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In April 1898 Rainer Maria Rilke not yet twenty three began a diary of his Florence visit It was to record in the form of an imaginary dialogue with his mentor and then lover Lou Andreas Salome his firsthand experiences of early Renaissance art The project quickly expanded to include not only thoughts on life history and artistic genius but also unguarded moments of revulsion self doubt and manic expectation The result is an intimate glimpse into the young Rilke already experimenting brilliantly with language and metaphor For the lover of Rilke this superb translation of the poet's early diaries will be a watershed Through Edward Snow's and Michael Winkler's brilliantly supple and faithful translation a new and balanced picture of Rilke will emerge—Ralph Freedman

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    These diaries are like the workshop in which Rilke crafted his artistic ethos where his ideas of God as spiritual construct the exegency of solitude the interrelation of life and death and the imagistic fashioning of the self all begin to flower and bloomRilke often writes about experiences that occur in his life and will later use these experiences in tandem with his thoughts and ideals to craft a poem This work contains a number of early versions of pieces that would later appear in the Book of Images as well as some poems not published elsewhereThough the young Rilke is still enamoured with ideals much of his deep rooted convictions are already in place here And while it may appear at times that the idea of fashioning one's own life as a work of art is somewhat of an egoistic idea Rilke writes how this can only be done through a sort of death by alienating these experiences from oneself that they become blood after having been forgotten The thing which seeks to speak can aid us in this endeavour For in allowing the thing to speak our place is subsumed given over and passed on and yet something that we ourselves perhaps could not say may be carried forthWhat good will my blood be when it ripens like wine? It cannot scream back out of the oceanthat One who loved me mostTo love out of oneself unto death; such would be art

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    Imagine when instead of peoples nations families and societies we shall some day have human beings when one can no longer combine even three under a single name Will not the world then have to grow larger?Occasional visionary mindblowing stuff

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    Rilke is my milk

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    Remarkably lucid writing for a twenty something but then we are talking about one of the truly great poets Much here about the importance of solitude and the very individual nature of artistic creation and achievement Rilke is no fan of the masses Perhaps the most interesting indirect piece is the patterns of relationships and daily life for Rilke and his friends I opened this mostly as a writer interested in the working patterns of other writers an issue I am struggling with at the moment I find in this work that I am not alone And the combination of poems and journal entries especially in as much as they are written to be read by Rilke's lover makes for some quality insight into his developing work and poetics Very worthwhile

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    A mix of diary and poetry It's a fantastic view of the inner mind

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    A book about poetry which makes you get imbibed in the book for a good time

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    Gorgeous prose and poetry One of my all time favorite books