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Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects and he's bored out of his mind But all that changes when he finds the Death Note a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami a death god Any human whose name is written in the notebook dies and now Light has vowed to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of evil But when criminals begin dropping dead the authorities send the legendary detective L to track down the killer With L hot on his heels will Light lose sight of his noble goal or his life?BoredomLight tests the boundaries of the Death Note's powers as L and the police begin to close in Luckily Light's father is the head of the Japanese National Police Agency and leaves vital information about the case lying around the house With access to his father's files Light can keep one step ahead of the authorities But who is the strange man following him and how can Light guard against enemies whose names he doesn't know?

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    4 12 starsWhen I wrote in my review of Battle Royale that there were only two manga series I really enjoyed it made me realise just how much in need of a review this was I am not a manga fan I know some people love it like crazy but I've tried starting the most commonly loved Naruto InuYasha Fullmetal Alchemist etc and been left believing that I would never come to appreciate these graphic novels Death Note was a complete accident which I found one day whilst browsing youtube I ran into the first episode and watched out of curiosity then I watched the next and the next until I'd seen the whole thing and knew I had to read the novels too Both are brilliant The whole series has only one flaw for me and that's why I deducted half a star from the rating I will talk about this issue later onJust so you know this is going to be a review of the series as a whole because I'm not going to review every single volume but I promise to leave out any spoilersHere goes Death Note is brilliant It's incredibly clever and will challenge your views on justice and power but the challenges it puts your way are far from simple I guarantee that you will change your mind multiple times during each volume; you will switch sides constantly; you will one minute think Light Yagami is evil and the next you'll think him a hero This is a very complex moral story about right and wrong about how power corrupts and about what is a just punishment for the wickedLight Yagami is an over achieving student who is fed up with the world around him day by day he hears the news report listing murders and rapes and other atrocities committed by human scum When one day a Shinigami Japanese death god drops his death note into the human realm Light Yagami picks it up and holds in his hands the power to kill people just by writing their names and picturing their faces whilst doing so He starts out with the most noble intentions rid the earth of the foulest criminals but there's a price to pay for playing god As people start to realise that somehow someone is murdering criminals and disregarding Japan's law methods uestions about justice begin to arise is the killer doing the world a favour or is he showing a complete lack of respect for human rights?When people begin to stand in Light's way he is forced to write the names of and individuals some criminals some not The power granted to him begins to change him force him deeper into his obsession with this god like role All the while Ohba maintains a brilliant pace and throws up many obstacles and challenges This story will really appeal to people who want something to think about and are sick of reading novels with the same old patternOn top of all this Death Note has possibly my favourite detective of all time When the Japanese police force realise that they are unualified to catch the killer they appeal to L Lawliet for help Now I don't want to say too much about L because I could spoil it but he's intelligent lovable brilliant I doubt you'll be able to resist loving L Lawliet And this is one of the things I love most about the series there's no clear line between good and bad The novel pits Light and L against one another they have very different ideas about justice and right and wrong but the brilliance of it is that you can see it from both points of view in a way you find yourself on both of their sides So why did I knock off half a star? Because I dislike the way women are portrayed in Death Note At the end of the day this series was made to mainly appeal to young adult males There's no heroine and very few main female characters appear throughout the whole thing Also the most central female character is Misa Amane and she is beautiful but useless She is silly and fickle and she is mostly regarded with contempt from the other characters This would probably annoy me if the rest of the story wasn't so excellent but it is it really isYou should read it Or watch it Each episode is only 20 minutes long why not try out the first and see if it's something you could like

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    My very first read of Manga and it just blow my mindI mean what if you have A Death NoteA note that belong to one of the gods of DeathJust write a name in itwith the person's face in your mindand BAM DiesIt's a 'hard to pick a side' storyI mean I would do just as Light did try to get rid of those who make life hellKillers torturer rapers sadist and child abusersDamn them all you know specially in here in EgyptThe law is way slow and mostly not that fairat the same timeis that would be fair?Oh and I may go BIGGER but not now Let's back to the storyLight a prodigy student as an answer to his prayer to get off his Boredom finds a Black NoteA Death Note complete with its instructionsand as a Good person he know how to use it as best as it gets I feel I'm soooo agree mostly to his ideas is that making me a bad person? may beThe Death Note originally belong to Ryuk a Shigami a god of Death may be in Japanese myth I don't know He deliberately lost his Death Note into the human world ALSO because he felt a strong Boredom he wanted to leave the Land where the gods of Death hanging aroundBUT as hundreds of criminal and convicted murderers The Police of Japan NPA start searching for who is reasonable for this weird phenomenonand for this mystery they can't look without a genius detectiveAnd here's L a anonymous detective who's super smart and really effective in solving mysterious cases Now they together will do all their best to catch this one they call Murderer But will they?The first Vol Boredom has 7 chaptersBoredom 5 Stars L 4 StarsFamily 5 StarsCurrent 5 Stars really smartEyeballs 4 StarsManipulation 5 Stars full of anticipationsTarget 5 Stars WHAT A PLANThe chapters are really amazing and fast and it caught my attention with even before I finish the first chapter with Light magnificent discovery and the fun of the neutral companion the Shigami god of Death with his super cute features and the surprise in chapter 3 family I won't spoil for you now then L came and it's Cat and Mouseboth super smart both righteous Both think they represent JUSTICESo pick a side I know it's HardA truly nice comic Mangaand it's a great start to me into this worldMohammed Arabeyfrom 9 February 2016to 11 February 2016 PS This is half the review of the edition I read The Black Edition since the review there will be in Arabic when I finish Vol 2 too

