S Really All She Has To Worry About But For Darlena Agara, Things Just Keep Getting Harder She S Torn Between Her Best Friend S Choice Of The Black Path, And Her On Again, Off Again Boyfriend S Choice Of The White Path, So She Tries To Stall, Waiting For Divine Inspiration Darlena Isn T Expecting The Form It Takes, Though Hecate, The Goddess Of Witchcraft, Shows Up In Her Living Room And Pressures Her To Choose Her Path, And Lena Does Something Stupid She Declares That She Ll Be A Red Witch, Something That Doesn T Exist Or Does It Now Lena S On The Run, Struggling To Master The Forces Of Chaos She Now Controls While At The Same Time Staying Out Of The Way Of The Crazy Gods And Goddesses Who Want Her To Use Red Magic To Cause Chaos Turns Out, Red Magic Is Real And Deadly Will Lena Learn Enough About Her Power Before It S Too Late, Or Will She Become A Walking Disaster Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange I received this copy from Chapter by Chapter in exchange for an honest review Let s go DThe StoryDarlena Agara is one of those people that have deep authority issues, but other than that, she s your typical teenage witch problems with the hot ex boyfriend, a weird best friend, unsure of the path that she will choose to follow with her magic.Or she was, until no one less than Hecate, the Queen of the Witches, showed up on Lena s living room and forced her to choose her path there and now Without a moment lost, Lena chooses the Red path Okay Okay.Except there wasn t supposed to be a Red path At Trinity s school, Lena was taught the three big paths White Magic, Black Magic and Green Magic Not a single word about Red in all those years of learning.To make things worse, everyone starts to panic when Lena s choice becomes public she s graciously expelled from her school, her parents are afraid of her, her best friend is envious of her apparently big power which Lena is still questioning and her house becomes a point for Goddesses to appear out of the blue Okay Okay.There is just one little thing that Darlena would really like to know now what the hell is going on with her life.The Analysis Just remembering that those were my thoughts and opinion as a reader I m a goner for paranormal fantasy romances, Mythologies especially the Greek s one , witches and a good rebel character Daughter of Chaos accomplished almost all things, expect that I couldn t connect with Lena not one single time I don t know if I m getting old to read YA PLEASE, DON T BE IT, I LOVE YA or if we just didn t hit it off, but I couldn t The fact that the book was first person narrated from her point of view just made matters worse and I caught myself rolling my eyes all the time On the other hand, this book had it s magical world really well constructed and I loved the way that McConnel portrayed the Gods in general I even liked Hecate , so I had a great time on every scene that Lena was snapping at a God Overall, it was a good start for a trilogy and kept my interest high enough at the end for me to anticipate reading the next volume, so three stars As I said, the narrative was first person styled from Lena s point of view only After a good wave of really nice first person narrated books that made me bite my tongue, I was sharply remembered by McConnel why I don t really like this kind of narrative style Lena and I just weren t meant to be and I couldn t have a break from her I can t deny that she grows up during the book, but she didn t manage to convince me to like her until the end of this volume Let s see if she will keep growing on Gods of Chaos, haha Before I write a whole paragraph for Lena, let s talk about the plot.The plot on this book is disguised as simple, but surprised me deeply On the moment that Lena s life exploded into chaos haha , I couldn t see where the story was going I won t say that everything got me by surprise, especially when it involved the character s destiny, but the directions of the plot always made me widen my eyes and that felt very good McConnel s writing style isn t remarkable and there are a few edit issues, but nothing compromising Lena made the book lose two stars all by herself, haha And speaking of Lena.We started the book with the wrong foot As soon as I learned why she broke up with her boyfriend, Justin, I rolled my eyes and knew I was dealing with a spoiled child It was amazing how Lena could be dense, ungrateful and a bitch It was a good thing that I wasn t inside the book with her or she would have permanent purple eyes I can t deny, she got better towards the end, as she grows up, but Lena still has a long journey until she impresses me.As a matter of fact, all human characters on this book annoyed me Well, except Dennis, I guess, but I can t talk much about the poor kid Spoilers and everything, sorry It was too obvious what was going to happen with Justin and then with Rochelle, the best friend On the other hand, I loved every single God mentioned and presented on this book My favorites Hades and Persephone Hades was the coolest and cutest yes, you read it right God ever I really hope he gets to appear , I m in love 3 Never mind that this is the third time that I fall in love with a Hades representation in a book Hades alone won a star for Daughter of Chaos, haha Also, can we please praise this cover I m in love.Overall, this is a nice read to pass the time and I can t wait to see what comes next in the Red Magic series If you like awesome Gods, good hot guys, badass witches and mysteries, give this book a go That s it, thank you for reading Also, thanks to Chapter by Chapter team for providing me this series, I had a good time with the first and am already reading the second volume D FREE on iBooks today 5 29 2018 Blurb You must choose, child Choose now, and choose once, for once taken, the path becomes your fate Magic is supposed to be easy there s Black, White, and Green Magic, and once a Witch picks a path, that s really all she has to worry about But for Darlena Agara, things just keep getting harder She s torn between her best friend s choice of the Black path, and her on again, off again boyfriend s choice of the White path, so she tries to stall, waiting