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The best western comparison to Dr Slump would probably be The Muppets The same brand of self deprecating slapstick humor, but you know a manga, not a puppet show Some parents might find some of the jokes a mite risqu for kids, but there s plenty worse out there in children s entertainment these days Toriyama s detailed artstyle might be imposing for kids that want to copy it at first, but there are plenty of characters with simple designs for them. Basking In The Glow Of His Scientific Achievement, Senbei Scrambles To Get Arale In Working Order So The Rest Of Penguin Village Won T Have Reason To Suspect She S Not Really A Girl But First Senbei Needs To Find Her A Pair Of Glasses And Some Clothes Akira Toriyama is most recognized as the creator of Dragon Ball, but a few years before that he made Dr Slump His drawing style is very much the same, but the tone of the two series is rather different Dragon Ball is geared toward action adventure, while Dr Slump is of a gag manga filled with humor and prat falls A lot of that goofiness is present in early Dragon Ball, but once the series reached the Z era, the comedy takes a back seat to fighting and leveling up But I digress.The basic plot is Dr Norimaki creates a robot girl and silliness ensues She tries to adapt to being a normal human going to school, making friends, learning how to dress , while Dr Norimaki bumbles around with new inventions to keep things interesting shrink ray, time machine The book is very humorous, but maybe a tad juvenile in spots.If you like early Dragon Ball, you are bound to like this series Can t go wrong with Toriyama. I love it but I m so upset it s not the original and seems censored I wanted the original why change it It s not for kids so don t censor it. Before there was Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z , for famous mangaka Akira Toriyama, there was Dr Slump.For Akira Toriyama who had published several one shots, in 1980, Dr Slump would be serialized on Weekly Shonen Jump and with a total of 18 volumes which lasted from 1980 1984, an anime series featuring 243 episodes would be released from 1981 to 1986 and a remake of the series which would be released from 1997 1999 featuring a total of 74 episodes.While many Dragon Ball fans would know of Dr Slump as characters from the series would appear in the anime series of Dragon Ball , because the TV series was never released on DVD in the U.S., it s still not as well known as his Dragon Ball related manga series But in Japan, the series has sold over 30 million copies and in 1981, the series was awarded the 1981 Shogakukan Manga Award for shonen and shojo manga.And now Viz Media will be releasing the manga series in May 2005.For those not familiar with Dr Slump , unlike Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z which have story arcs, Dr Slump is a comedy manga series about the life of an unusual man named Dr Senbei Norimaki which like other Akira Toriyama manga in which characters are named after food, Senbei Norimaki means rice cracker wrapped in seaweed who has perfected a female robot which he names Arale which means small rice cracker.Arale is a naive robot with bad eyesight But for a robot, she is very naive and curious about everything She has incredible strength and speed and she is able to socialize with others quite well.In the first volume of Dr Slump , Dr Senbei Norimaki tries to integrate Arale into society First, trying to purchase clothes for her, having her attend school, having to deal with questions about why she doesn t have certain body parts like other girls and of course, her curiosity of male body parts and trying out the different inventions created by the doctor.JUDGMENT CALL Having read and watched Akira Toriyama s Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z series, I have been wanting to watch and read Dr Slump for a long time.I ve known about the popularity of this series for years but accessing it was never easy I have been able to play the character in various video games and read bits and pieces from the old Mangajin magazines but to finally read the manga series, I can see why this beloved manga series is such a big hit.While not as action heavy like Dragon Ball , it does manage to capture the same kind of innocence with its characters, primarily with Arale who is naive but also such a fun character because she is naive but also a quick learner.Dr Senbei Norimaki is your typical creepy scientist but it s his scientific mind and his creations that play a big part in the manga series and adds to the fun for each chapter From his small and big gun which he feels he can used to transport groceries much easily but what happens when Arale gets hold of the gun Or his time machine and going back to prehistoric time and bringing back an egg, adding a new permanent member in the Norimaki home.But of course, its the adventures of Arale that people want to read From her ability to have awesome strength and quick running skills, to making friends and not knowing that they are a bad influence, she doesn t know that and thus hangs out with them.So far, this first volume is an introductory to the characters Getting to know Dr Norimaki and Arale but also learning about their quirks.But for the first volume, I really enjoy the series thus far All characters are fun and hilarious, while not a storyline that focuses on arcs like the Dragon Ball series, each chapter is a day in the life of the Normaki s and we get to see these indviduals grow together but also see how Arale learns from her experiences and those around her.Akira Toriyama s Dr Slump is a classic manga series that will continue to entertain fans for generations to come Hilarious, crazy and just a delightful manga series that I highly recommend From, Akira Toriyama, the man responsible for the Dragonball series, comes a lighthearted comedy about a quasi competent inventor and his eccentric robot daughter.Judging by the book, the series doesn t particularly follow a plot, but rather a chapter by chapter series of comedic adventures the wacky duo embark on, often with the accompaniment of other colorful side characters If you re expecting a deep, epic, and grand storyline, then go away If you are, on the other hand, after a casual and fun read, then by all means give this book a shot If you find that you don t like it, then that s alright because it s just only one volume.The book is primarily aimed at adolescents, but funnily enough, has plenty of adult material for the grown ups Mr Toriyama retains his trademark art style with the emphasis in disproportion, cartoony ness, and over exaggeration in facial expressions which help emphasize the book s hilariousness It s the type of innocent humor that one hardly finds these days and the general feeling of the book brings me back to the golden days of manga in the 90 s and early 2000s.If you are a huge fan of the dude who brought you Dragonball, or comedies in general, I recommend giving Dr Slump a chance.