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Reread this in Jan 2013 review from 2007 I must preface this review with the statement that Dr Pratzellis is one of my instructors, although not for theoryI have him for methods and he refuses to use his own texts as he considers it hubris to assign one s own writing for a courseHe is an excellent instructor.I picked up this book as an adjunct to the assigned main theory books, Anthropology as Cultural Critique An Experimental Moment in the Human Sciences and Anthropological Theory An Introductory History, and found it a lightheartedat timesand enjoyable read that, as others have already mentioned, lets your mind absorb the theories while letting you read a rather far fetched mystery tale I found it helped clarify some slipperier points of certain theories and gave me some insight into the possible practical applications of theory in practice The drawings alone are worth seeing While this is notgreat literatureand Adrian at the outset makes absolutely no pretense that it is, it is worth reading It is also a prequel to the methods novel Dug to Death A Tale of Archaeological Method and Mayhemanother amusing read With a cliche plot line the book is of only minor value as a novel, but the presentation of the anthropological theories was done in a way that makes them easier to understand tend many traditional textbooks Although some people that I know who read this book with me found it difficult to separate the theories from the mystery, I found it very easy to do Overall the way the theory is presented makes this book a must read for any undergraduate in anthropology who needs to grasp the basic idea of the theories. Well, the mystery isn t too gripping, but the archaeological theory is presented in an interesting way If I were teaching an undergrad archaeology course I might assign this book as a relatively painless way for students to understand some of the history and development of modern theoretical approaches in archaeology.The illustrations also done by the author are particularly good I really wish the mystery story were better, so this book hadmainstream appeal, because Praetzellis really does a great job of explaining the rest As it is, you probably won t enjoy this unless you have a real interest in modern anthropological archaeology. A small archaeological instruction handbook masquerading as a very slightly entertaining at times fictional journey journey may be romanticizing a bit through the modern world of being an archaeologist by way of digging an unbelievable site in Washington There are many loose ends, characters left unaccounted for, pointless expounding, and .I was looking for an interesting take on interpreting history that may serve a writer like myself I found maybe three interesting details and page after page of information that could have made up a 10 12 page booklet. This is not a great work of fiction, nor is it intended to be This is, however, the most accessible textbook about archaeological theory EVER I highly recommend this as a companion to Kehoe s book. This book serves as a brief introduction to some of the major theoretical frameworks used by archaeologists It presents a variety of concepts in an accessible manner and surrounds them with a loose plot to move the reader along This book is not intended for consumption by a general audience, but is a unique and effective way to introduce yourself to anthropological theory without being subjected to the often hard to approach textbooks, or better yet, for use as a supplement to them. The book was good, the language decent, but the content requires appreciation for archaeology If archaeology interests you, then I recommend this book. A European Neolithic Burial A Large Stone Venus Nothing Unusual About Itexcept That It Was Found On An Island In The Pacific Northwest Archaeologist Hannah Green And Her Shovelbum Nephew Find Themselves In A Tangled Web Of Competing Interests Avaricious Land Owners, Hungry Media, And A Cult Of Goddess Worshippers While Investigating One Of The Finds Of The Century In Untangling The Mystery Of The Washington Venus, Hannah And Sean Have To Confront Questions Of Archaeological Evidence, Of Ethics, Of Conflicting Interpretation Of Data, And Of The Very Nature Of Archaeological Truths Helping Them Are A Cadre Of Disdainful Graduate Students Who Propose Various Theories Processualist, Marxist, Feminist, Postmodernist To Explain The Bizarre Events Teach Your Students Archaeological Theory In A Fashion They Ll Enjoy, While They Solve The Mystery In Adrian Praetzellis S Delightful Textbook As Novel Quick and easy read Good intro to archaeological anthro theory.