for divine inspiration Darlena isn t expecting the form it takes, though Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft, shows up in her living room and pressures her to choose her path, and Lena does something stupid she declares that she ll be a Red Witch, something that doesn t exist or does it Now Lena s on the run, struggling to master the forces of chaos she now controls while at the same time staying out of the way of the crazy gods and goddesses who want her to use Red Magic to cause chaos Turns out, Red Magic is real and deadly Will Lena learn enough about her power before it s too late, or will she become a walking disaster I can t take this book any I don t know what it is about alot of the books that I ve been dying to read this year but most of them aren t that good This one was just too boring for me It took my 5 days just to get to 36% and I don t think I can take any I usually try not to rate books I don t finish but I didn t even like this a little bit. Tour Stop Daughter of Chaos by Jen McConnel Title Daughter of ChaosSeries Red Magic 1 Author Jen McConnelPublisher Month9BooksGenre Age Range Young Adult, ParanormalRelease Date March 25, 2014 Purchase Links GoodreadsPaperbackKindle BN itunes Bookdepository Kobo BlurbWitches must choose the path they will follow, and Darlena Agara is no exception She s been putting it off long enough, and in her case, ignoring it has not made it go away In a moment of frustration, Darlena chooses to follow Red Magic, figuring she had outsmarted the powers that be, since there s no such thing as Red Magic But alas, Darlena s wrong again and she becomes a newly declared Red Witch.Her friends are shocked and her parents horrified by the choice Darlena has made As a Red Witch, she now governs one third of the world s chaos She is the walking personification of pandemonium, turmoil, and bedlam, just as the patrons of Red Magic would have it to be.But Darlena believes there must beto Red Magic than chaos and destruction, and she sets out on a journey to achieve balance Only doing so puts her at odds with the dark goddess Hecate, who simply will not allow Darlena to quit She encourages Darlena to embrace who and what she is and to leave good magic to the good witches If only Darlena could, life would be simple, and she would not be the Daughter of Chaos.DAUGHTER OF CHAOS is the first in the RED MAGIC paranormal YA trilogy.5 Star ReviewWow this book is AMAZING I loved it and I think its one of a kind, refreshingly original story about a witch who chooses a path she doesn t even know exists When the Queen of Witches Hecate appears in Darlena s house and demands that she chooses her path, Darlena does exactly that but wait what has she chosen Why is everyone freaking out over her choice Will you walk the White, the Black, or the Green But she doesn t choose any of these She chooses Red She wasn t ready to make her choice but now that she has, she must live with it And as it turned out it was not an easy path, which she had chosen Red magic is the magic of chaos, destruction and disaster Darlena is now one of the only three Red Witches in the world And suddenly she is the center of attention all goddesses want to control her, and through her the power of Blood magic But what does Darlena wants she doesn t even know what the Red magic exactly is or how it will affect her and people around her Anyhow she is going to find out soon And there isto it, Red Magic had changed me in ways I wasn t prepared to deal with But it was her burden now and she must deal with it because it was her choice She can complain all she likes but the truth remains, she chose it with her own free will After meeting Hecate, Presephone, Pele and Kali she end up vowing to Aphrodite Who only wants to teach her Love magic But was that the right path for her That remained to be seen Energy is never good or evil it just is After facing many difficulties in the end she finds her purpose and she knew that she had made the right choice Being a Red Witch was one thing she will never regret She may not be able to find love, as she couldn t possibly put Justine into harm s way but she will find a way to balance the forces of Chaos She will learn to minimize tragedy even though she can never eradicate it completely A beautifully written book which will leave you craving for . magic For the fans of mythology this book is a must read As you learnabout Red Magic and Darlene, you ll meet many goddesses and know little about them along the way Although part of a trilogy, this book can be read as stand alone as there was no cliffhanger thankfully, otherwise I may not have been able to wait for the next book Its going to be difficult enough now One thing I have noticed and loved about Jen s work is that, in a very subtle way, she always touches the hard truths of life and our world While talking about chaos and mayhem, she tries to portray a bigger and clearer picture of the way the world works How we don t need good or evil, dark or light, but a perfect balance between the two This,than anything, makes her books timeless Although its a young adult novel but I think that it can be enjoyed by people of any age who like paranormal and myths Its definitely a 5 star book.About the AuthorJen McConnel first began writing poetry as a child Since then, her words have appeared in a variety of magazines and journals, including Sagewoman, PanGaia, and The Storyteller where she won the people s choice 3rd place award for her poem, Luna.She is also a former reviewer for Voices of Youth Advocates VOYA , and a proud member of SCBWI, NCWN, and SCWW.A Michigander by birth, she now lives and writes in the beautiful state of North Carolina She s a graduate of Western Michigan University, and she also earned her MS in Library Science at Clarion University of Pennsylvania When she isn t crafting worlds of fiction, she teaches writing composition at a community college Once upon a time, she was a middle school teacher, a librarian, and a bookseller, but those are stories for another time.Follow Jen on Twitter JenMcConnel, and visit www.jenmcconnel.com to learnAuthor Links Website Goodreads Blog Twitter Pinterest