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Love Will Give Them Strength Or Prove To Be Their Fatal Flaw Guardians Of The Light, BookDara Khan Androcles Is Really In Over Her Head This Time From Childhood She S Been Forced To Hide Her Half Dragon Mage Fighting Skills Behind A Public Persona As A Healer Now, With A Traitor And His Demon Threatening The Throne Of Safehold, Dara Has No Choice But To Turn Reluctant Warrior And Seek HelpShe Strikes A Bargain With Runaway Elven Prince Loren Ta Cedric And His Sentient, Pain In The Butt War Mare, Hani Ena Loren S Not Only Too Handsome For Dara S Own Good, The Powerful Empath Can See Right Through To The Pain That Drives HerLoren Can T Help But Feel Dara S Every Hurt, Physical And Emotional Though His Need For Her Drives Him Half Mad, He Must Stay His Course To See Justice Done For His People Even If It Means Swearing A Life Debt To The Distracting MortalThat Vow, Made In The Heat Of Their Parallel Quests, Carries Power Than Either Of Them Guessed The Power To Bond The Unlikely Pair As Life Mates The Power To Lay Bare The Fears And Desires That Could Bind Them To A Single Purpose Or Tear Them ApartAll The While A Demon Awaits, Ready To Destroy All That They Hold Dear

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    I just want to say that I ve read a lot of romance novels To keep it brief, I fell in love with reading, and to save money, my mom decided that in middle school, when I went through books like teenage boys go through food, she would let me read her four boxes of Harlequin romance novels Needless to say, I m pretty good at discerning crap from not crap When my husband who works with Renee bought me this book, I was a little nervous I m very fickle with my book list, and really enjoy a good book, but it was a romance set in a fantasy world Renee, let me say I m sorry I was ever nervous.While there are the hallmarks of a romance novel ie lush lips, flowing hair, hot and moist well, you get the picture Duality features a very detailed world, clever characters, and a plot line that makes you pretty damn happy When looking at the book, remember, summaries on the back aren t your friend and that reading the first chapter is always a better judge of a book Thanks again, Renee, for writing a brilliant romance novel Now where is the second part

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    DUALITY, Book One in the Guardians of Light series by Renee Wildes, is a fast paced fix for Lord of the Rings fans who are missing a regular dose of elves, dwarves, and other such otherworldly creatures Into this mix of clashing worlds the author introduces Dara, a half dragon mage who must go in search of who she really is and learn the true extent of her powers before a demon overwhelms the currently fragile coexistence of elves, men, and dwarves Accompanying her is an elven prince who has family issues of his own to resolve before either of them can acknowledge the powerful attraction between those who have risked all to save each other s life The world building is creative and thorough, although there are quite a few characters, including sentient war mares, to keep track of This book is spicy not just for the sexual interplay but also for the violence The author pulls no punches in portraying the risks and dangers each character faces A good read for the fan of epic adventure.

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    has given us a story of deep and abiding love This was an edge of your seat book at its very best If the second book was already out, I would already be reading it Duality is a book that you do not want to miss out on.http www.ecatarom p 608Duality,by Renee Wildes, is the best fantasy story that I have ever read This story has it all Heart stopping adventure, True evil versus good, Love, Handsome Fae, and a gorgeous dragon What could a reader desire This fabulous story is to die for is a stunning read with glorious mental vistas Loren as the valiant warrior who loves his lady in spite of her differences brought tears to my eyes on than one occasion This book has the best of everything inthe romance genre, and I highly recommend it It is a keeper These are the reviews that have come in so far about my fantasy romance from Samhain entitled DUALITY.

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    Oh this was a silly light fantasy romance Do not expect any world building It starts off in a country and then suddenly there are lots of things Like it took a 1 day to walk to the elves and I was all, whaat Cos wasn t they fairytales Or wait, just, never mind The world building lackedBut if you want a little romance about a woman who has nothing and meets a cute guy, who then turns out to be a prince, and whose family are assholes to her well not all And then we find out she was than just a silly little peasant And she is an awesome healer too btw, and everyone loves her And then they live happily ever after.Oh and there is a bad guy, but to not worry, it takes 80% of the book, one week, for all nations to meet him in battle And then it s over in 10 pages and there is this loooooooooooooooooong blah blah blah where they find happiness.But hey, it was ok, I just think it could have been fleshed out .

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    Very similar to Tairen Soul series by C L Wilson.I enjoyed the magic in this book A mixture of dragons, elementals, demons and the fey An exciting mix which was well integrated by a compelling story without the information dump The one negative I would comment about is the main characters omnipotence towards the end of the book It can become boring when a character is immune or immortal and always wins Further, I was hoping the series would continue with these characters however it will not Sadly, I will not be continuing this series due to this.

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    3.5 stars.while I really did enjoy this book all the Thou, hast, canst, wouldst drove me crazy..if it were not for that I could give it 4 stars because quite frankly the story could be told just fine without it.

