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A die hard fan of the Mughal period I found this recent publication by Ruby Lal very captivating Her book reads like a story which she has extracted from many personal accounts like the Jahangir Nama and Babur Nama This fills a gap in middle Mughal History, especially Jahangirs reign and that of Nur Jahan The Persian influence of his her court is also well highlighted.The Peacock Throne by Hansen Shah Jahan , Abraham Erally s book on the Mughals Aurangzeb , Dalrymples Last Emperor together with this volume gives a comprehensive history of the great Mughals, excepting Akbar, Babur and Humayun I strongly recommend this to all since it is an easy read Well done Miss Lal Yes Nur was a subtle driver of the METOO in an age of purdah and harem living. This is a terrific biography, rich in historical detail and elegant prose Lal vividly brings to life Nur Jahan, India s first female ruler It s a riveting account of Nur s rise from her family s precarious journey to Hindustan as they fled persecution in Persia to her ascent to the throne as co sovereign of the vast Mughal Empire Lal reveals how Nur s keen intellect, political acumen and extraordinary talents as poet, expert hunter and architect made her an effective and wise ruler What gives the book real power is the author s deep knowledge and evocative portrayal of the culture, society and political world of Mughal India that gave rise to this remarkable woman ruler As Lal points out, Nur Jahan suffered the fate of other powerful women in history her real political achievements were erased from the historical record by male chroniclers suspicious of female power and obscured in myths and legends about her romantic relationship with Emperor Jahangir Lal s biography restores to history Nur Jahan s amazing life and full range of accomplishments. Nur Jahan is a well know woman in Pakistan and India This biography adds to the myth of this extraordinary woman She was one of many wives of Mughal emperor Jahangir But unlike his other wives, she was an equal partner in fact a co ruler No other woman, before or after Noor Jahan, held such power in Mughal India.The author does a good job of covering her life from the time she was born to her death It s remarkable that after being widowed, she married emperor Jahangir when she was in her 30s, and ended up influencing her husband and managing such vast empire During a time when women had such limited power, and royal Mughal women were restricted to Harem, Noor Jahan through her intelligence and skills rose to such prominence.A must read for anyone interested in history of India or Mughal India, through the life of this extraordinary woman. Ruby Lal has written a fascinating and brilliant biography of Nur Jahan, that is thought provoking and hard to put down There are several versions of the story of Nur and Jahangir s first meeting, and her meteoric rise to power as co sovereign of the Mughal Empire However, the best part of this detailed, well researched book is that it helps see Nur Jahan and the Mughal Empire in context What role did Nur s upbringing play in helping her gain power within the Mughal court What did it mean for her to serve as co sovereign, and how did Jahangir come to rely on her political savvy Through a superb narration of several important episodes in Nur s life that highlight her accomplishments as a political advisor, hunter, diplomat and aesthete, a compelling portrait of the Empress emerges A definite must read Outstanding Simon Heffer, Christmas Books , The Telegraph Lal Does A Marvellous Job Of Piecing Together The Scant Evidence About Her Heroine S Life The Irish Independent This Is An Outstanding Book, Not Only Incredibly Important But Also A Fabulous Piece Of Writing Here, India S Greatest Empress Is Reborn In All Her Fascinating Glory In A Luminescent Account Of Her Life And Times Ruby Lal Has Written A Classic One Of The Best Biographies To Come Out This Year And Certainly The Best Ever Of Nur Jahan Amanda ForemanA Compelling Feminist Historiography Of The Th Wife Of The Mughal Emperor Jahangira Luminous Biography Of A Woman Dabbed Out Of HistoryIt Is A Captivating Account, Its Depth Of Detail Recreating A World Whose Constraints Of Lineage Would Seem To Preclude The Advance Of An Unknown, Self Made, Widowed Queen The Guardian Ms Lal S Meticulous Book Seeks To Show That History Has Been Unfair To Nur Jahan, A Woman Of Many Talents And Remarkable Force Of CharacterIn Filling In The Details Of Nur Jahan S Life, Ms Lal Has Not Only Written A Revisionist Feminist Biography She Has Also Provided A Vivid Picture Of The Mughal Court, With Its Luxuries, Beauties, Intrigues And Horrors The Economistmarvellous Prospect That She Ruby Lal Succeeds So Admirably With A Relative Lack Of Authentic Material Is A Tribute To Her Dexterity As A Writer She Enlivens The Mostly Austere Historical Record By Including With Due Caveats The Many Entertaining Legends That Have Accrued Around Nur Jahan Over The Centuries In So Doing She Not Only Paints An Absorbing Portrait Of A Remarkable Woman, But Also Offers A Stylish Reconstruction Of A Fascinating Slice Of Mughal Life The Telegraph Ruby Lal S Intriguing Biography, With Its Chronology Of Her Relatively Swift Rise To Power And Even Swifter Descent, Restores Nur Jahan To Her Full Splendour BBC Culture In , Thirty Four Year Old Nur Jahan, Daughter Of A Persian Noble And Widow Of A Subversive Official, Became The Twentieth And Favourite Wife Of The Emperor Jahangir Who Ruled The Mughal Empire An Astute Politician As Well As A Devoted Partner, She Issued Imperial Orders Coins Of The Realm Bore Her Name When Jahangir Was Imprisoned By A Rebellious Nobleman, The Empress Led Troops Into Battle And Rescued Him The Only Woman To Acquire The Stature Of Empress In Her Male Dominated World, Nur Was Also A Talented Dress Designer And Innovative Architect Whose Work Inspired Her Stepson S Taj Mahal Nur S Confident Assertion Of Talent And Power Is Revelatory It Far Exceeded The Authority Of Her Female Contemporaries, Including Elizabeth I Here, She Finally Receives Her Due In A Deeply Researched And Evocative Biography