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    I don't read very much manga But I picked the first few books of this series up on a whim then uickly bought all the rest so I could finish the series Short version? I really enjoyed it Longer version Here's some thoughts in no particular order Great example of how you don't need a bunch of crazy fantastic things happening to make something a gripping piece of Speculative Fiction In this series you've got a notebook and if someone writes your name in it you die It doesn't seem like that should be enough to carry twelve graphic novels worth of story but it absolutely does These books break a lot of my rules of thumb in terms of what makes a good story The vast majority of the action is people thinking about things That's a definite no in terms of storytelling and I'd think it would be a double no in a visual medium like this But it works You can't argue with that I think the series took a definite dip 23rds of the way through It felt to me like the story reached a natural ending point then just kept on bulling ahead ignoring it I've seen this happen before with a fair number of successful US comics And a few series of novels And while it's nice to see that this isn't not a problem uniue to US publishing I still have a severe distaste for stories that don't end properly Doubly so if they feel like they're being infinitely extended just because the author won't let go or because the publisher wants to keep selling books

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    “There is no heaven or hell No matter what you do while you’re alive everybody goes to the same place once you die Death is Eual”  Shall we begin??? Ryuk laughs in background Before you read this a little advice please watch the anime if you dont have time to read the manga It's only 37 episodes 20 min each for free on YouTube with eng subs Assuming you have watched it because this review is going to be spoilery messOne thing if you think that death note is for teens obsessed with idea of being smart and killing people to prove their worth please just get lost I have spend enough time defending myself  It is just outstanding and beyond words There is no AnimeManga like Death Note and I can debate on this anyoneThe story is uniue A notebook falls from the sky and the human who writes a name in it is capable of killing the individual pictured in his mind I left out the details that you don't care about This presents the readers with a highly debatable theme based on morals and justice Yagami Light who obtains this power to kill utilizes it in hopes of creating a utopia in which he is god Criminals and only criminals are to be punished in hopes of a perfect society Is this however right? Is it right to kill individuals who have done wrong and will do wrong again? Can they be reformed? Death Note presents the readers with uestions such as these uestions which cannot be easily answers This series challenges the viewers morals and for that it deserves highlyMoving on characters unpopular opinions and fan based theories ✏L lawliet he is my favourite character in the series and it's his intelligence uirkiness and everything he stands for and not to forget his smile and his love for ice creamBitch I cried when he died OkayKira is childish and he hates losing I am also childish and I hate to lose That's how I know” ✏Lighti don't give a fuck about anythingYagami my second fav character and now here is a thing I love L like 55% and light like 45% and I can't decide whether I am team kira or team anti kiraHe is like my beyond imagination intelligent and smart but eventually he met his end because it was necessary you see but if in some alternate world Light lives I honestly don't have problem with it Period don't fight me I had enough discussion over this with my mumThis world is rotten and those who are making it rot deserve to die Someone has to do it so why not me?” Now my next fav characters will be ryuk mello misa near in that orderI love mello soo much and I have great respect for near and people who say after L's death the series became boring and near wasn't that much intersting I agree but it was necessary to introduce someone and near never said he is L he used to call himself L's successor always Unpopular opinion I like Misa ▪She is smart than people think▪ She brushes off torture like no one else▪ Her love for Light knows no command▪She adds color and humor to manga bet if you didn't laughed at her silliness▪And not to forget her fashion senseNow I am believer of the most famous death note fan theory of Light becoming shinigami at the end if you too let me knowIn the end acc to me death note is one of the most iconic mangaanime I have ever readwatched like there is nothing like this and i recommend everyone to watchread it once in their lifetimeIt will make you uestion things you never would have brainstormed Because low key we all know we would have done the exact same thing when we would have got the death noteIn the end there is no greater motivation than revenge”Thank you

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    Trah la la I have me a manga that I'm in love with and I need the rest of them now and I might have to get them because I want them now and I pre ordered the freaking funko of L because I'm in love with L and unfortunately I didn't like the Funko's of Ryuk or Light I was really hoping for Ryuk but he doesn't look cool at all and I'm babbling Thank you to all of my GR friends that pushed me onto this manga Actually it was sweet Ashley my hufflepuff that sold me on it first ♥This is so freaking cool So Ryuk is a Shinigani did I spell that right? which means he's A Death God He just happened to drop his Death Notebook in the human world because he was bored HaThen this smart as a whiz kid named Light finds it and takes it home Then Ryuk shows up Apparently whoever possesses the notebook can write in the names of people that they want to die and they can see Ryuk when no one else can Oh happy day Light decides to do the good think and kill off evil people mostly the ones that are already in jail I don't see anything wrong with that but the cops think it's murder even though he's doing it for the greater good Although he wants to be on top of the world and be his own god so yeahThen the cops call in L screee and he is going to hunt Light down and put a stop to it I can't even imagine what is going to happen in the next several books I hope nothing bad happens to L and no one better tell me I like Ryuk too Anyway I can't wait to read them all