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    Book Review Duality by Renee WildesIn this first book of the Guardians of light series, Dara is a healer and a warrior She has to dress as a man when she enters the battlefield to heal Jalad had attacked the land while the king is away She attempts to heal the only father she ever knew but his injuries are too great She is asked to relieve his pain instead, then saves the mighty warrior that came to their aid She defends him from the enemy, then takes him to her cabin to heal Fate continues as she learns the Queen has fled to her family Loren heads to find Moira and Dara is supposed to travel meeting up with him Unfortunately the plan doesn t go as thought Dara falls into enemy hands Jalad knows what she is and is determined to break her Dara would rather die Loren refuses to let her His oath is binding and his connection to her runs deep There is to her than anyone knows The truth about her mother is shocking and she unlocks the past in order to help defeat the demon helping Jalad.Loren s people must join forces with humans and others to defeat the darkness that is trying to take over Loren has to step in and lead the ways he never thought her would Everyone s lives depend on it.This book had an interesting storyline I love the powers Dara had, yet she was a mystery She knows nothing about her heritage or her mother So w2hen the author reveals the information, Dara s reaction is believable It was an interesting twist She has to accept a lot pretty quickly under the circumstances Loren is also from a strong family heritage He is surprised to be placed in the situations he finds himself His relationships with Dara are surprising He didn t expect her which makes it fun to read Dara is the same way She doesn t trust her feelings, nor does she think she is worthy of any feelings he may have toward her It s fun to watch them muck up a bit I found it a pretty exciting read with some twists and turns I give it a 4 out of 5.

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    A Guardian s HeartGuardians of Light, Book OneRenee WilderFantasy RomanceRenee Wilder has created fantasy kingdoms with familiar elements in a fresh story Elves, Mages, humans are struggling to co exist Each has their own agenda until one of the kingdoms comes under siege by a demon inhabiting a human host.Main CharactersDara Kahn Androcles, warrior healerLoren ta Cedric, Elf, and Warrior of the LightA Guardians Heart is my favorite kind of book Fantasy with romance A strong female character and the male, who not only isn t afraid of her strength but encourages her to the full potential.Action packed from the start.Dara s only family is no longer His dying request is for Dara to save another She finds Loren with what should be a mortal wound, not knowing he can heal himself This reveals to Loren she is much than appears.Attraction is evident from the start, but each has their own duty and must part With his sentient war mare, Loren reluctantly leaves Dara to fulfill his mission, assisting in the securing of King Hengist s kingdom.Dara, in turn, must stay to assist and heal her fellow countrymen.Weakened from her healing magic, she is captured and enslaved Taken to the demon possessed leader of her people, who wants to use her, Dara fights back Unable to break her to his will, she is sentenced to death.When Dara and Loren are reunited, love and passion seal their fate to each other Moments of tears mingle with laughter, in an almost poetic style of writing The main characters, as well as secondary characters, are deep and complex.A Guardian s Heart is full length without a cliffhanger I plan to read the entire series Good work Renee.

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    I really like the cover to this e book print book its avail in either form Its very pretty and is relevant to the story itself I know such a novel idea The author kindly offered up the e book for me to read and review loves to Renee and before anyone says anything there s plenty of the evil happening in this story to fulfill my love of dark things.In fact I kind of loved to hate the evil despot of this novel, but I m jumping ahead of myself.The novel begins with a battle and takes off from there In this land where women are forbidden to heal, to learn to fight for themselves Dara is both Through the grace of her adoptive father Rufus she s learned to be deadly with blades and through her adoptive mother s teaching she learned the healing arts Her meeting with Loren is a fated thing and causes her a certain amount of trouble, but really not any then she would have gotten in by herself.She doesn t really like to follow rules honestly.This is a pretty standard fantasy elves, demons, healers, magic on the surface, but its full of wit, appropriately despotic evil doers and a relationship between Loren and Dara that felt very real I found it rather amusing that Loren is all gung ho about being Bonded while Dara is resistant since she isn t exactly certain life bonding yourself to a person you just met a couple days before is a really smart idea For what its worth Loren s war mare Hani ena agrees with Dara.Jalad, the despot I keep mentioning, is a horrible, twisted and dark souled person Well person is a loose term for him really I m not certain that a human being could be asevil as he is by themselves I hated him, but man did he keep me interested to see what he came up with next My only problem with the book was that there s a lot of apostrophes and stilted formal speech patterns throughout While the apostrophes do serve to break up the speaker s dialect and give a sense of difference, they distracted me and had me concentrating too long on deciphering the words The stilted formal speech was mostly when it came to Loren and his kind, or if Dara was feeling especially ornery It threw off my flow of reading often then not.

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    A fairly decent, but not particularly complicated Fantasy Romance The entire story improbably happens within a week or maybe two and so it relies on the strangers to eternal soulmates insta love cliche, but I still quite liked how things worked out even if it was utterly predictable The characters of Dara and Loren were pretty okay when they weren t beating themselves up over stupid perceived flaws and only strayed a little in to Mary Sue territory I think my favourite character overall is probably Lorelei, or maybe First My least favourite characters all seemed to get what was coming to them in some form or another, which was quite satisfying.I recommend this to anyone who just wants to switch their brain off for a few hours and indulge themselves in some light entertainment, or to those who are in need of a palate cleanser between meatier fantasy epics Not every book can be 1000 pages long and take a week or to read after all, and for that I say thank goodness