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The Ruthless Soldier Bando Pursues Nyu S Alter Ego Lucy With Vengeance After He Receives Bionic Prosthetic Replacements As A Result Of Their Gruesome BattleMeanwhile, Lucy Recalls Her Buried, Tragic Memories As A Diclonius Child To Worsen The Situation, Chief Kakuzawa Orders A Diclonius Named Mariko To Kill Nana And Return Lucy To The Research Facility Lynn Okamoto S Beloved Series Is Now Available In English For The Very First Time, Presented Here In A Special Omnibus Collecting Three Volumes In One Collects Japanese Elfen Lied Volumes

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    I would warn that this has explicit content but considering there is a book before this in the series and Elfen Lied also has an anime, then you really wouldn t be reading this unless you got either of those two things first.So going on with what people do care about Art style does improve from the first omnibus not that the first one was bad For the anime enthusiast this omnibus leaves off basically at the end of episode 12 with a bit of content re organization And like with the first omnibus there is some additional content that had been taken out changed in the anime.For those of you who have not seen the anime First of all why haven t you All the main characters return and you will get some backstory to a few of them You will also meet a girl who will be important to the story.Also there is another short story from the original Japanese volume five.Overall definitely a good purchase and I ve already pre ordered volumes three and four.

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    If you have the first omnibus, you basically know what this is about Otherwise, great quality, good story, looking forward to omnibus 3 No color though .

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    I appreciate an english version of this series but, thisbook is NOT well made I feel like it will completely fall apart half way reading it.

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    These books are amazing It s such a dark story, so sad too But wildly entertaining I can t wait to get the next one

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    This manga is for my son He loves anime and this series is one that he has been wanting for awhile I got it for him for christmas and cant wait for him to get it.