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    Death Note vol 1 shows well drawn graphics an anti hero as main character that surprisesshocks a monster that becomes actuallyendearing controversial themes that will provoke raw emotions along with deep thoughts and a writing and dialogs that make the characters look real and three dimensional without a doubtI think the plot could have been developed though The Shinigami world better seen and much exploited and maybe even contain a notable amount of interesting descriptions for the creatures inside it because it lacked of it BadlyNonetheless one of the most original manga volumes I’ve had the chance to read in months

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    Always so much fun to re read a beloved series only to find out that I still love it Or maybe even Oh and I don't think that I even need to say that I'm team Kira Who would be surprised by that? “I am justice”

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    Death Note Vol 1 Boredom Death Note #1 Tsugumi OhbaCenters around high school student Light Yagami who discovers a supernatural notebook that allows him to kill anyone by writing the victim's name and knowing their face The plot follows his attempt to create and lead a world cleansed of evil which he will rule as God using the notebook and the conflicts between himself and anyone he sees as an obstacle from law enforcement to the mafia to the greatest detective in the worldتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز هفدهم ماه آوریل سال 2016 میلادیعنوان دفتر مرگ؛ نویسنده تسوگومی اوبا؛ دفتر مرگ، عنوان یک مجموعه «مانگا»ی ژاپنی است، اثر «تسوگومی اوبا نویسنده» و «تاکه‌ شی اوباتا طراح»، که از روی آن یک مجموعه تلویزیونی انیمه نیز ساخته شده است؛ «دفتر مرگ»، برای نخستین بار از ماه دسامبر سال 2003میلادی تا ماه می سال 2006میلادی در هفته‌ نامه ی «شونن جامپ» انتشارات «شوئیشا» به چاپ می‌رسید؛داستان «لایت یاگامی»، مرد جوانی که از جرم و بزهکاری بیزار است، تصادفاً دفتری پیدا می‌کند، که رویش نوشته‌ شده «دفتر مرگ»؛ در صفحه ی نخست دفتر نوشته شده که اگر نام شخصی در دفتر نوشته شود، و نویسنده در همان حال چهره ی شخص را در ذهنش مجسم کند، آن شخص پس از چهل ثانیه بر اثر حمله قلبی خواهد مرد؛ «لایت» در صدد استفاده از دفتر برمی‌آید؛ و ؛تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 23041399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

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    This was my very FIRST expedition into magna and ahhh I so loved it I mean once I started reading the book in the right direction Ahem And I only got mixed up like 859 while reading itBUT HEY I'M SURE I'LL GET BETTER WITH TIME I'm also really annoyed I only got the first book from the library because a cliffhanger and b I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT AND I ONLY GO TO THE LIBRARY ON THURSDAYS hyperventilatesLeast to say I obviously am a fanI loved the story Like the mixture of death gods and an overachieving super smart highschooler Duuuuude Light was a GENIUS I mean apart from the part where he was really stupid and has this I wanna be god complex But he was really smart and laid detailed traps and tricked the police and I'm just impressed I love the trope of criminals vs mastermindsBut his name is Light???? Ah huhI'm also 10000% sure this is of an anti hero story I mean Light is killing people in order to make a utopia BUT HE'S STILL KILLING THEM THE DUDE IS MESSED UPAlso did I mention I was addicted and read the whole thing in one sitting? THERE'S THATI also really liked the art Although I'm a bit confused as to the dude who's name starts with W I seriously can't remember and if he's working for L or is L orwhat Hrughugh? And I think Light was kinda adorable Also the death god creaturemonster Ryuk? HE WAS FUNNY SOMETIMES Between being kind of creepy and all that AhemOkay so I'm sold I want to read magna I also fully admit this is research for my writing because I'm setting a book in Japan ahem Totally legit I love paranormals and mysteries and I LOVE battle of wits and antiheroes sO MUCH WIN HERE

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    I finally borrowed Death Note from the library and I think I might be in love 3 This is soo damn good I really didn't expect it to be so good I don't know what I expected but damn it's definitely better than I thought it would be And haha I'm having trouble to decide which side I'm on I mean it's obvious Light is misguided and that his actions are wrong this however still didn't stop me from liking him and Ryuk though lol Also I love L Gosh they are like cat and mouse and it's nothing but amazing I live for their chess game and how they try to lure each other out ; P This is exactly the kind of story I loveI hope I'll be able to borrow Vol2 from the library soon XDWish me luck crosses fingers