Facebook Giveaway INT There is a giveaway on source siteTo see detail about other Tour Stops click the photo below Another poorly executed work with a lot of potential if given to the right person.This book frustrated me as hell I picked it up because I thought the blurb was interesting and I was expecting somethingfrom the story itself, but even that came up short.In this world, witches exist and they have to follow one of three paths white, green or black in order to develop their powers This is a really big deal, since one can t get back on their choice The moment someone chooses a path, they become bound to it and the same happens with their power.Darlena, our heroine, is tired of being pressured by everyone into taking a path, so when Hecate, the Queen of the Witches herself, appears in her house demanding that she choose, she says the first thing that comes to mind Red thinking that, as that path doesn t exist, she will be giventime to decide.The problem is, it turns out that path exists The Red path is very dangerous, since it is part of chaos, so it is connected to all sorts of bad stuff like blood, death and destruction and Darlena is now bound to it.From that moment on, our heroine s life turns upside down She is kicked out of school, because she is now considered too dangerous, her parents are afraid of her, she starts feeling weird things like an incredible fascination with blood and crazy, bloodthirsty goddesses start following her around, vying for her attention and trying to make her do their bidding.Plus, let s not forget she doesn t have a clue about what red magic is She must learn it, in order to know what she is really dealing with.Things were all fine and dandy up to this point, sort of I mean, who is the person that, faced with a life changing decision, tries to screw with the rules of the game and hope for the best I know for sure I wouldn t leave something like that to fate.But what really didn t make sense is that no one was supposed to know about Red magic People only knew about the trinity white green black and they chose one of those three Darlena gets herself bound to the red and suddenly folks know it exists and that it s dangerous and only bad people follow it What the what But that doesn t really matter, since nothing was really explained We were thrown into this mess, with the red path existing, and then all these rules and mythology going on, but we weren t told what the big picture was What does it all mean anyway I need some facts, please And there s the fact all the characters sucked, especially Darlena, the heroine, and Justin, the love interest.Darlena was a stupid, selfish, immature bitch All she ever did was running around with that woe me attitude Boo hoo, I don t want to choose a path Boo hoo, now I have a path and I don t know what the heck it means Boo hoo, I love Justin, but he doesn t feel the same, since he didn t jump me when I threw myself at him Boo hoo, I can t talk to anyone Just shut the fuck up Justin wasn t much better, with that holier than thou crap Darlena, there isthan sex Darlena, I m a white witch, therefore I am the embodiment of purity and all that is good in the world Darlena, you can t use your powers for evil Darlena, I will never help you again Blah, blah, blah You re perfect for each other, mate Both of you are damn annoying.So, all in all, this was a DISASTER There was a little Witch, who didn t belong to entire world She had a perfect family, that consisted of two powerfull Green Witches But all changed, when the Queen of all Witches Hecate came to Lena and asked her to choose magic path Lena have chosen a Red magic That s a beginning of this story.So, my reaction to the whole book and this If you ve already read this book and you liked it, please do not read this review It may contain spoilers.Let s get started Okay, Darlena is 16 years old witch, who studies at Trinity school for Witches She hasn t chosen her path yet She has a best friend Rochelle, who is a Black Witch and an ex boyfriend friend love of her life Justin Who is a White Witch Nice company, I should say Except, Rochelle is not as good of a friend as Lena might think.One day Hecate appears in Lena s room and forces her to choose her path Being afraid of the Queen of Witches, Lena choses Red magic, without even knowing what kind of magic is it Or if it even exists After being expelled from school, she begins studying at home.Red magic is a kind of magic, that controls chaos I mean it Chaos all over the world After I found out about it, I thought Lena would become a powerful witch, that she will be learning too fast and maybe kill a lot of people But NOOO She vows to serve Aphrodite to learn LOVE MAGIC Excuse me, but what the hell How can love magic control chaos Okay, maybe Aphrodite is a really powerful witch, but Lena don t need love And why It s all because of Hecate, who wants to kill Lena, because of her strength I don t really think, that she is afraid of her, but still.The thing I liked about Lena is her temper She s so baddas, and a little annoying I also liked how she speaks with Witches and how she thinking about themI am getting so tired of these melodramatic exits I muttered Don t goddesses ever use the door And that s it But what I really don t like is that she s so SO stupid She was given a lot of information, but the girl hardly understood what did it mean You better think twice before choosing I won t say anything about other characters, just add some quote that I think is ridiculousYou could choose to swear yourself to me again, Aphrodie begun, but I doubt that you will I shrugged, uncomfortable I learned a lot from you, And I m really grateful For what Because she tought you how to make a love spell, so Justin would love you again So all I thinks about this book this is a disaster 2 stars of 5 2 because of Persephone and her husband I liked them. So different from everything else I ve read recently McConnel weaves a madly unique web of mythology, goddesses, love, death, the underworld, and even Shakespeare Such a creative twist to explain the chaos and horrors of the world Favorite line Energy is never good or evil it just is Refreshing read.