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As someone who has been running a successful Etsy shop for a little over a year, I found this book to be helpful It is not too long and drawn out it is to the point, simple, and concise I was mostly interested in the Marketing, Scaling, Automating sections of the book which I found to be insightful and helpful for me to grow The other sections that include starting up an Etsy shop would have been very helpful for me if I were to read this when I first started Overall, this is an insightful, helpful, and simple book for getting started and growing an Etsy shop. Ever Thought About Starting An Etsy Business As A Side Income Or Do You Have One, But Have No Idea How To Monetize It Etsy Is A Global Marketplace Where Craft Entrepreneurs Make Millions Of Dollars By Selling Handmade Crafts And Vintage Products If You Are Talented Or Skilled In Do It Yourself Handmade Crafts Or You Have Access To Such Skills And Products, Then Etsy Is The Place For You This Audiobook Provides You With Information On How To Open An Etsy Storefront And Launch Your Handmade Empire Etsy Is A Multibillion Dollar Marketplace Where A Budding Entrepreneur Can Start, Grow, And Scale Up Enough To Take Up A Significant Share Of These Billions There Are Those Who Have Achieved This Giant Success Nothing Can Stop You All You Need Is Information On How To Achieve This Huge Success It Is This Information That We Are Providing To You In This Audiobook Scaling Up Your Business And Automating It Is What Will Grow Your Empire And Differentiate It From Small Scale Trades No One Starts A Business With The Aim Of Remaining Stagnant And Struggling Just To Earn Barely Sustainable Profits You Will Obviously Want To Reach A Level Where The Business Works For You Scaling Up And Automation Is The Secret To Letting Your Business Work For You, Not You Working For It In This Audiobook, You Will Find All The Information You Need To Scale Up And Automate Your Etsy Business So Your Small Business Grows Into A Big Handmade Crafts Empire Like All Other Empires That Began Small Get This Audiobook And Learn Here S What S Included In This Audioook What Is Etsy Should You Sell On Etsy How To Open An Etsy Storefront Best Products To Sell On Etsy Marketing On Etsy Scaling Up Your Etsy Business Etsy Business Automation Scroll Up And Download Now I bought this book as someone just starting out on Etsy, and found a lot of useful information to help me get started As a new Etsy user, I found that this book was a bit much to digest though Information overload left me scratching my head a few times From the title, I thought the book would be geared toward beginning Etsy users but the information in the book went well beyond beginner level, and much of it would be helpful to those who have already opened shop and are looking for ways to expand their business It covers the basics, but also goes into everything from SEO to opening a brick and mortar location, to social media and paid promotion of your shop This book will get me started, but I had to read through a couple of times before I could figure out where to even begin Much of the included information will be put aside until some time in the future For now, I used the information to get signed up and am busy filling out my shop information and getting ready to list my first products Much of the rest will be useful down the road, but as a beginner, there was just too much to absorb at once. Very short , small book I will update review once I have read it which shouldn t take long. If you are looking to open an Etsy store then this is the book for you The author, Mr Pain, provides information on how to open an Etsy store The fees you will be charged What comprises a successful store, such as branding, reviews, pricing, picking the proper niche and even how to name your store The author even gives you insight into how to take your store to the next level once it is established What I mean by this is how to drive traffic to your store by using the proper keywords There are two different keywords and Mr Pain describes each one in depth There is also a section on how to use Social Media and other venues outside of Etsy to garner traffic to your store At the end of the book is a section on different tools and resources that can be used to help with branding, maintaining and building clientele for your store.I will use this book as a reference as I go through the process of building and branding my Etsy Storefront and making my first sale I will then hopefully be able to put a lot of Mr Pain s helpful information to use and build a successful Etsy store.I received this book for ffree in exchange for an honest and unbiased review My opinions are my own and I have read this book in its entirety and plan on putting what is written within the pages into practice in the future.