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On Discworld, A Dying Wizard Tries To Pass On His Powers To An Eighth Son Of An Eighth Son, Who Is Just At That Moment Being Born The Fact That The Son Is Actually A Daughter Is Discovered Just A Little Too Late The Town Witch Insists On Turning The Baby Into A Perfectly Normal Witch, Thus Mending The Magical Damage Of The Wizard S Mistake But Now The Young Girl Will Be Forced To Penetrate The Inner Sanctum Of The Unseen University And Attempt To Save The World With One Well Placed Kick In Some Enchanted Shins Reissue 40 n zerinde kitaptan olu an bir Fantastik Seri denilince Diskd nya bana okunmas zor, birbirine ba l , i ine girdi im zaman kamayaca m bir evrenmi izlenimi vermi ti Bu nyarg dan sadece sondaki nerme, i inden kamayaca m k sm ger ek oldu Seve seve kald m bir diyar oldu Fikrine ok g vendi im dostlar m zellikle Ozancan Demir k ve Hazal amur baz kitaplar n ba ms z oldu unu, istedi imden ba layabilece imi, muhakkak okumam gerekti ini s yledi inde Terry Pratchett ile tan mak istedim lk olarak Mort u okudum ve hayran kald m kinci kitab m Faust Eric olmu tu ok daha zorlu bir kitapt k t anlamda de il, daha derindi E it Haklar ise yine ve yeniden Mort tad n verdi Harika bir kitap Terry Pratchett fantasti e sarmalad g n m z ile, inan lmaz dili, ak kanl , espri anlay ile muazzam bir adam yazar Kitaplar beni hem istedi im diyarlara g t r rken hicvi, ta lamalar , g ndermeleri ile g lmekten yerlere yat r yor Muhte em bir hayal g c Bence muhakkak okunmas gereken bir yazar Ek ve faydal olabilece ini d nd m bir bilgi olarak Diskd nya serisini hangi s rayla okumak gerekti ini merak ediyorsan z FRP.NET in Ayn zamanda Deli Dolu Yay nlar n n ok g zel, bilgilendirici bir grafi i var Oradan istedi iniz seriye evet Diskd nya da ba lamak i in oklu se enekler mevcut ba layabilirsiniz Bulamazsan z, benimle ileti ime ge erseniz size zelden bildirim yapar m. I just recently re visited this book after a couple years away from it What s , I ve just recent re read several of the recent Witch novels from Pratchett, so they re fresh in my head Granny Weatherwax is one of my favorite characters of Pratchett s, and as an author, it does me good to see how she began as a character This book has some rough edges There s nothing wrong with it, mind you, but it was still very early on in Pratchett s career, and it doesn t have the smoothness of his later work Discworld is not nearly as developed, and neither is his writing style Granny doesn t have her friend Nanny Ogg as conversational foil and counterpoint in this book, and it s surprising how much that limits her character What s , while you can see elements of the character Granny eventually becomes, there s a surprising streak of country bumpkin in here here In later books she loses most of that which is for the best and while she may not be worldly, she is still self posessed and wise Another interesting echo is the relationship between Granny and Esk Twenty years later, Pratchett brought a similar relationship to beautiful fruition with Tiffany Aching As a result, this book is merely great rather than utterly brilliant Even rough hewn early Pratchett is better than 75% of all books out there.As a side note, this is not a bad entry point into reading Discworld Normally I advise people begin at the beginning of the series, but despite this being the third book of Discworld, it makes for a better start than either of the first two books. The problem with Terry Pratchett is that you keep wanting to read the good bits out loud In this particular case, I d just reached the line Her dress would have been both clinging and revealing, if it had had anything to cling to or reveal Too late, I realized that not all the people around me were going to find this equally funny I m still embarrassed Damn. If I was not already a Terry Pratchet fan, I would be after reading this exceptional book as we are formally introduced to Granny Weatherwax, witch.Equal Rites, Sir Terry s third installment in the Discworld series is a peach of practical magic Telling the story of a young girl s conflicting talents for wizardry and or witchery.In the Discworld, men are wizards and women are witches at least that is how it has been up to the point when young Eskarina Smith sort of becomes both Pratchett spins a deliciously tangled web about the age old contest between the men and the ladies I m not a lady, I m a witch, said Granny Eskarina may be the protagonist but there is no doubt that Granny Weatherwax stole the show Filling the witch role in the small village of Bad Ass and always appearing in serviceable black, Granny kicks ass and takes names throughout the fun narrative I am very pleased to learn that my favorite witch will make many appearances in Pratchett s series nine to be sure.A good witching time atop Great A Tuin, Equal Rites is one of his best This would be a great introduction for new Discworld readers.